Watashi ni anata o ijimeru riyū nado arimasen. - Chapter 5

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5 . Story


Victoria took a single envelope from her pocket .


⌈… . Miss Victoria . That’s . . ?⌋


Alexis, who is good at reading the flow of the situation, asked me, Victoria, who would be grateful to receive his baton and show the envelope to everyone in the place .


⌈This is a letter . I received it yesterday . ——A letter to me with the stamp of the Kingdom of Nanbal . ⌋


⌈… . May I check the symbol?⌋


⌈Of course . ⌋


Victoria nodded happily at Alexis’ offer .

Alexis approaches Victoria and looks at the letters on her thin fingers .


⌈… It certainly looks like the symbol of the Kingdom of Nanbal . ⌋


⌈A letter from King Nanbal… S-so what was written, Victoria?⌋


⌈………… . ⌋


Victoria looked coldly at Bernhard, who turned his eyes full of mysterious expectations .


⌈Don’t call¹ me that way . Your Highness Bernhardt, because we are no longer fiances . ⌋


Said Victoria, then Bernhardt, looks at Victoria from head to toes with licking vulgar eyes .


⌈Aaah don’t say that . If I become the King, I can rise you up as the concubine in the castle, ok?⌋


⌈…Bernhardt, in our kingdom, even as a king, we are not allowed to have concubines . In addition, welcomed as the second queen… Obviously it’s against the national law . ⌋


Says the Queen, her shoulders shaking with anger .

However, thinking that such appearance on his mother was because it was interesting for her, he reluctantly replied


⌈What are you talking about, mother . I just need to change the law . Above all, it’s rude to bring the great princess of Nanbal Kingdom as a bride other than the king . ⌋


Apparently, He just remembered that He was liked by King Nanbal and gained confidence .

Bernhard was in a self-respecting state .


⌈Victoria . You are smart . If one look closely, you have a good face and body . If you help my reign, it won’t be bad . ⌋


Says Bernhardt, as if it was all decided .

…as a persuasive phrase, it scored minus 1 million points .

While murmuring that inside her heart, Victoria spoke with a smile


⌈There’s no need . ⌋




In response to Victoria, Bernhardt was suprised that he raised his hands and moved his body rapidly .

Victoria said while looks surprised that seemed unintentional


⌈It was just yesterday, but I ’ve decided on a new marriage partner . ⌋


Then she take the letter out of the envelope and give it to the person with the highest rank on the spot, The Queen .


⌈The Queen is already aware…⌋


⌈Yes . Yesterday, a bilateral document arrived for our king . ⌋


When she glanced at the letter and confirmed that the contents were the same, the Queen handed the letter to Alexis .


⌈Eeh, mother?⌋


Bernhard looks at the queen with an impatient expression . Those eyes spoke, ‘I am the crown prince, but why do you show my brother Alexis the letter first?’

And when He opened his mouth to asks the question, the Queen told him first .


⌈You’ll understand soon . ⌋


⌈Older brother⌋




When Bernhardt receives the letter from Alexis, he confirms the content .


⌈…… . . !!⌋


As I watched, Bernhardt’s face turned blue, and his lips trembling .


⌈M…mother . Th-this is…?⌋


The queen said in a slightly low voice to her son, who questioned with his trembling lips .


⌈As written . Signed here is the engagement of Alexis • Plast with Victoria • Reycardt, who has the blood of Nanbal’s royal family . In addition, with the establishment of this engagement, Plast Kingdom will disinherit Prince Bernhardt . ⌋


⌈ . . Wh… . . Wha… . ⌋


For Bernhardt, it was a bolt from the blue² .


⌈Di…, disinherit…, you say . . ? Th-there’s no way! There’s no…!⌋


Bernhardt tried to read the letter many times with his frightened eyes, but the results were the same .

The thing the queen just said is written .

Realizing that the two stamps stamped on the letters were probably also from the Kingdom of Nanbal and Plast, Bernhardt collapsed in despair and kneeled on the floor .


⌈Wh…, what…! What is this!⌋


It was Bernhardt’s fiance, Telecia, who screamed loudly .


