Warrior's Promise - Chapter 43

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In the backyard of Purple Gold Pavilion, once again inside the spacious hall, Su Mo saw the leader of Purple Gold Pavilion, Luo Huan .

Luo Huan was as pretty as before . She was wearing a light red dress that made her elegant, decent, and less inviting .

"Leader Luo, why did you request to see me?" Su Mo asked after they were seated, trying his best to not look at her .

"Young Master Su, I'd like to ask you something," said Luo Huan gently with a chuckle .

"Please go ahead . " Su Mo nodded his head .

"Come on! Young Master Su, why not call me Sister Luo like I told you last time?" said Luo Huan coquettishly with an attractive smile on her face while rolling her eyes at Su Mo .

"Er . . . "

Su Mo shook his body for he could not tolerate her posture . He anxiously took a deep breath and said, "Sister Luo, please . "

"Hoho! That's right!"

Luo Huan smiled, pursed her lips and asked, "The four Sects in Skymoon Country will soon recruit new disciples . Does Young Master Su want to go?"

Su Mo was in a daze and wondered why she asked him about this, for whether he went or not had nothing to do with her .

After some thought, Su Mo told her the truth . "I'll go and participate in the test . "

As Luo Huan was not surprised by his words, she nodded her head and again asked, "Which Sect does Young Master Su want to join?"

After saying those words, Luo Huan smiled and stared at Su Mo with her bright eyes .

Su Mo furrowed his brows, knowing that she asked him with a purpose, so he said with a smile, "Sister Luo, please get to the point!"

Luo Huan gave him an inviting smile and said, "Since you said so, I won't beat around the bush . "

Luo Huan handed a letter to Su Mo and said, "Young Master Su, please read this . "

Su Mo was confused, then found that it was a recommendation for him .

In this letter, Su Mo was recommended to Gale Island .

Luo Huan smiled at Su Mo's surprising look and said, "Young Master Su, you may probably not know that Purple Gold Pavilion is affiliated with Gale Island . Based on this recommendation, you can directly become an Outer Disciple without attending the threshold test . "

"Does Gale Island own Purple Gold Pavilion?"

Su Mo suddenly understood . No wonder Purple Gold Pavilion was very reputable, cause Gale Island was behind it .

"You're right!"

Luo Huan lightly nodded her head and said, "If Young Master Su wants to join a Sect, I hope you can join Gale Island . Among the four Sects, Gale Island isn't the most powerful but it is the most resourceful . Since Purple Gold Pavilion has branches over the entire Skymoon Country, countless resources are transported into the island every day .

"In a word, Gale Island is your best choice . "


Su Mo's eyes flashed with a hint of light, then he asked in confusion, "Sister Luo, why do you value me so much, even writing a recommendation for me yourself? Although my talent isn't bad in Sunnywood City, it means nothing in the entire Skymoon Country . "

Su Mo felt a little strange . Like he had said, his talent was ranked as the top one in Sunnywood City, but many people in Skymoon Country were endowed with higher talents than him .

Furthermore, almost everyone knew that his Martial Soul was at the Rank 1 Human Class, which meant that his Martial Soul was totally useless .

Under such circumstances, Luo Huan wrote a recommendation for Su Mo which could directly help him become an Outer Disciple of Gale Island, which made him feel even more puzzled .

"Don't kid with me . Even though your cultivation was at the Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm, you defeated a martial artist at the Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm, which is a rare talent in the whole Skymoon Country . "

Luo Huan smiled and continued . "In addition to making money for Gale Island, our pavilion is also responsible for selecting good disciples . I can sense you're different, so I hope you can join Gale Island . "

Su Mo nodded his head and knew that her words made sense .

However, Su Mo lowered his head to meditate instead of answering her right away .

Upon seeing his look, Luo Huan's eyes became gentler and she seductively said, "As long as Young Master Su promises to join Gale Island, I'll give you a present . "

"A present?"

Su Mo was surprised and thought, "If I promise to join Gale Island, I'll directly be an Outer Disciple and receive a present . What a good trade!"

Without asking about the present, Su Mo made a decision after some meditation .

The four Sects were no different to Su Mo and he was okay with joining any Sect . If he wanted to be a powerful martial artist, he needed to take the initiative to practice himself .

Since Luo Huan had sincerely invited him, he decided to join Gale Island .

"OK! I promise you that I'll join Gale Island . "

Su Mo thought for a while before making the promise .

"Hoho! I'm very happy to deal with you . In that case, here is the present . "

Luo Huan took out a storage pouch and handed it to Su Mo .

Su Mo was instantly overjoyed the minute he opened it .

There were 100 Soul Crystals in it . Judging from their soul Qi, he was sure that they were all Beast Souls of demonic beasts at Class 9 Lv 1 .

100 Beast Souls of demonic beasts at Class 9 Lv 1 were worth of 40,000 taels of gold . Su Mo was surprised by Luo Huan's generosity .

After seeing Su Mo's joyful expression, Luo Huan smiled .

Su Mo had bought a large number of Beast Souls twice from this place, so she chose Beast Souls as the present from her judgment that Beast Souls were of great use to Su Mo .

"Sister Luo, thanks for your bountiful gifts . Someday, I will surely repay you . " Su Mo bowed to Luo Huan in thanks .

"Hoho! How will Young Master Su pay me back?" Luo Huan chuckled and revealed an unspeakable expression .


Su Mo was almost under her spell and thought, "She really is a fairy!"

Having chatted with her for a while, Su Mo left Purple Gold Pavilion with a bow .

At the mansion of the Su clan, Su Mo saw three people standing before his door from a distance as he was approaching his yard .

"What are they doing there?"

Su Mo was confused . The three people were Su Tianhao, Su Hai, and Su Yu .

"Su Mo!"

At this moment, they also saw Su Mo .

"What's wrong?" Su Mo walked forward and confusedly asked .

"Su Mo, in several days, Su Hai and I, along with Su Yu and other disciples, will go back to the Sky Yuan Sect . They'll participate in the threshold test of our Sect . Do you want to go with us?" asked Su Tianhao .

As the most powerful one among all the inferiors, Su Tianhao was very arrogant and had almost never talked to Su Mo before .

But since the martial arts competition in Sunnywood City, he had greatly changed his attitude toward Su Mo and was not like he had been before .

"Yes! Su Mo, you can go with us!" said Su Hai .

Like Su Tianhao, Su Hai had also changed his attitude toward Su Mo . He did not dare to belittle Su Mo anymore .

Su Yu did not say anything and he was embarrassed, for he had a bad relationship with Su Mo before .

"You go! I'm not planning to go to the Sky Yuan Sect . "

Su Mo shook his head and continued . "I'm going to Gale Island . "

"Gale Island?"

They were all in a daze and then nodded their heads in unison .

They did not ask any more questions . Now that the four Sects had the same strength, joining any Sect made no difference .

Moreover, due to the fact that they did not have good relationships with Su Mo, they were embarrassed to say anything more since Su Mo had made up his mind to go to Gale Island .

Then, they left .

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