Warrior's Promise - Chapter 49

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"Stele for the ATK test?"

Su Mo curiously asked, "How do we know the specific attack?"

"It's very simple . Have you seen the crystals on the stele? These crystals represent the data . 250 kg of power, which is a tiger force, can light a crystal . How many tiger forces that you have, is how many crystals you'll light," Li Feng said .

Su Mo shook his head and said, "A crystal means a tiger force? That'll be a big error . If two people's attack power has little difference, the attack showing on the stele will be the same . "


Hearing that, Li Feng disdainfully laughed and said, "Each crystal has five different colors, namely yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple . Yellow light means 50 kg of force . The rest of the colors mean 100 kg, 150 kg, 200 kg, and 250 kg, respectively . For example, if your strength is 4300 kg, then you can light nine crystals . The first eight crystals are all purple, and the ninth crystal is cyan . "

"Oh, I got it!"

Su Mo nodded with a smile . The stele was very interesting, but he just did not know who designed it .

"How about we compare with each other? Do you dare to? If you don't, just forget what I said," Li Feng said with a proud look .

"Of course I do . But it'll be even more interesting if you add some gambling wager," Su Mo said with a smile . Judging from his manner, Li Feng was from a big and rich family .

Now that he had decided to compare with him, Su Mo would gain some benefits from him .

"Gambling wager? Hehe, it seems that you're very confident!" Li Feng laughed with bright eyes . "Well, since you want to give me money, I, of course, will not refuse . How about we bet 20,000 taels of gold on it?"

Su Mo was surprised that Li Feng would like to bet 20,000 taels of gold, which meant that he was pretty rich .

"Okay, done . "

In fact, Su Mo was now poor for he had no Spiritual Stones, and only had just over 1,000 taels of gold remaining .

However, to gamble he did not need to have money because he was sure of his victory .

That was because Li Feng was not a martial artist of the Spiritual Martial Realm but a martial artist of the Qi Cultivation Realm, and few martial artists in that realm could beat him in attack power .

"Well, I'll go first . Keep your eyes open wide!"

With a confident look, Li Feng walked through the crowd to the front of the stele .


After a loud shout, Li Feng's breath exploded out and his momentum skyrocketed .

"Powerful momentum! He is at the Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm!"

"Awesome! A few people are at the Lv 9 among these new disciples . "

The crowd all burst into a discussion .

Most of these disciples around the stele were new and all curious about the stele, so they surrounded to watch .

Among the 500 newly recruited disciples, many of them were at Lv 7 or Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm, a few disciples were at Lv 9, and a couple of disciples were in the Spiritual Martial Realm .

"Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm?"

Su Mo nodded without surprise . Niu Xiaoxu had told him that Li Feng's Martial Soul was at Rank 7 Human Class, so it was not surprising that Le Feng could have the cultivation of Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm .

"Gold Stone Fist!"

At this point, Li Feng shouted and heavily punched the stele for the ATK test .


A wave of ripples appeared on its surface with a boom, and immediately, the crystals on it were lit up .

One Crystal!

Three Crystals!




After the nine crystals shined with a purple light, the 10th crystal twinkled and then shined with a blue light .

2450 kg!

"Brother Li Feng, cool!" Niu Xiaohu said with his face full of adoration .

The crowd was in an uproar again . A normal martial artist at Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm had nine tigers' strength, but Li Feng actually had 2,450 kilograms of power, which had approached 10 tigers' strength, and it proved that he was stronger than a martial artist at the peak of Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm .

Li Feng looked at Su Mo with a proud face, saying, "Su Mo, do you still want to try? How about directly giving me the money?"

In Li Feng's view, no one could be stronger than him, except for the disciples in the Spiritual Martial Realm and the disciples a half step from the Spiritual Martial Realm .

"Your strength is only 2450 kilograms with the cultivation of Lv 9 . Shame on you!"

Su Mo shook his head, went straight to the stele, and used his Genuine Qi to punch the stele .

Su Mo controlled the force of his punch to be just stronger than that a martial artist at the peak of the Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm .

Upon hearing Su Mo's words, Li Feng was in a daze for a moment before he showed a dismissive expression . He did not believe that Su Mo could attack better than him .

The crystals on the stele were lit up after Su Mo punched it .

One Crystal!

Three Crystals!




The first 10 crystals were all blooming purple light, however, instead of stopping there, the 11th crystal turned yellow, but then the light quickly transformed into a blue light .

10 crystals were in purple and the 11th crystal was blue .

2700 kg!

That was more than 10 tigers' strength and had gotten close to 11 tigers' strength .

People were shocked and looked at Su Mo with reverence .

Niu Xiaohu was stunned!

Apparently, Su Mo's strength was beyond his expectations .

Li Feng was also shocked and in disbelief . 2700 kg with a punch meant that he was stronger than those at the peak of Lv 9 and was almost equal to those at a half step from the Spiritual Martial Realm .

"Li Feng, give me 20,000 taels of gold!" Su Mo said with a smile, stretching out his hand .

"Ah . . . "

Li Feng was speechless and asked with a gloomy face, "Su Mo, how could you have such a strong attack? It doesn't make sense!"

They were in the same realm, but Su Mo was a tiger strength stronger than him . Li Feng usually saw himself as a genius, so he could not accept the result .

Actually, Su Mo was at the Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm, but Li Feng thought that Su Mo was at the Lv 9, and if he knew the truth, that would be even more unacceptable to him .

"Li Feng, you are a genius, and then you should know that a genius can't be measured by common sense!"

Su Mo teased him .


Li Feng was speechless and his face turned red for the "genius" that Su Mo said sounded harsh to him .

"Humph! I lost!"

Li Feng did not go back on his word . He took out 20,000 gold tickets and gave them to Su Mo .

Su Mo was overjoyed because he could buy some Beast Souls in the sect for his Martial Soul with the 20,000 taels of gold .

"Get out of my way!"

At this time, a loud cry came from behind the crowd and the vigor of the Spiritual Martial Realm blew the people away .

Only Su Mo and Li Feng stood still .

Su Mo turned his head and saw that it was a boy in black with a hooked nose and an evil face .

"Wu Kui? What do you mean?"

Li Feng coldly said . Apparently, he knew this person .

"Yo, I thought about who he was! It turns out to be you, a waste . "

When the teenager saw Li Feng, his face was full of mockery .

"Wu Kui, you're going too far," Li Feng angrily said .

Wu Kui sneered, "A defeated man dares to shout at me! Get out of here, or I'll show you no mercy!"

"You . . . "

Li Feng grit his teeth with a livid face, but finally he stepped aside .

Wu Kui was an extremely dangerous man . Li Feng did not dare to offend him now .


Seeing a person still standing in front of him, Wu Kui coldly said two words with his face going black and rage: "F*ck off!"

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