Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 826

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Chapter 826: Gu Xiaobao and Gu Xiaobei (4)

When Gu Xiaobei heard, she turned to look at Gu Xiaobao.

With half her head still in her mother’s embrace, she smiled like an angel as she looked at Gu Xiaobao.

Gu Qingjiu caressed Gu Xiaobao’s cheeks. “You are jealous?”

Gu Xiaobao huffed and stayed quiet.

“You are so old already. Still getting jealous over this?”

As they spoke, the two of them carried the siblings away

“Xiaobao, we will be going to grandparents’ tomorrow. It’s been about a year since you’ve visited them.”

Gu Xiaobao seemed to remember something upon hearing that. “Isn’t aunt pregnant as well?”

Gu Qingjiu raised her eyebrow at him. “Pregnant?”

The aunt who Gu Xiaobao was referring to was Qin Wange.

When Helian Niancheng and her got married and pregnant, there was no news for them but they seemed to have made up at Gu Qingjiu’s banquet.

Later, because of their careers, Gu Qingmo and Qin Wange’s marriage dragged on for a long while. Knowing that Gu Qingmo’s younger sister married into the Penalan royal family, the Qin family dared not to utter a single complaint at Gu Qingmo and Qin Wange’s marriage.

Qin Wange’s parents even apologized to Gu Qingmo.

Although these people held a certain amount of influence, the people who were getting married were Qin Wange and Gu Qingmo after all.

Which was why it was uncomfortable for the Gu family to comment. After starting work, Gu Qingmo, who had experienced many things, matured as well. He realized that he had been quite childish back then.

He had long placed the matter behind him.

It was true that he didn’t have many capabilities back then. How could just his love for Qin Wange possibly suffice?

It was a relief that everything started to settle down when the two of them decided to start over anew.

Yet, because Qin Wange had been busy with her career, there wasn’t any news of her pregnancy for the past few years.

Because Gu Qingjiu gave birth early, Qi Yuefeng and Gu Hong did not rush the other couple.

However, Gu Qingjiu’s children were for the royal family to care for. Qi Yuefeng wanted her own to care for as well. Despite not rushing them for the past few years, she did so more urgently this year.

Gu Qingmo’s age was already thrown out there.

If not now, then when?

However, before Gu Qingjiu went for her mission, she didn’t hear about Qin Wange’s pregnancy.

Gu Xiaobao nodded. “Grandmother called a few days back saying that a new baby would be coming. If she said that, it must be aunt’s baby.”

Gu Xiaobao was exceptionally smart. From Qi Yuefeng’s words, he deduced that his aunt was pregnant.

He had only met this aunt a few times.

Helian Niancheng nodded as well. “She seemed to be pregnant.”

Happiness colored Gu Qingjiu’s face. “Then I have to quickly go back and take a look. Mom has been harping over them for so long. They do things at their speed.”

Upon hearing that, Helian Niancheng chuckled lowly. “Not everyone is as fast as us.”

Gu Qingjiu rolled her eyes at him. Gu Xiaobei suddenly turned to look at Helian Niancheng.

As compared to Gu Qingjiu, the only time Gu Xiaobei spent time with Helian Niancheng was only the first few months after she was born.

Afterward, Helian Niancheng only visited her once in a while.

Gu Xiaobei knew who he was but held not many feelings. However, the instincts born to a baby were still there.

Seeing Gu Xiaobei’s attention on him, Helian Niancheng put Gu Xiaobao on the ground and stretched his arms out. “Dad will carry you.”

Gu Xiaobei turned her head, looking unwilling.

Gu Xiaobao who saw it cackled at his father’s plight.

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