Worlds' Apocalypse Online - Chapter 1559

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Chapter 1559: No more

Gu Qing Shan reentered the grand hall.

Suddenly, the sound of music from before sounded around him again.

Puu bon bon bon!

Puu bon bon bon!

Puu bon bon bon bon bon——

Everyone was drawn by the sound of music and turned to him.

“Why did you return?” Wraith Lord Fate Obstruction asked.

This time, Gu Qing Shan was a lot more natural and smiled: “We’re in the middle of an emergency right now, so how could I waste my time repairing some sword? I’m probably more useful here”

“Hm, at least you know what your priorities should be” Wraith Lord Giant Frame said with a satisfied tone.

Gu Qing Shan glanced around the hall.

All the angels had left with Lin.

Other than Reneedol herself, only the three Wraith Lords were here right now.

Right at this moment, there was an abrupt change——-

Lines of glowing text quickly appeared on the War God UI:

[Living Being Sacrificial Dance, opening act preparations—–]

[Attention: The Deathmatch Dance’s opening music is manifesting]

[Your personal unique tune is undergoing drastic changes; the specific change will be determined through the results of this trial]

[Please kill at least one wicked individual who’s stronger than yourself within 30 minutes, their fresh blood will serve to provide the sensation of the Deathmatch Dance]

[This is the beginning of the entire Sacrificial Dance, a completely new moment of your life’s battle]

[The more blood there is, the better the Dance will be]

[——A performance to sate the desire to slaughter, that is saintly]

All the glowing text swiftly vanished.

A clock with an ancient design silently appeared in front of Gu Qing Shan.

A countdown began, starting at 30 minutes.

Gu Qing Shan skimmed through everything in a second and flashed a smile while killing intent filled his heart.

Killing at least one wicked individual?


I’m being underestimated.

Gu Qing Shan’s gaze scanned through the three Wraith Lords.

In consideration of their various defensive techniques, I can only use the Six Paths Great Mountain sword.

In other words, I need to unleash three strikes within an instant to take all of their lives before they can react.

Gu Qing Shan thought for a brief second.

—–no, three different strikes would become three variables.

One strike.

I’ll kill them in a single strike without giving them any chance to react and retaliate, and then…

Gu Qing Shan turned to the throne.

Reneedol was sitting there.

She was the one who killed Scarlet.


Such a girl was dead because of her insanity.

Gu Qing Shan lowered his head, his gaze was calm, his smile was incredibly humble as he bowed respectfully to greet Reneedol.

Afterwards, he slowly approached the three Wraith Lords.

“May I ask what’s the current situation?” he clasped his fist and slowly walked towards them as he asked.

“That thing has appeared near the Wraith realm. It’s currently unknown whether it had actually discovered this place, or if it had only accidentally travelled past this place. The angels have prepared themselves to delay it if necessary” Wraith Lord Bai Yuan replied.

Gu Qing Shan nodded in understanding and continued walking.


And closer.

Right at this moment, Reneedol abruptly stood up and shouted: “Pay attention, that thing has approached the angels”

She waved her hands to summon a vision in the void of space.

Lin had brought the army of angels to the border of the Causality Law barrier and was silently waiting.

A bit further away within the dark tunnel, a sea of blood was surging closer and closer.

Reneedol and the three Wraith Lords held their breaths and silently observed the situation.

Gu Qing Shan also stopped moving his feet and focused his gaze on the vision that Reneedol created.

Right at that moment.

His right hand slightly shifted.

At another location.

Boss looked at the young girl in front of him and asked in surprise: “You want to follow me?”

The girl nodded and said: “I’ve already realized my limits, perhaps even the limits of this world——- only by following your grace would I have a chance of advancing further—— I want to follow your footsteps and enter the infinite worlds, using this to improve myself. I hope that you will grant me this permission”


Boss fell into thought.

He released his sense of perception to search through the entire world.

This world is most likely a Cultivation-type world, but is still in a very primitive stage of martial arts training.

They can’t even break through the void of space right now.

In that case——

If this girl continues to remain in such a world, she would have to uselessly waste a huge amount of time in order to leave this place.

That would be a waste of her potential.

No wonder she desires to leave this world together with me so much.

Boss looked up and observed the gloomy night sky.

In that instant, a vision of the past flashed through his eyes.

“Shroud, I will follow you forever”


“Hm, you are the strongest individual in this world. Please teach me your combat skills and powers, I also want to become stronger, strong enough to coordinate with you”

“Reneedol, you don’t actually need to worry about such a thing… However, why do you want to become stronger?”

