Watashi ni anata o ijimeru riyū nado arimasen. - Chapter 2

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2 . Story

It was about two weeks after the turbulent graduation ceremony that the Crown Prince Bernhardt went to the Queen’s room at the back of the royal palace, accompanied by Telecia Sassen, who was recognized as his (Bernhardt) lover by the King .


⌈Today, I want to ask mother to give Telecia the of Queen’s Training . ⌋


⌈Well, so it’s like that . . !⌋


Telecia answering with a smile . Bernhard’s mouth smiles at her happy expression .


⌈Oh, She will surely accept it . ⌋


——Because, Victoria too, had been educated by Queen Yunoa¹ from an early age .

With that in mind, Bernhardt takes Telecia’s hand . The two stared at each other with a happy expression, and walked with a slow pace .

When they arrive in front of the Queen’s room, He speaks to one of the guards with a whistle .


⌈Is Mother here?⌋


⌈Yes . ⌋


⌈I have something to talk about . Please inform her . ²⌋


⌈Understood . ⌋


The guard greets him, then entered the room .

Bernhardt already knew the Queen’s reply .

So far, the Queen has spent this time every week on Victoria’s education . So now that the engagement with Victoria is gone, the Queen should be spending it for nothing… .

Bernhardt, who was laughing at that thought, was surprised at the response of the Queen brought by the guard .


⌈I am truly sorry, but she can’t meet you . ⌋




Bernhardt frowned . However, He immediately think that it can’t be helped . His mother is  also the Queen . She can’t be free at all .

It is natural to use her spare time for other things .


⌈Is that so . I apologize for visiting sosuddenly . Then, ask Her when will I be able to meet Her . ⌋


⌈Understood . ⌋


The guard bowed . And another guard uttered .


⌈We have been waiting for you,——— Victoria-sama . ⌋




Bernhard looked back, and by the door, was Victoria who was his hated fianceé until two weeks ago .


⌈Please come in . Victoria-sama . ⌋


⌈Thank you . Oh my, Your Highness, and Sassen-jō(Miss Sassen) too . ⌋


With a “gokigen’yō”, Victoria smiled, and she gently turns her knees and gives a brief greeting . From there, in a flowing motion, She entered the Queen’s room from the door opened by the guard .




Bernhardt was surprised to see the neat and beautiful spine . When the door is closed, He came back to his senses and get close to the guard .


⌈Hey, what’s this suppose to mean . Why is Victoria meeting with Mother…!⌋


There is no doubt that Bernhard’s and Victoria’s engagement has been annulled . So, there is no need for Victoria to continue her education to become the future queen, and there is no reason to be invited to the present queen’s room .




Altought Bernhardt hold his collar with both hands, the guard’s height is higher . Besides, even though they are only in charge of protecting peopl, and also important people of the country,  their physical constitution is solid . Thus, the guards did not even move one inch in Bernhardt’s assault .


⌈Answer me…!⌋


No matter how much he screamed, the guard is just looking at Bernhardt without revealing his emotions .


⌈This imprudent person… . !⌋


Cutting the numbness, Bernhardt releases his hands from the guard, puts his hand on the sword on his hip then pulls it out wildly .

Then was when the voice was heard .


⌈What are you doing, brother…!⌋


⌈Alexis³… . ⌋


It was Bernhard’s younger brother, Alexis, who made him to give up .

Alexis moves his long legs and approaches his brother, he puts resoluteness on the beautiful face he inherit from his mother and asks again .


⌈What were you going to do in the inner palace, where the King and Queen live?⌋


After saying that, Alexis called out one of the two guards he brought . Just right after the guard was told, he split up Bernhard and Queen’s guard .

If it’s the royal guard, whithout the Lord’s order, he can’t do any harm no matter what Bernhardt did, but Alexis guards is different . Under Alexis instruction, Bernhardt can be detained with a crime for causing violence in Okumiya .


⌈…… . ⌋


Bernhard regrets not bringing his guards, saying that he is in the castle and, above all, He doesn’t want to be disturbed in his time with Telecia .

Then, pressed by Alexis’ imposing manner that used to face him, he returns his sword to its sheath . Alexis said while looking at the powerless Bernhardt .


⌈Brother, please go back to your room . If You want to see mother, I will inform her to see brother . ⌋


⌈… . . ⌋


Bernhardt was thinking while looking at his feet .

