Warrior's Promise - Chapter 48

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Courtyard No . 730 . was where Su Mo chose to live, and now that no one else had chosen this place, he was alone .

The courtyard had three rooms and Su Mo carelessly chose the one on the right .

Entering the room, he found it to be very shabby with a small area of around 10 square meters . It was only equipped with one wooden bed, a desk, and a chair .

As expected, a brochure was placed on the desk, which Su Mo read carefully .

The first several pages of it gave a detailed description of Gale Island .

As one of the four sects in Skymoon Country, Gale Island had a long history of 800 years .

At present, nearly 20,000 people were on the island, including elders, deacons, and disciples .

According to their cultivation, the disciples were classified into several levels, namely handyman disciples, outer disciples, inner disciples, as well as core disciples .

Besides them, elders were also divided into outer elders and inner elders .

Gale Island had also dozens of strict rules .

The brochure also documented hundreds of common demonic beasts and Spiritual Herbs, which really widened his horizons .

In the last pages, the brochure explained about the geographical landscape of Firmament and Continent .

Firmament and Continent was divided into five continents, namely East Continent, South Continent, West Continent, North Continent, and Central Continent . Additionally, it had 108 domains .

Skymoon Country was located in Hong Domain, East Continent and was one of the 100 countries .

After he finished reading, Su Mo felt quite shocked and could not calm down .

This world was much bigger than he thought . But as vast as Skymoon Country was, it was still small in Firmament and Continent . Thus, compared to the entire continent, it was like a drop in the bucket .

Even if a martial artist was in the Spiritual Martial Realm, he could not step out of East Continent in his entire life, let alone martial artists in the Qi Cultivation Realm .

Moreover, East Continent was just one of the five continents .

"Central Continent!"

Seeing Central Continent, Su Mo could not help thinking of Xi'er .

"How is she doing?"

"Has she led a happy life since she went back?"

After a while, Su Mo closed the brochure and helplessly sighed . He sat cross-legged and was ready to cultivate .

"The clock is ticking and time flies!"

At this moment, noises resounded in the courtyard . Su Mo felt a little confused and strode out of the room .

He found that two young men were talking to each other in the courtyard .

One was good-looking in a brocade robe while the other was wrapped in an animal hide . He was tall and sturdy and had dark skin .

"Tell you what, as long as you follow me, I'm sure you'll have a comfortable life here," said the young man in the brocade robe to the dark-skinned young man .

"Brother Li Feng, all I want is to work hard in cultivating and become an expert . Then, after returning to my village, I can protect it and the villagers," replied the dark-skinned young man with a naive smile on his face .

"Haha! Under my protection, you'll become an expert much easier!"

The young man in the brocade robe confidently patted himself on his chest .

Hearing them talking, Su Mo speechlessly smiled . "These two people should be the new handyman disciples . The young man in the brocade robe was just recruited, but he wanted to rope in the dark-skinned youth . "

In Gale Island, the handyman disciples were also affiliated with the outer gate, thus, they lived together with the outer disciples . However, due to their lower cultivations, they had to do some daily chores .

Even if some people were not in the Spiritual Martial Realm, the recommendations could help them directly become outer disciples, such as Su Mo .

"Brother, good day!"

Just then, the dark-skinned youth noticed Su Mo and respectfully paid homage to him hurriedly .

Li Feng, who was in the brocade robe, glimpsed Su Mo, squinted his eyes, and asked, "Are you also a new disciple?"

"Yeah!" Su Mo nodded his head with a smile .

"You're an outer disciple directly because of a recommendation!" Li Feng commented again, then confidently said with a smile, "I'm a handyman disciple, but my talent is as high as yours . "

"Is that so?"

Su Mo smiled and noncommittally shrugged .

There were many geniuses among all the handyman disciples . After all, the Purple Gold Pavilion could not discover all of the geniuses of Skymoon Country and it only recommended a few geniuses .

"Humpf! You'll see . I'll become world-renowned in Skymoon Country in several years," said Li Feng coldly upon seeing Su Mo's expression, then strode into the central room .

Su Mo still remained speechless and thought, "This guy is overconfident! He brags that he'll be world-renowned just after he's been recruited . "

He was arrogant, however, he was unlike Yan Qi and other people, who felt proud of themselves but looked down on others .

"Brother, my name is Niu Xiaohu . We can look after each other," said the dark-skinned young man to Su Mo with a bow .

"I'm Su Mo . " He nodded to him .

"Brother Su Mo, since you can be an outer disciple directly, you must be a genius . "

Niu Xiaohu innocently smiled, then scratched his head and said, "I'm a little stupid . If Brother Su Mo is free in the future, I hope you can give me some instructions . "

Seeing his clean, simple, and sincere eyes, Su Mo could not help befriending him, thus, he chatted with him .

Niu Xiaohu was born into a poor family in the north of Skymoon Country . His ancestors were hunters and so was he . He had a Martial Soul of the Rank 5 Human Class, which had been the highest one in his village for hundreds of years .

Hence, he came here to attend the entrance examination . Both of his parents and the entire village laid great expectations on him .

"Xiaohu, as long as you're resolute and have a strong heart, you'll be a powerful man sooner or later . "

In the end, Su Mo patted him on his shoulder and encouraged him .

"Yeah!" Niu Xiaohu profoundly nodded .

Immediately, Su Mo went back to his room and cultivated cross-legged .

The circling Spiritual Qi surrounded him . The Spiritual Qi in Gale Island was 10 times richer than they were in Sunnywood City . As a result, it was much easier for him to cultivate than it was before .

Unfortunately, Su Mo was standing at the bottleneck of his cultivation, so he would not make a breakthrough within the next few days .

Time flew by . The next morning, Su Mo heard someone knocking on his door .

"Brother Su Mo!"

Just then, Niu Xiaohu's voice resounded .

"Xiaohu, what's up?" asked Su Mo after he opened the door .

"Brother, just now the deacon asked us to take our jade identification badges," said Niu Xiaohu .

"Oh, let's go now . " Su Mo nodded and walked out with Niu Xiaohu .

"Yeah, almost forget Brother Li Feng!"

After Niu Xiaohu informed Li Feng, the three of them walked toward the Sect Affairs Hall of the outer gate .

The mountainous road was crowded .

Soon, they came to Sect Affairs Hall and lined up to receive the jade identification badges .

The jade identification badges were green jade badges the size of a palm . They were very magical . If someone injected Genuine Qi into it, his identification information would appear on it .

Su Mo gently injected a trace of Genuine Qi into it, then some characters instantly appeared on it .

Name: Su Mo .

Identity: Outer Disciple .

Contribution points: zero .

Based on the brochure, contribution points were the contributions a disciple made to the sect . Contribution points were precious, for they could be used to exchange for various kinds of resources .

After receiving the jade badges, they went to the outer square .

The outer square was very big . Many disciples were practicing martial arts techniques or fighting with each other, so it was quite noisy .

"Many people are there . Brother Su Mo and Li Feng, let's go and have a look . "

Dozens of people were gathering at the edge of the square . They had also gone there out of curiosity .

A two-meter-high, black stele was situated there, and it had many white crystals that were inscribed around it .

Now, a young man in a yellow robe was attacking the stele . After a punch, it stayed motionless, but its crystals became luminous .

"What is it?" Su Mo asked Li Feng and Niu Xiaohu .

Niu Xiaohu shook his head, which indicated that he did not know .

"This is a stele for the ATK test, which is used to detect a martial artist's attack force . "

Apparently, Li Feng was knowledgeable . After a smile, he provokingly looked at Su Mo and said, "Let's compare and figure out who has a stronger attack force . "

. . .

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