“Shroud… I don’t want others to lord over my Fate”

“Reneedol, there isn’t anyone who would lord over your Fate, nor would anyone restrain you—— but that’s irrelevant, I’ll slowly teach you my skills.

Boss regained his senses and sighed: “I haven’t taught anyone anything for quite a long time”

The young girl said: “Your grace, King of War, I am willing to give up everything in this world if that means I would be able to grow stronger and protect this world in the future, please give me a chance”

Boss turned to face her.

She met Boss’ eyes head-on with clear resolution.

Lines of text appeared on the [Order] UI:

[Your grace, King of War, a carrier of Order with the unique template: Predestined Princess is requesting to become your servant]

[Please note, this is a relationship witnessed by Order, once established, both sides would not be able to change their minds]

[Are you willing to accept such a servant?]

Boss shook his head and muttered to himself: “I don’t know… what meaning would there be in attempting this again. I… it’s been such a long time since I last found the meaning of my existence”

The young girl took another step forward and knelt in front of him.

She grabbed his hand with both of her hands, stating each word clearly: “You’ve saved my life once today, so I’m here shamelessly begging you to take me as your servant, helping me on the path of becoming stronger—– because the meaning of my existence is to protect the good and innocent”

“I’m begging you here not for my own sake, but for the sake of everyone in this world”

“Please save us”

Boss was a bit stunned, unable to say anything in return for a long while.

At this point, Lady Darksea spoke up in his mind:

[Your grace, there is another urgent mission that requires your attention right away]

Boss said: “Then what about her——-”

[You can just take her with you temporarily, it wouldn’t be too late for you to make your decision later on] Lady Darksea told him.

“But then——” Boss still hesitated.

[The warp will now commence!] Lady Darksea cut him off and said.

A flash of light.

Both Boss and the young girl vanished from this world.

A few moments later.

In another world.

Boss and the young girl reappeared.

“Huh? Where are we?” the girl appeared disorientated.

There were ruins all around her, all the structures above ground had collapsed, giving off a thick stench of rotting corpses.

“I need to save a certain person” Boss explained.

“Save? Can I support you?” the girl hurriedly asked.

“No, you are still too weak, just focus on protecting yourself” Boss replied.

The young girl bit her lip and hung her head.

Boss glanced briefly at her, then focused his gaze towards a collapsed structure.

“A life that’s like a candle flickering in the wind… seems like I’ll have to hurry up”

He muttered and pointed his finger forward.

Rumble rumble——–

An invisible force lifted the entire structure and kept it in the air, not a single speck of dust fell down from it.

Right below the structure, two kneeling corpses could be seen crushed under the debris.

A man and a woman.

The two of them had already died a long time ago, but they maintained a seated posture.

Below them, a young child was curled up on the ground, her presence was already incredibly weak, seemingly unconscious.


The young girl shed tears as she rushed forward, gently pushed the two corpses aside, then hugged the child.

“Big sister Darksea, I want to exchange everything I have left for medical equipment, please save this child!” the young girl hurriedly called out.

Lady Darksea gently told her: [The one with the greatest healing expertise is standing right in front of you]

The young girl suddenly turned to Boss.

Boss took the child from her embrace, cradled the child in one hand while flipping through the Book of Prophesized Destinies, then recited an incantation.

A gentle ray of light enveloped the child’s body without fading for a long while.

The child slowly regained her consciousness, then opened her eyes and smiled at Boss.

She then quickly went back to sleep.

“Huh? Why is she unconscious again, please take a look! Please hurry up and take a look!” the young girl frantically called out to Boss while holding onto his arm.

“Don’t worry, she’s not going to die, she’s just sleeping” Boss replied.

“Can you promise it?” the young girl asked him worriedly.

Boss glanced at her, then at the child, and replied: “I promise”

The young girl began crying.

She looked at the child in Boss’ hand and spoke with a sobbing voice: “Child, your parents are no longer here, but you’ve managed to survive thanks to their protection”

After that, she wiped her tears away once again.

Boss silently observed this.

Lady Darksea spoke to him again: [Your grace, this child is also a unique carrier of Order, as soon as she was born, she had been able to sense the unique Order template: Mortal World Angel]

[However, as this world was already destroyed and she was too young, she was unable to do anything and needed to be saved in order to survive]

Boss silently nodded and continued to observe the child in his hand.

Suddenly, the young girl knelt down in front of him again.

“What’s the matter?” Boss asked.

The girl was still sobbing, but spoke resolutely: “Regardless if you permit me to come with you or not, please take this child with you”

“But you should know, I can only save one person at a time and only take one person with me” Boss appeared troubled.