Alexis said that he will inform mother . That means that my brother will meet with the queen right now . Together with Victoria . The Queen, and Alexis, and Victoria .




The reason why these three people meet each other was unknown, Bernhardt bowed his head when the door of the Queen’s room opened from the inside .

The figure was shown from the middle of the door, wearing a navy blue dress with a white apron, it was the Queen’s chief lady-in-waiting .


⌈Oh my, Alexis-sama . ⌋


The chief lady-in-waiting looks at Alexis and smiles brightly .


⌈The Queen is waiting for you, come on, please come in . ⌋


Alexis shook his head to the chief lady-in-waiting, who made a space through which one could pass while lowering her head .


⌈No … I’m sorry, but please tell my mother to wait a bit . ⌋


⌈ . . ? Is something the matter?⌋


Alexis laughs and responds to the wondering chief lady-in-waiting .


⌈Nothing . It’s not a big deal . ⌋


⌈…… . . ⌋


The chief lady-in-waiting observed the situation carefully .

In the hall, there are two princes and the queen guards . And, They’re in a situation where one of Prince Alexis’s guards splits between Bernhardt and the Queen’s guard .

Perhaps something happened . The reason is Alexis, who solves problems in a relatively calm manner, has moved his guard .


⌈Sassen-jō too, you must be tired for standing all the time, right?⌋


Prince Alexis asks the girl, with a gentle tone and pretty face .

I see, so this is the one who got close to Prince Bernhardt, and splendidly grabbed his love, Telecia • Sassen .

Prince Alexis would like to let his Prince Brother leave this place .

Certainly, if Prince Bernhardt who made a sudden visit to the queen makes a fuss, it is Prince Bernhardt who will get a bad reputation .

At this moment, it is a good idea for Prince Bernhardt to leave this place quietly .

If Telecia Sassen, is an adequately clever person to have her name entered into the ranks of royalty, she should leave the office, recognizing Prince Alexis’s concern .

While thinking so, the chief lady-in-waiting keep watching the course of events .

And the result . .

Having her name called by Prince Alexis, Telecia Sassen’s pink cheeks got even redder, and she utterly says


⌈I’m fine, Alexis-sama . ⌋


⌈…… . ⌋


Expression disappears from Prince Alexis’s face .

This is … a bit irritating huh, Prince Alexis .

Just as the chief lady-in-waiting expected, After that Telecia further said, while smiling in a good mood .


⌈I am confident in my physical strength, too . And I can ride a horse for a long distances too . You don’t have to worry about it but,… . for you to care even to me, you are a kind person huh, Alexis-sama . ⌋


⌈…… . ⌋


At Telecia’s words, the chief lady-in-waiting want to hold her temple for a bit .

… . . Eeh, certainly Prince Alexis is a kind person . But, Telecia Sassen-jō, you receiving that kindness in a completely wrong direction .

Then, if He can sense the atmosphere, it is better for Prince Bernhardt to leave now…

Thinking that, with a little expectation the chief lady-in-waiting turned her eyes to Bernhardt but . .




With his lips trembling from anger, he only sees Telecia and Alexis .

The reason why there was impatient in his eyes, is probably because of the adorable smile that Telecia gives to Alexis .

It looks like, it would not be possible to put this place at peace .




The chief lady-in-waiting gently turn backwards so as not to be in everyone’s view . And shook her neck slightly .


⌈…Sigh… . . ⌋


Then, from the back of the room, there’s a small sigh that could not be heard by anyone .

After that, a sound of the silk rubbed lightly, and the chief lady-in-waiting finally realized the owner of that sigh has lift up her waist .


TL Note:

王妃ユノア – I don’t know whether it is a name or something else . so i just keep it as it is . 取り次いでくれ lit . [pass it to her] in a carefree manner . アレクシス (A-Re-Ku-Shi-Su) 奥宮 – idk what this is either . i searched it up, but still no clue . so i assume this is the name given to that place (The place where the queen lives in this novel) Thank you Jingle-san for helping~ 女官長 – pretty sure this isn’t “head maid” . This menas “court lady” in chinese when i look it up . suggestion is very welcome . ^^; Thank you Jingle-san for helping~ […, 王族にその名を連ねるにふさわしい聡い人物ならば,…] – i feel like i get it but i also don’t get it . . XD Thank you Jingle-san for helping~

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