Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1126

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Chapter 1126 - Leaving

The office hours were over, but the three young men didn't come out of the office. Jiang Yuyan was so busy with her work that she forgot the time.

"Boss, it's time to head back home," Xiao Min replied.

"Will take a while," Jiang Yuyan replied.

"One hour has already passed since office hours are over, and Mrs. Chairman had instructed me not to let my boss work much," Xiao Min informed.

"Mother called?" Jiang Yuyan asked.

Xiao Min nodded. "Hmm! And Mrs. Chairman might come here if I failed to conduct the instruction."

It was rare that Ning Jiahui would interfere in Jiang Yuyan's work, but when she did, Jiang Yuyan always listened to her mother-in-law. There was no way Jiang Yuyan would ignore the care from Ning Jiahui.

Keeping the work aside, Jiang Yuyan stood up and came out of her office to leave.

"Are they still here?" Jiang Yuyan asked, looking at Lu Lijun's office.

"Doesn't seem like any of them would return home tonight," Xiao Min replied.

Jiang Yuyan would have gone to check them on personally, but she couldn't. There was only one reason- the stubborn guy whose brain worked in the wrong ways these days.

Nodding to what Xiao Min said, Jiang Yuyan entered the elevator to leave.


During dinner time, one chair was empty as Lu Lijun was not home.

"Where is Lu Lijun?" Elder Lu asked.

"He is in office, Father," Ning Jiahui informed.

Elder Lu frowned. "Everyone is just working all the time," and passed his sight across the dinner table from his two sons to the younger generation, "From older to younger ones all are the same. Everything is important but the family."

"It's not like that, father. It's his time to work and get the direction of his life."

"Whatever! For me, family time is important, and you should finish work in time," elder Lu insisted, and no one dared to argue.


After dinner and talking to the family for a while, Jiang Yuyan returned to her room. Just as she closed the door of her room, her hands went on to put the other lock just like the previous night as she was scared Lu Lijun would come to her room. But she was still puzzled by how he entered her room.

Jiang Yuyan locked the door and checked the secret door hidden behind the bookshelf, but it was locked too, and the person needed to know the password on the digital lock on that door. She was sure she had set the password long back, and no one knew about it.

There was a knock on the door. Jiang Yuyan went to open it and saw the butler standing at the door with the tray in his hand that carried a jar filled with water.

Jiang Yuyan let him in. When the butler replaced the empty Jar with a filled one, Jiang Yuyan called him.

"Butler uncle!"

The butler turned to look at her, "Yes, Young Mistress."

"Is my room's other key missing from the keys uncle has?" Jiang Yuyan asked.

The butler pulled out a small stack of keys from his pocket, which he used to carry with him all the time.

Checking the keys, he spoke, "No, young mistress. It's still with me."

"Someone borrowed from you?" Jiang Yuyan asked hesitantly.

"No, young Mistress," the butler replied confidently.

"Okay," she said, her voice low and expressions puzzled to think how Lu Lijun entered her room.

The butler asked nothing and left.

Though Lu Lijun was not home, Jiang Yuyan couldn't close her eyes peacefully, thinking he would be in her room anytime. Time passed by, and she fell asleep.

Later she got to know Lu Lijun didn't return home and realized she was worried for nothing. But it was a relief that he was taking his work seriously and was not distracted by anything. That was something to praise him about.


Jiang Yuyan went to the office where Xiao Min was already present to greet his boss. When they reached the office, Jiang Yuyan asked. "Are they in the office?"

"They never left," Xiao Min replied.

"Take care of them. I can manage myself," Jiang Yuyan instructed and resumed her work.

Jiang Yuyan couldn't deny, though she acted cold and ignored, she was worried for them and especially the one who troubled her all the time.


Half the day passed by, and finally, Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun came across each other when there was a meeting regarding the same project. Lu Lijun had no time to waste and needed to finish everything faster.

Like the previous day, Lu Lijun acted professionally with Jiang Yuyan giving her the respect of the President of the Lu Corporations.

The project was better, and everyone was satisfied, including Jiang Yuyan. How hard he worked for it, one could see through the project, and pulling it off at such a young age was even commendable. Jiang Yuyan could feel nothing less but proud of him.

Now the thing left was to meet Mr. Mountbatten, and everything depended on the meeting with him.

"We will be leaving for England in the evening," Lu Lijun informed everyone, and they wished him good luck.


Jiang Yuyan was in her office as usual, even after work hours were over.

"Is everything ready for him to leave?" Jiang Yuyan asked.

"Yes, boss. Noah will accompany the fourth young master." Xiao Min looked at his wristwatch and informed, "They will leave in fifteen minutes."

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Lu Lijun entered the office. Xiao Min bowed to Lu Lijun only to hear him say, "Work hours are over. You should leave."

"My working hours continue till the boss is in the office," Xiao Min countered.

"Take a short break then," Lu Lijun instructed coldly. His meaning was clear that he was asking Xiao Min to leave.

Jiang Yuyan didn't know what to say, and Xiao Min left. Before leaving for England for some important work, Jiang Yuyan didn't wish to spoil Lu Lijun's mood.

Lu Lijun stood in front of her work table as he looked at her. "I'm leaving in a while?"

Jiang Yuyan nodded, "Xiao Min told me." There was a short pause as Lu Lijun looked at her as if expecting her to say something more.

"Do well. All the best," she said.

As if he was not happy with it, Lu Lijun went to her side of the table, and before she could react, he turned her chair to face him and rested his hand on her chair's armrest.

Startled, she was about to say something while balancing herself in a suddenly turned chair, Lu Lijun leaned down and kissed her, his one hand holding the chair at armrest while the other one held at the back of the neck.

She had no space to move her head as it was pressed against the back of the chair.

It was a short kiss, and he parted away while whispering against her lips. "This is how you should wish your husband."

With her heart beating faster as she clutched the hand rests of her chair, she felt weak to resist him, and not a single word left her throat as she gasped for air.

Lu Lijun was still not done as he spoke again. "When I'll be back, I'll need something more than this. Be ready by then."

His bold words sent a shiver across her spine as she finally stared back at him, his face just an inch away from her.

"I need to leave now," he spoke, and Jiang Yuyan was still too dazed to even reply to him.

Lu Lijun left, and Jiang Yuyan returned to her senses only when she heard the sound of the door closing. She held her head as if ready to pull her hair, and she screamed inside.

'That kid!... That kid did it again!"

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