“No matter how harsh the environment is, I would still be able to survive, but she cannot, please take her with you” the young girl resolutely insisted.

“Then I shall leave with her, you will remain here” Boss said.

The young girl resolutely nodded: “Yes”

Boss slowly vanished.

Seeing him leave, the young girl sighed in relief.

“Now I’m the only one left—— ouch…”

She wanted to stand up but felt the soreness in her legs, so she had no choice but to sit on the ground to rest.

It was only now that she remembered she was also heavily wounded.

“No, there’s still a lot that I haven’t finished”

The young girl told herself.

Enduring the pain, she stood back up and began to dig up the ground using her broken pike.

After a short while, an empty hole was dug up.

She put the corpses of the couple into the hole, then began to fill it up again.

Just like that, a simple grave was done.

Right at this point, it started to rain.

The young girl was completely soaked and slowly dragged her tattered body outside the ruined city.

She staggered forward, picking herself back up whenever she fell down.

“I need to move quickly, the wind is too strong, it would most likely rain even harder tonight”

The young girl told herself.


She then tripped and fell into a small puddle of mud, completely soaking herself in the dirty gunk and dirt.

It took the young girl everything she had to climb out of the mud and lay on the side, breathing heavily.

The wind and rain began to pick up.

The rainwater washed away the mud on her face together with the tears rolling down her cheeks, making her tears indiscernible from the rain.

The young girl took a deep breath and grunted, then stood back up once again.

Braving the wind and rain, she continued her trek.


A warm ray of light descended from above to envelop her body.

Within the light, her wounds were gradually healed, a new surge of power slowly circulated around her body.

Almost instantly, she had returned to her peak state.

Boss had appeared in front of her once again with a complicated expression.

The young girl was surprised, then asked him: “Where is the child?”

“Don’t worry, she is currently in a safe place” Boss told her with a gentle voice.

The girl finally smiled happily.

“Are you willing to take me as your servant?”

She asked while devoutly kneeling before him.

Suddenly, Boss also knelt down in front of her.

In the rain, the two of them had knelt down facing one another.

“Please stand up——- I don’t deserve your——-” the young girl awkwardly panicked.

Boss looked straight at her and suddenly smiled.

He seemed to have remembered something laughable and tilted his head up, laughing his mind off. His laughter overpowered even the sound of the wind and rain, even trembling the world itself.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing and spoke sincerely: “I’ve actually forgotten something at the back of my mind all these years, it’s fortunate that I’ve met you”

“What did you forget?” the young girl asked.

Boss replied: “Many years ago, I once promised many people—– Deities, mortals, pixies, giants, elves, individuals of many races. I promised them to become their King, I promised that I would forever protect them, and they vowed to always follow me”

The young girl said: “With such a powerful entity like yourself protecting them, they must have been very happy”

Boss went silent for a moment.

“But because of a certain matter, I… had forgotten my promise”

The young girl opened her eyes wide towards him.

“You… even someone as powerful as you would forget something?” she asked in confusion.

Boss displayed a self-deprecating expression on his face while he continued: “For the past years, I’ve lived just for the sake of living, even when I went back to do it all again, I still couldn’t remember who I was”

The intense wind blew towards him, soaking his face with rainwater that slowly dripped down his face.

He continued talking: “Thanks to you, I’ve remembered the many dreams I once had, as well as the many things I had to protect. In the end, I’ve only ever failed at one single matter, but I now realize that I never had to accomplish that matter in the first place, as it couldn’t be forced to happen”

Boundless light exuded from his body and shot through the clouds, illuminating the void and turned the entire world into a sea of light.

He muttered: “I am the king of the world, ruler of the Myriad Deities, Greatest Above the Star Crown”

“I have many comrades, many close aides, and many subjects that I had to protect. But because of a single matter, I had become stagnated for countless years”

“The Deities of the past must be very disappointed in me right now”

“I am truly sorry”

“But I’ve awoken from my dream, and from now on, I will no longer let my allies down”

“There is nothing else that can trap my heart”

“I will no longer let you all down!”


Intense light descended from above behind him, forming a backdrop of divine holy radiance.

Clad in radiance, all things and all beings in the world laid at his feet.

The rain stopped.

The wind slowed down.

He stood back up and offered his hand with a smile: “In this era, you are my first servant—— are you willing to follow my path to protect all of your comrades as well as the living beings who are suffering?”

The young girl took his hand with both of her hands.

“I am willing to follow your footsteps and vow never to change my mind” she resolutely declared.

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