Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: The Recent Situation of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect

Three days later.

The Mysterious Sky Sword Sect, on the Nine Peaks Training Field.

The sound of martial cries rang out, like the roars of a tiger and the roars of a dragon, shaking the entire sky.

Ever since the time the six great sects had retreated, the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect had returned to its usual state.

Most of the elite disciples had been sent to various places to eliminate demons and defend the Dao, so the sect had suddenly become a vacant, empty of people.

At this time, other than in the training field, it was basically difficult to see people from other places loitering around.

In the Nine Peaks Training Square.

Thousands of Foundation Establishment Disciples were brandishing their swords at the same time. Their movements were neat and uniform. The scene was spectacular and spellbinding.

Zhuang Changhe stood on the high platform with his hands behind his back and looked at the disciples in the field.

“Your Senior Brothers, your elders have already left the mountain to eliminate demons and defend the path. If there is a need, you will also participate in this catastrophe.”

“If we send you down the mountain now, with your current strength, there is only one outcome, and that is death!”

“So, the fact that you are able to stay on the mountain does not mean that you can hide in the mountain gate and have no worries. Instead, I hope that you can use this opportunity to grow up as soon as possible.”

“Now, your Senior Brothers and your elders are all fighting for more time for you in front.”

“So? What should you do?”

After Zhuang Changhe finished speaking, he glanced at the disciples in the arena with a very serious expression.

After the last move, all the disciples put away their swords and stood up. “We will work hard and strive to get down the mountain as soon as possible.”


“Get down the mountain? What’s the purpose of going down the mountain?” Zhuang Changhe asked again in a clear voice.

“Get rid of the demons, defend the righteous path, and defend the name of the human race!”

Although their words were a little exaggerated, Zhuang Changhe felt quite at ease listening to their enthusiasm.

He said with a loud laugh.

“Good! I’ll wait for that day.”

There were more than ten thousand disciples of the Blackheaven Sword Sect, and most of their elite combatants had been sent down the mountain. Now, other than some disciples with low cultivation bases, only the upper echelons of the Blackheaven Sword Sect were left.

It was not that they were unwilling to go down the mountain, but it was because there were things in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect that needed them to stay and protect.

However, from the news that came from the voice transmission talisman, everything seemed to be progressing smoothly.

Although they had lost a small number of disciples and elders, the demons within a thousand miles around the mysterious heavenly sword sect had also been thwarted.

Recently, Great Feng’s forces had also attacked one after another, which eased some of the pressure on the disciples of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

Although it was just a drop in the bucket for the entire Eastern Wastelands, it was already the limit of what they could do at the moment.

They hoped that the six great sects could put aside their personal grudges and focus on eliminating the demons.

The seal at the bottom of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect’s cliff was extremely important. Although the demons had not made any obvious moves yet, Zhuang Changhe still had some faint worries in his heart.

The current situation was still not optimistic!

Zhuang Changhe waved his hand, indicating for the disciples to continue cultivating. Then, he turned around and left the training ground.

At the Sunset Peak, in a pavilion.

Zhuang Changhe and Bai Xueling were sitting opposite each other in the pavilion.

“Junior Sister Ling’er, what do you think the demons are planning?”

“If they want to break the seal and release the demon army, why is our sect not attacked by the demons? If they want to develop the demon faction wantonly, now that they have come out so brazenly, it makes people suspect that they have other intentions.”

“Something’s wrong, something’s very wrong.”

The group of higher-ups analyzed the situation again and again, and still could not find the reason, so Zhuang Changhe could only come to Bai Xueling’s place to look for inspiration.

Not far away, Li Yiyi was holding a long sword and concentrating on cultivating her sword technique.

It seemed that she had improved quite a bit recently, and her cultivation base had also reached the great circle of the Golden Core Realm.

A trace of admiration appeared in Bai Xueling’s eyes as she retracted her gaze and said : “Who said that the demon race didn’t target the Blackheaven Sword sect? It’s just that they didn’t personally make a move.”

“Junior Sister, you mean…”

Hearing Bai Xueling’s words, Zhuang Changhe’s gaze froze, as if he suddenly thought of something.

“Junior Sister Ling’er, you mean that the six great sects ganging up on our Blackheaven Sword sect is related to the demon race?”

Bai xueling nodded her head casually.

