Warrior's Promise - Chapter 44

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The moonlight was like water spattered on the ground .

In his room, Su Mo took out 100 Beast Soul Crystals and crushed them one by one, and then he began to devour them .

"It won't be hard for my Martial Soul to progress to the Rank 7 Human Class," Su Mo thought in his heart .

10 Soul Crystals!




Su Mo had soon devoured 80 Beast Souls, but his Martial Soul still had no signs of progression .

"After devouring so many Class 9 Lv 1 Beast Souls, won't my Martial Soul make a progression?" 

Su Mo felt perturbed .

He continued devouring the Soul Crystals .

Soon, the remaining 20 Beast Souls were used up . However, his Martial Soul still had not made a progression .


Su Mo could not help but say a dirty word .

As the level of his Martial Soul upgraded, it became more and more difficult to make a progression . He had devoured many Beast Souls and Martial Souls in Breezewind Mountain before, and now he devoured so many Beast Souls once more, but his Martial Soul still could not make a progression .


Su Mo sighed, and he stopped stressing about it . He believed that as long as he kept devouring Beast Souls and Martial Souls, his Martial Soul would make a progression sooner or later .

When one was cultivating, time always flew by . Another five days passed .

Once his Elephant's Strength Skill had gotten to the late stage of the third realm, he had the strength of nine tigers, which was equal to the strength of a martial artist at the Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm . He walked out of his room .

It was in half a month that Gale Island would recruit disciples .

It was time to leave!

He came to his father's residence and told his father what he thought .

"Mo'er, it is a long journey to Gale Island . Let me order someone to take you!" Su Hong said .

"No, father, I'll do it alone!"

Su Mo rejected his father's advice .

"Father, here are three scrolls . Take them!"

Su Mo handed the Primordial Qi Manual, Divine Wind Swordplay, and Shadow Steps to his father and said, "I found these three manuals accidentally . They're very powerful and far beyond the martial arts of our Su clan . If you learn them, your strength will be more powerful . "

Looking at the scrolls in his hands, Su Hong was quite shocked by their levels, but he nodded without asking .

"Father, I'm leaving!" Outside the gate of Sunnywood City, Su Mo looked at Su Hong and said while leading a cyan-maned horse .

"Mo'er, be careful on your way," Su Hong said .

"Well, father, go back!"

Su Mo mounted the horse, once again looked back at Sunnywood City, and then immediately flicked the reins . The cyan-maned horse ran away like raging wind and a flash of lightning .

Su Mo carried the longsword and rode the horse all over the world .

Looking at the endless earth, Su Mo was full of excitement and in a high heroic spirit .

The dream of being a martial artist that he had during his previous life came to his mind .

It was always in Jianghu that a man could get his romance . (Jianghu is typically used to mean people who live in a world parallel to conventional society, one that operates by its own laws and code of ethics . )

He needed to be a strong person during this life .

If he could wear good clothes, ride a steed, drink wine, be accompanied by beauties, sing while wielding a sword, overrun the whole world, and go anywhere as he pleased, there would be no regrets during his second life .

It was said that, as a kind of high-quality breed, the cyan-maned horse had a demonic beast heritage and could run 500 km in the day and 400 km at night .

Clack! Clack! Clack!

On the galloping horse, Su Mo gradually rode away from Sunnywood City .


When he was about 50 km away, Su Mo suddenly drew the reins and stopped .

A tall figure suddenly appeared in front of him, blocking his way .

That person was in a gray robe with his back to him . Squinting his eyes, Su Mo closely stared at him .

That man must not be here to show kindness .

"Su Mo, today you'll die!"

A husky voice arose, and that person turned around . He was a middle-aged man with a gloomy face .

"You are . . . Wei Guang?"

Looking him up and down, Su Mo felt that he was familiar, and he immediately thought that he was the elder of the Wei clan, Wei Guang .

"Yes, I am . "

Wei Guang sneered with a wisp of killing desire in his eyes and said, "Su Mo, you killed Wei Liang, and you destroyed two young masters of the Wei clan, so only with your blood can revenge be taken . "

After saying that, Wei Guang gathered all of his momentum, and then rushed out and swept his palm to attack Su Mo .

