You’re Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 183

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With Lu Yue’s steady play and Old Cat’s explosive carry, ZGDX easily won their first round of the match against TAT and the fans back home were all in tears-- --

It seemed to them that there were always scares rather than surprises whenever the LPL played the world competitions. The series of surprises from ZGDX had moved the fans to tears!

Old Cat killed Sasali all by himself! ! ! 

It was an illusion that they could only daydream about before today!

They felt like saying it again: This is LPL’s most hopeful year!

Amidst all the fans’ cheering and joyful mood, the second round began.

Smiling replaced Lu Yue to play this round following the rotation plan-- --The switch wasn't anything new to the audience.  If it were any other team that replaced a mid when the mid didn’t do anything wrong at the previous game, it would be questioned and harshly criticized…... 

Fortunately, ZGDX, as of now, had a perfect image in the fans minds after their comeback win against OP from two losses and winning the first round against TAT. As long as they could win the match, anything was acceptable-- --

Whatever the team said counts!

Whoever the team wanted to replace, it’s fine!Advertisements

Commentator D: [As we can see, ZGDX has put Smiling on again. To be honest, I think this will make this match even more enjoyable to watch-- --Even Thei had said in an interview a few days ago that he wanted to see who the best Leblanc is with this match.]

Commentator F: [Whoa, hahahahahahahahahaha, I smell gunpowder! I doubt anyone would want to let either of these two mids have Leblanc.]

Commentator D: [If you’re right, then it seems that whichever team bans Leblanc first is the first to lose. I’m looking forward to seeing if they all hold their breath and not ban……]

Commentator F: [Then let me congratulate everyone, at this round, following the appearance of the top monster Riven, there will be another mid monster to be released……]

Commentator D: [-- --Will this monster be Smiling or Thei?]

Commentator F: [Welcome back to the 2016 League of Legends professional league world competition. The semi-finals match that’s about to begin now is the second round of the match between LPL region’s ZGDX and LCK region’s TAT!]

The audience cheered!

Tong Yao sat down in the mid position.

She could hear the enthusiastic cheers from the audience; some were cheering for ZGDX, some seemed to cheer for Smiling…… She took her headphones from the computer and put them around her arm. Her face was stiff and pulling on her slightly cold fingers-- --She looked over the computer at the crowd in the dark. A lot of people had led boards in their hands. But she couldn’t really tell which team or player they were for……

She’ll just tentatively believe that they were here to cheer for her?

Tong Yao took her eyes away from the audience. To relieve her nervousness, she looked around: “......Captain, you think they really won’t ban my Leblanc?”

Lu Sicheng’s voice sounded quite relaxed: “Don’t know. Even without Leblanc, you can still play with whatever you get.”

Tong Yao: “Why are you so relaxed!”

Lu Sicheng: “Because in the last round, TAT’s bot lost 20 minions in ten minutes. If I’m not relaxed, who else could be?”Advertisements

Tong Yao: “..............”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why is his confidence so irritating, Tong Yao thought! !  !

Tong Yao had to try really hard to suppress the urge to turn her head to look at the TAT’s mid next to them-- --Before coming up to the stage, she had mentally prepared herself. But at this moment when she was on the stage and about to face her ultimate nemesis…… She couldn’t help herself but remembering a few months ago, when she had just started playing professionally and when she had the first skirmish against TAT-- --

Before the skirmish she had heard that Ah Tai was a player with a somewhat negative reputation; he liked to use other players’ favorite champions to defeat them, to demoralize his opponents completely…… It was in this particular skirmish that Tong Yao had become the team’s weakest link. She remembered clearly that she was using Azir in the skirmish but got killed numerous times by the champion she thought she was most familiar with, Leblanc-- --

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