Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1128

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Chapter 1128 - Something Shocking

Jiang Yuyan returned to Lu Mansion feeling all worried about how Lu Lijun was behind his elder brother's accident case. She was late as usual and didn't know what was going on in Lu Mansion.

Just as she entered the mansion, she heard the laughing voices and saw her parents and brother were there.

Feeling surprised, she went towards the sofa where everyone sat.

"Finally, president Lu is back," Jiang Yang commented.

"I didn't know you all were coming," she said, standing near the sofa.

"There's a secret," Jiang Yang said.


"It was meant to be a surprise," he replied, and she sighed.

"She just came, and you started," Mo Ruolan stopped her son.

"My bad," Jiang Yang accepted as he looked at his sister, "If you are not busy, you can join us here."

"I'll be back," she went to her room to freshen up.

Seeing her parents and brother, she forgot about the worry she had a while ago.

They had dinner together while talking for a long time. Once the younger generation busied themselves in the talk and went out to the garden, the older ones got the chance to talk among themselves.

"Jiang Peizhi, what important thing did you want to talk about?" Lu Jinhai asked as others waited to hear it.

"Mo Ruolan and I were thinking of taking Yuyan to the USA with us," Jiang Peizhi answered while the others were shocked to hear it.

Jiang Yuyan was an important part of the family, and it wasn't easy to accept if she went away.

"So suddenly?" Lu Jinhai asked hesitantly, knowing they had no right to stop his friend if he wanted to take her with him.

"Don't take me wrong, Lu Jinhai. I know she is happy here with her family, and thanks to you all, she could pass the difficult phase of her life. But we just think it's time for her to move on," Jiang Peizhi answered.

"If she stays here, she will never forget Lu Qiang. Also, Lu Lijun is back, so he can handle everything. We only wish her to start a new life," Mo Ruolan added.

Everyone felt speechless and heavy-hearted.

Elder Lu sighed. "Though I want her to always be with us, I can't be selfish. Do whatever you feel is better for her."

"I agree with this." Grandma, who became emotional with it, agreed with elder Lu, though in her heart, she wanted Jiang Yuyan to be in the family.

Ning Jiahui couldn't accept it easily. "I can understand you as a parent, and I know we would be acting selfishly if we still keep her here, but….it's not easy to think she won't be with us…."

Mo Ruolan put her hand on Ning Jiahui's to console her. "She will keep coming here. After all, this is her family."

"Did she say she wants to go to the USA?" Lu Jinhai asked.

"When we asked, she didn't say No either," Jiang Peizhi informed.

"When are you planning to?" Elder Lu asked.

"Not yet, but whenever she is ready. For now, it looks like she is waiting for Lu Lijun to take her place as President, and then she can leave," said Jiang Peizhi.

No one had anything to say, and Mo Ruolan spoke again, hesitantly. "We wanted to talk about something else too."

"Feel free to talk. In the end, we all want her to be happy," said elder Lu.

"A few months back, uncle Ming suggested his friend's son for Yuyan. Father must know about it," Mo Ruolan asked.

Elder Lu nodded. "He told me."

"He is in China for some time, so we were thinking about introducing Yuyan and him."

"Choi family's first son?" Lu Jinhai asked.

Jiang Peizhi nodded. "He is handling business in USA and most probably will settle there."

"She can forget everything only if she moves away from here and the USA would be better for her. We are there also," Mo Ruolan added.

Marrying off Jiang Yuyan to someone was not an issue, but she won't be around them, and they won't get to see her often as if she would be a stranger, was the thought struck to their hearts.

"Well, if this is what good for her," said elder Lu with a heavy heart.

Jiang Peizhi and Mo Ruolan felt guilty over how everyone was silent, but they had to think about their daughter too. She had sacrificed an important part of her life for others, and now it was her turn to live her life.

"Father, don't be sad. It's not like it will happen so fast. First, we need to talk to her to agree to meet the boy. Only if she is fine with it and likes him, then only it will happen," Jiang Peizhi tried to console.

"But, even if not for this arrangement and she doesn't want to marry, still we wish to take her with us. Just to give her some peaceful time and to let her focus on herself," Mo Ruolan added.

"Hmm, she needs it," Elder Lu agreed.


Jiang Yang and Lu Feng were together in the garden. Leaving the young women in the family to talk, the two went away from them.

Before leaving the living room to join others in the garden, Lu Feng observed everyone was serious.

"Why did your parents look serious?" Lu Feng asked as the two continued to stroll around the border of the wide garden.

"My parents are planning to take Yuyan with them," Jiang Yang answered.

"What?" Lu Feng exclaimed.

"Not just that, but they plan for her to marry someone if she is ready," Jiang Yang informed.

Lu Feng sensed the big disaster waiting to shake his peaceful family again as he spurted out worriedly. "This can't be. She can't…."

"Do you want my sister to be a forever nanny for your entire family?" Jiang Yang interrupted coldly as his words sounded harsh.

Lu Feng stopped too and turned to look at his friend who looked serious. "That's not what I mean, Jiang Yang….."

"Then what do you mean? For almost ten years she has been busy only thinking about others. What about her life?" Jiang Yang questioned, not willing to back down.

"We all want her to start her life. Wasn't it the reason my uncle brought the proposal of Wen Zac for her? It's just that…" Lu Feng sighed helplessly. "...I don't know how to explain..."

Jiang Yang glared at Lu Feng. "If it's about your younger brother, then I'll suggest you to drop the idea. You should control your brother." Jiang Yang warned.

"How do..."

Jiang Yang continued. "She had enough of everything and your younger brother has been only an obstacle for her. But not anymore. If you side with him, then I'll be on the opposite side."

"But he loves her," Lu Feng countered.

"You too loved her but when my sister didn't want it, what did you do?" It turned Lu Feng speechless.

Jiang Yang said again. "Just like how you backed down, I expect your brother to do the same and not trouble her anymore."

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