As a strong martial artist of the Spiritual Martial Realm, Wei Guang swept his palm at a very fast speed, and the shape of the palm made up of Genuine Qi split the air and moved toward Su Mo .


In the face of the extremely dangerous situation, Su Mo was not in a panic . He flew up and cut with his sword .


After a bright light flashed, the shape of the palm made up of Genuine Qi was divided into two and fragmented .

"Hmm? Your power is strong, but you still will die!"

Wei Guang raised his eyebrows and then attacked again .

"You're not able to kill me," Su Mo indifferently said, calm in the face of disaster .

"You're so arrogant!"

Shouting with anger, Wei Guang continuously swept his palm . The shapes of the palm made up of Genuine Qi, which had a momentum of shaking the sky, looked like mountains and moved toward Su Mo one by one .

When a martial artist was at the Spiritual Martial Realm, his Genuine Qi would have been transformed into Congenital Genuine Qi, and his Genuine Qi could leave his body and kill enemies without touching them . It would work within 100 steps .

A martial artist of the Qi Cultivation Realm could barely make his Genuine Qi leave his body, but it worked within 10 steps . At more than 10 steps, its attack power would be greatly reduced .

"Swirling Winds and Clouds!"

The raging wind was blowing and the sword radiance was flashing . The shapes of the palm were broken one by one and dissipated with the wind .

"Wind Roaring in the Sky!"

As the wind was roaring, the longsword changed into a bright light to stab Wei Guang .

"You're asking to die!"

Without making a dodge, Wei Guang stretched his palm and slapped on the sword to beat it away .

In the meantime, Wei Guang made a lightning attack toward Su Mo's head with his left palm .

"Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist!"

With his ninefold fist force spewing out, Su Mo punched Wei Guang's palm with his left fist .


After a crack, Su Mo made a sound in his chest and flew back .

"A martial artist in the Spiritual Martial Realm is really powerful!" Su Mo thought in his heart .

However, in the next second, Su Mo shook his longsword, his eyes flashing a wisp of bright light . With the Sword Qi filling the sky and the wind covering his sword, Su Mo attacked Wei Guang with his sword once again .

"Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!"

The sharp sword radiance split the space and mixed with the wind to destroy everything .


Seeing that Su Mo was so powerful, Wei Guang swept his palm a few meters away with a stronger killing desire in his eyes . A giant shape of the palm appeared with a great momentum .

"Sky-splitting Palm!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the sword radiance dissipated and the shape of the palm was broken, Su Mo made a sound in his chest and flew back again, and his mouth spat out a stream of blood .

However, in the next moment, Su Mo quickly turned around and flew away .

He knew that it was impossible to defeat Wei Guang, so he left without hesitation .

"Boy, you have nowhere to escape to!"

Wei Guang loudly shouted and quickly ran after him . His figure looked like a great hawk spreading its wings .

Wei Guang felt shocked in his heart . At just the peak Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm, Su Mo was able to fight him, which was unexpected to him . With such an excellent talent, if someday Su Mo became more powerful, there would not be a place for the Wei clan in Sunnywood City .

Actually, Wei Guang's cultivation was not at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm, but at Lv 2 .

He thought that it would have been very easy for him to kill Su Mo . However, the improvement of Su Mo's abilities was beyond his expectation .

So, today he had to kill Su Mo .

Su Mo ran Shadow Steps to the extreme . In the next moment, he looked like a leopard and he could be 10 meters away with one step . His speed was incredible .

However, as a Spiritual Martial Realm martial artist, Wei Guang was not worse than Su Mo . He kept following him, even though the martial arts technique that he cultivated for speed was worse than what Su Mo cultivated .

"Su Mo, it'll be impossible for you to escape!"

The angry shout of Wei Guang came from behind him .

Su Mo sneered, improved his speed once again, and entered the roadside woods .

Su Mo's speed was greatly limited by the woods, but so was Wei Guang's .

In the dense woods, with big trees and brambles as his cover, Su Mo constantly changed his direction . Before long, Wei Guang lost his trace .


Wei Guang was in a rage . As a Spiritual Martial Realm martial artist, he could not catch up to an inferior with the cultivation in the Qi Cultivation Realm .

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