A bold idea appeared in her mind, and Zhuang Changhe came to a sudden realization.

“That’s right. Among the deaths of the six great sects’ Sect Masters, the demon race is the one who benefited the most. Other than that, they can also take this opportunity to use the six great sects as their weapons, so that we sects and factions can only see each other’s internal strife, while they can sit back and reap the benefits.”

“Think about it. When our great sects fight, no matter which side loses in the end, it will greatly weaken the strength of the human race. When that time comes, let’s see who will be able to resist the erosion of the demon clan.”

Thinking of this, Zhuang Changhe clapped his hands suddenly.

“These demon clans with cunning natures, what a plan to kill two birds with one stone. What a good plan.”

“If it were not for the appearance of the protective illusory formation, the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect would have fallen into the trap.”

Zhuang Changhe and everyone knew that although the sect-protecting formation was powerful, it would not be able to hold out for too long. However, the sudden appearance of the illusory Black Tortoise was something that they had not expected.

“Junior Sister, is the sect-protecting formation related to you?”

Thinking of the illusory figure of that huge tortoise, Bai Xueling shook her head.

“It’s related to the Immortal-level formation at the bottom of the cliff. Currently, there are only these assumptions.”

Immortal formation?! Then, Zhuang Changhe understood.

It was indeed possible for a formation spirit to appear in the Immortal formation, and the Black Tortoise Phantom should be the formation spirit itself.

However, who was controlling the formation and who was the other party?

There was only one thing that was certain. That person should be from the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, because that was the only way to explain it.

Just as the two of them were talking, a spiritual energy fluctuation appeared not far away.

This was a Heaven-grade sword skill. It was a spiritual sword skill, the work of Bai Xueling.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A dark blue sword energy condensed and shot out in many directions. An ancient tree a dozen or so meters away was cut in half. However, the sword energy did not stop. It only dissipated after cutting a dozen trees in one go.

Bai Xueling arrived in front of Li Yiyi in a flash and nodded in satisfaction.

“Yiyi has performed well these few days. When you can condense the sword energy and not disperse, it will be the time for you to enter the Nascent Soul Stage.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Yiyi bowed respectfully, her eyes full of joy.

She had chosen to come to the Sunset Peak to become stronger, and in just a few days, she had touched the gate of the Nascent Soul Stage, which made her look forward to further progress.

At this time, Zhuang Changhe also walked out. Looking at the destructive power caused by Li Yiyi’s sword, he could not help but show a hint of pride.

“Haha, Yiyi, when you left Thunder Peak, your old master’s face turned black.” As if recalling the scene at that time, Zhuang Changhe’s expression was a little strange.

“But now that you’ve improved so much, those guys don’t dare to say anything. You can just focus on cultivating at Sunset Peak. If you need anything, just let Martial Uncle know. When the time comes, I’ll get the resource hall to send it over to you.”

Bai Xueling said indifferently, “Our Sunset Peak doesn’t lack resources either. Thank you for your kindness, Sect Master.”

Li Yiyi also smiled politely at this.


When Su Xing was on the Sunset Peak, the back mountain had been filled with all kinds of high-grade spirit herbs that he had planted. There were also many spirit fish in the fish pond too that could improve one’s physique. If one were to talk about resources…

Even if the Sunset Peak accepted thousands of disciples at the same time, the resources on hand would be more than enough.

Zhuang Changhe was stunned for a moment and could not help but sigh.

“Cough cough… this Martial Nephew of mine, Su Xing, is really a capable person who works hard!”

Was this something that an ordinary person could do? Planting spiritual herbs, cultivating spiritual fishes, and raising poultry. This Sunset Peak was almost comparable to a resource production base!

After staying on the Sunset Peak for a while, Zhuang Changhe left in a hurry. If he stayed any longer, he would start to doubt his own life!

“Master, what happened to Sect Master?” Li Yiyi was a little puzzled.

“Oh! Maybe he was hit by a blow.”

Bai Xueling raised her head and looked at the sky. The sun was already high in the sky.

Yes! It was time to eat!

“Yiyi, your Senior Brother Su Xing hasn’t returned yet. I’ll leave today’s breakfast to you.” After taking a few steps, she turned her head and said, “Oh right, go to the fish pond and catch a few spiritual fish. I’ve been craving for fish recently.”

“Yes! Master!”

Li Yiyi responded with a strange expression.

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