⌈What does it mean that Bernhard cannot be the king?! … Ah, but because He’s a prince, even if He’s disinherited, He can become a Duke…⌋


To think that Telecia just shouted, and now there she is calculating uncatched racoon skin . ³

… . Even though you don’t know the situation of the kingdom, you know well about how to decide the noble rank huh…

Victoria sighs .

Certainly, looking at past examples, in this kingdom, the princes who did not succeed the throne were always given the status of the Duke and the task of assisting the king .

But… . .

It was the queen who waited for Telesia’s expectations, and with a higher voice says


⌈Sorry, that’s not the case now⌋


⌈Huh ?!⌋


When the queen stares at her, perhaps it was terrifying, Telecia let out a strange sound as if she was suffocated .

Victoria, again, murmurs in her heart .

However, it is a secret story that I don’t understand that feeling even just a little after all .

Teresia who is terrified by the Queen, quickly hides behind Bernhardt who’s sitting on the floor .

However, not caring about the scared girl, instead of stopping the queen continues her talk .


⌈A person who has caused a situation that shakes the alliance between the two countries cannot be given an important rank like a duke . Miss Sassen, you have already decided to marry Bernhardt, so after marriage you will live as a commoner . Please keep that in mind . ⌋


⌈… . . ! T-thats . . !⌋


Teresia clings to Bernhard’s back, shaking her head as well as her hair .  (I don’t think it’s a mistranslation . the raw really has it, lol XD)

To such a girl, the queen asked her with a tilted head .


⌈Oh? Miss Sassen didn’t to marry no-longer-prince Bernhardt?⌋


⌈… . !⌋


Teresia shakes her head in response to the Queen’s question .

However, she did not give an answer . She just nodded weakly .

Perhaps what you don’t want is now real, but if you say it now, you can see the Queen’s anger here .

As expected of Telecia, there seems to be no person who can’t read the place at this degree .

Finally, when those two’s problem has calmed down, Victoria stopped at Bernhardt’s side .


⌈Your Highness Bernhardt, can you return the letter? That is an important letter from Grandfather Cloud . ⌋




The letter that Alexis handed to Bernhardt is still in Bernhardt’s hands that hang loosely from his shoulder .


⌈Your Highness?⌋




When She called again, Bernhardt has no signs of moving, so Victoria bent down a little and pulled the letter .

The lightly held letter unexpectedly escapes Bernhardt’s restraint and returns to Victoria .




He felt a slight change on his body, and Bernhardt raised his face .

And in his eyes show the beautiful Victoria’s dark blue eyes .


⌈……… . ⌋


Bernhard looking up to Victoria, silently .

In his eyes, there was a color like a wish, asking for salvation .

It was the same as when Bernhardt was in trouble — for example, when he lost at gambling and asked Victoria for help, but this time she didn’t feel the need to make move .

Because Bernhardt is no longer Victoria’s fiance .

Bernhardt brought over the debt that he carried in gambling, Bernhardt also one-sidedly talked to her, that he found a marriage partner, a girl who was labeled as an indecent woman that approached the prince and was being clasped by the aristocracy . There is no need (for Victoria) to do anything .


⌈—————Aah, now that you mention it ⌋


However, when she met eyes with Bernhardt, Victoria recalled a misunderstanding that she wanted to solve .

After standing up from crouching with a stubborn gesture, Victoria looks down on Bernhardt .


⌈Your Royal Highness Bernhardt said that I bullied Miss Sassen because of your love and the desire to be the Queen… . I didn’t have any love feelings for you, so I didn’t need any kind of love, and as I said earlier, since I was born, I was decided to be a queen of Plast, so I didn’y have to worry about the desire to sit as the Queen . ⌋


⌈…… . . ⌋


Bernhardt slightly moved his mouth to respond at Victoria’s words, but no one knows if that was his answer .

But, it’s not like you have to know it .

Victoria just needs to recover the honor that was hurt by the former Prince and his lover .


⌈―――― So that’s why Miss Sassen⌋


With a brilliant smile that might be able to even cast out a storm, Victoria says to Telecia who no longer had a position nor anywhere to go and just hiding behind Bernhardt .


⌈From the beginning I don’t have any reason to bully you, you know?⌋




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