Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous - Chapter 707

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Chapter 707: Diving Into the Bottom of the Lake

“This shouldn’t be the lake water formed by the hot spring. The current here is very fast. There must be an underground river leading to somewhere. However, there is solid ice that doesn’t melt all year round down here. How does it lead to other places?” Yun Chujiu asked in puzzlement.

“This is indeed a little strange. However, the Scarlet Poison Frog just now usually lives in the hot spring. If this place isn’t formed by the hot spring, how can it survive here?” An Feng really did not know much about this. After hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, he realized that there was something strange about this place.

Yun Chujiu stretched out her hand to test the temperature of the lake water. It was actually warm water. Yun Chujiu rubbed her chin and thought for a moment. “Little Madman, I want to go into the water to investigate.”

“What?! Miss Jiu, are you crazy?! You don’t have a water repellent bead, and there are so many aquatic demon beasts in there. You will definitely die if you go in!” An Feng was so anxious that he did not even bother to call her by her fake name. Was this not courting death?!

“I’m just going down to take a look. Besides, the Chimeric Iceplain itself is full of dangers. If everything goes smoothly, how can it be called training?” Yun Chujiu began to move her limbs, preparing to go into the water.

An Feng saw that Yun Chujiu had made up her mind, so he could only say, “Then I’ll go down with you. If anything happens, at least I can take care of you.”

Yun Chujiu nodded, “That’s fine. However, do you know how to swim? Don’t make me save you later!”

“I know how to swim.” The corner of An Feng’s eyes twitched. ‘It’s not like something’s wrong with my brain. If I don’t know how to swim, what’s the point of going into the water?!’

“Big Bear and Bear Two, you two wait here. We’ll come back after we go down and take a look,” Yun Chujiu said to the two Earth-shattering Ice Bears.

Unexpectedly, the two Earth-shattering Ice Bears jumped into the water with a plop. They were enjoying themselves in the water. They had been drooling over the lake for a long time but were afraid of the Scarlet Poison Frog, so they did not dare to approach it. Now that the Scarlet Poison Frog was dead, they naturally had to enjoy it.

Yun Chujiu touched her nose. Well, she did not say anything. With them protecting her, the safety factor was even higher.

After warming up their limbs, Yun Chujiu and An Feng jumped into the ice lake.

An Feng looked at Yun Chujiu’s awkward paddling posture and his eyes twitched. ‘Miss Jiu, do you know how to swim? Why do I feel like you don’t know how to swim?’

It was Yun Chujiu’s first time swimming since she transmigrated. It was inevitable that her posture was a little rusty. However, after a few tries, she felt like she had returned to her previous life. Moreover, after practicing, her body became more flexible and the interval between her breaths became longer. Very quickly, she swam happily in the lake like a small fish.

An Feng was dumbfounded. ‘Could it be that her heavenly spirit root allows her to learn to swim faster than others?! Isn’t this too much?!’

As there were two Earth-shattering Ice Bears by the side, those aquatic demon beasts did not dare to approach Yun Chujiu and the others, which saved them a lot of trouble.

After Yun Chujiu’s swimming skill came back online, she took a deep breath and dived into the water. An Feng also dived into the water.

The two Earth-shattering Ice Bears did not hold their breath for that long. After trying a few times, they gave up and started to play on the lake.

After Yun Chujiu dived in, she found that the water of the ice lake was very clear. There were lush aquatic plants growing at the bottom of the lake. It was really hard to imagine that there was such a lively paradise in the icefield.

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