Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous - Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: Look at Your Ugly Faces

An Feng no longer hid his cultivation level and used it to intimidate the observing aquatic demon beasts. When the aquatic demon beasts saw An Feng’s true cultivation level, they immediately fled in all directions in fear.

Yun Chujiu found that the aquatic plants in some places were more luxuriant, and there were bubbles rising. She swam over and pulled the aquatic plants aside. She saw that there was really a hot spring below, and the spring water was constantly flowing out.

Could it be that this lake was really formed by a hot spring? Was her deduction wrong?

After Yun Chujiu surfaced and took a breath, she dived into the water again. This time, she made a new discovery. There was a huge whirlpool a few hundred feet away.

Yun Chujiu swam toward the whirlpool. The water temperature around the whirlpool had obviously dropped a lot. It seemed that this was the channel to connect with the outside world.

The water around the whirlpool was very fast, so Yun Chujiu did not dare to get too close. After she surfaced, she swam directly to the other side of the ice lake.

An Feng and the two Earth-shattering Ice Bears also came ashore.

After Yun Chujiu activated the isolation array, she changed into a set of clothes and used her spiritual power to dry her hair. Then, she said to An Feng, “That whirlpool should be the channel connecting the ice lake and the outside world. However, we don’t have a water repellent bead, so we can only have a chance to investigate further.”

An Feng nodded, but he thought to himself, ‘Why do we always have to explore?? If it wants to connect to the outside world, then so be it!’

On the other side of the ice lake was an endless icefield. The two Earth-shattering Ice Bears had never been to the other side of the ice lake, so they looked around curiously.

After walking for a while, Yun Chujiu saw that the sky was getting dark. She found a low slope to shelter from the wind and built a bonfire, preparing to spend the night there.

Yun Chujiu took out a large iron pot and started to stew snow rabbit meat with radishes. Soon, the fragrance spread. The two Earth-shattering Ice Bears had never eaten cooked food before, so they were drooling.

Yun Chujiu looked at them with a funny look. “Look at how hungry you are! When it’s done, I’ll give each of you a pot.”

When the two Earth-shattering Ice Bears heard this, they became extremely flattering. If it were not for their huge bodies, they would have pounced on Yun Chujiu and acted coquettishly.

An Feng could not bear to watch. Although the Mighty Elephant also listened to Miss Jiu’s words, it still had the dignity of a Tier Eight demonic beast. These two had already thrown aside their moral integrity. They were simply too shameless.

An Feng was cursing in his heart when he frowned. “Young Master, someone is coming. There are quite a number of people. It seems to be those people from the Goshawk Sect.”

“They’re not heading in the same direction as us. Why are they here?” Yun Chujiu craned her neck to look. It really was those people from the Goshawk Sect.

“Could it be that they’re going in the opposite direction because they want to go around the ice lake? Is their destination in this direction?” An Feng guessed.

Yun Chujiu nodded. “What you said makes sense. Big Bear, Bear Two, you guys go into my Spirit Beast Pouch first. I will let you out after these people leave.”

Big Bear and Bear Two were unwillingly put into Yun Chujiu’s Spirit Beast Pouch. They hated the people of the Goshawk Sect to death. If it were not for them, they would have been able to eat delicious stewed meat. ‘Foolish humans! Sooner or later, we’ll beat you to death!’

After a moment, those people came closer. Yun Chujiu took a look and saw that they were indeed the people of the Goshawk Sect.

Liu Qian saw Yun Chujiu and An Feng and was shocked. These two people were clearly walking in a different direction from them. How could they have arrived in the same place? Could it be that they swam there from the ice lake? There were many aquatic demon beasts in the ice lake, especially that Scarlet Poison Frog. That was a Tier Twelve demon beast. How could they not be eaten?

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