Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1127

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Chapter 1127 - Truth Finds Its Way Out

Jiang Yuyan was sulking, sitting in her chair as she felt like screaming. She couldn't stop Lu Lijun from doing what he wanted. He was busy with work since the previous day and didn't come to trouble her, so she thought he got his mind on the right track, but what he did just now proved that she was mistaken.

"I'm tolerating it just because I don't want to hurt him when he is doing something important. It's limit now," she greeted her teeth and threw away the glass paper-weight on the table, which collided on the floor.

She was angry at him, but she was angrier at herself for not being able to stop him. He had something in himself that made her weaker, and she couldn't get the reason.

Just then, the office door opened after a knock that Jiang Yuyan didn't hear as she was full of anger. The paper wait broke into pieces, and the person who just stepped inside was saved by getting hit with a delay of only a few moments.

Xiao Min and San Zemin were startled by it and looked at angry Jiang Yuyan. They stepped inside in a hurry, and San Zemin asked. "Boss, what happened?"

Jiang Yuyan didn't reply as she sat with her head lowered and leaning down at the table as her hands pressed her temples.

Xiao Min only sighed as he knew what must be the reason. Lu Lijun was with her a while ago, so definitely, he must have said something to anger his boss.

"Who could it be other than the fourth young master," he mumbled, and San Zemin heard it.

"Boss, asked me to visit," said San Zemin.

Jiang Yuyan didn't call San Zemin when Lu Lijun was here, so she preferred to call him later.

Jiang Yuyan, who took a few moments to calm herself down, looked at San Zemin. "Are you on vacation these days that I don't know about?"

"No boss," San Zemin replied.


Jiang Yuyan slammed her hands on the table and asked, "Then what the hell are you doing?"

As she was angry, San Zemin and Xiao Min were calm.

"Boss, I was taking care of a few things," San Zemin replied.

"Few things?" she frowned. "What's more important than what I had asked you to do?"

"I was doing that only, but for the past few days, the boss was already troubled with so many things and was sick. So, I thought it would be better…." San Zemin replied.

"Your job is to follow my orders and not to think what's good for me and not," she shouted.

Jiang Yuyan was never angry like this at any of her people before, but it seems like something serious had happened to make her this furious.

"Apology, boss," San Zemin said calmly while Xiao Min didn't interfere.

Jiang Yuyan leaned back in her chair. "Will you tell me now, or do I need to make some special arrangements to get you into the mood?"

"Fourth Young master secretly investigated by not letting anyone know. He went to meet the retired police officer who was working at that time and retired a year after."

"Didn't you keep track of where he went?"

"We did, but he was always in the office or with his friends or at home. He was quiet for a long time, so we thought he gave up. We don't know when he went to meet him, and we didn't even think he would find the retired officer."

"Didn't you warn all the officers at that time not to say anything?

"I did, and no one told him anything other than the one who only helped the fourth young master by providing a copy of the file of the accident case."

"What did that officer tell him?"

"Fourth young master only asked him about the people who had suspicious deaths at that time."

"And about his elder brother?"

"He didn't ask anything about the accident, so the officer didn't find anything wrong in telling what he asked for."


"The officer told him mostly all the deaths, including those which were not even associated with us, so it would be hard for the fourth young master to predict which one to go for."

Jiang Yuyan gave him a displeased questioning look, "Do you still want to underestimate him?"

"No, boss. I will try to mislead him."

"I think your skills have rusted because you had nothing much to do for the past few years," Jiang Yuyan commented.

"Apology, boss."

"Did the information include Xi Cheng's death?"

"Yes, boss. It was the biggest incident around that time. If the officer hadn't mentioned it, the fourth young master would have found it suspicious."

"This kid is going to ruin the peace for all the families," Jiang Yuyan mumbled with a slight frown. "Whatever happens, keep him away from reaching the fifth person," Jiang Yuyan warned.

"There is no such link left to take him there," said San Zemin.

Xiao Min, who was calm till now, spoke, "His brain is sharp to join the link, and his memory is excellent to remember all the people around him from the past till present."

Jiang Yuyan agreed as she looked at San Zemin. "Did you hear it?"

San Zemin nodded.

Jiang Yuyan continued. "If he gets to know it, we all will get back to where we started and worked hard to make everything right."

"Understood, boss," San Zemin replied but didn't look convinced.

"What's in your head?" Jiang Yuyan asked, noting his expressions.

"Whatever we try, the truth finds its way out sooner or later. We should let him know what he wants. It's his right to know everything."

It only angered Jiang Yuyan. "You can shut your mouth if you want to say useless things."

San Zemin didn't mind his boss's words because he knew she was right at her place and understood her worry as, in the end, it will bring chaos in her family and hurt her loved ones.

"Whatever we try, I'm sure he will find it out, so we should be ready to face that day," Xiao Min said.

"You too, Xiao Min?" Jiang Yuyan said as she didn't expect Xiao Min to say it.

"If there was something that was related to the previous boss's accident, but the boss didn't know it till now, what would the boss do?" Xiao Min asked.

Hearing it, a thin line of sweat appeared on San Zemin's forehead, and he looked at Xiao Min in surprise.

"I will kill both of you from hiding anything from me," Jiang Yuyan replied.

"What if it's to protect the boss and stop the chaos in the family?" Xiao Min asked calmly.

Jiang Yuyan glared at Xiao Min as she leaned forward, gritting her teeth., "Your previous boss was my husband, and I need to know everything so I can kill every single person."

Xiao Min was still calm. "My previous boss is the fourth young master's elder brother too. Not just that but the one he loved the most."

Jiang Yuyan understood what these two were trying to say, but she couldn't accept it to happen. "I can let myself get destroyed but not don't compare my situation with him. You two, don't you dare tell him anything."

"We always do what our boss wishes us to," San Zemin assured.

"Always keep one thing in mind that Lu Lijun is more important than me and anything else."

"We will remember, boss," San Zemin assured, but Xiao Min was silent.

"Xiao Min!" Jiang Yuyan called him.

"Understood, boss," he answered.


After leaving Jiang Yuyan at the Mansion, Xiao Min and San Zemin met for drinks.

"Were you up to telling the boss the thing we are hiding?" San Zemin asked.

Xiao Min shook his head. "No, but sometimes I feel like letting things take their course instead of stopping them and facing the consequences," Xiao Min replied and asked. "And what's with you? Why did you make that statement about the truth finding its way? Are you tired of hiding the truth?"

"Since the past few days how things went and how Lu Lijun is going after everything, I felt like letting him know everything and put a stop to it once and for all."

"You seem to sympathize more with Lu Lijun after following him for years," Xiao Min said.

"Not just that. Didn't you see how the boss is always so scared about if he finds it out. It would be better if she could be in peace and not worry about it. Her condition is not good to always keep worrying about others."

"I feel the same," Xiao Min replied.

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