Warrior's Promise - Chapter 2335

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Chapter 2335: The Lamentation Of The Weak

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Su Mo widened his eyes in astonishment. Zi Xiao is there! He has been discovered!

Su Mo did not try to run away from Zi Xiao as he knew that it would be impossible for him to do so.

Stamp! Stamp! Stamp!

Zi Xiao placed his hands behind his back and walked toward Su Mo, looking indifferent.

In a few steps, Zi Xiao was before Su Mo.

“What are you and Ling Chang doing?” Zi Xiao looked at Su Mo and asked him assertively.

Previously, he was in seclusion. However, when the disciple whom he had instructed to watch over Ling Chang reported to him that Ling Chang had left Holy Sword Mountain, he came out of his seclusion immediately.

After checking around, he finally found the meeting place. However, before he had the opportunity to check on the Spacial Device, Su Mo and Ling Chang were out of it.

“Nothing!” Su Mo took a deep breath and looked calmly at Zi Xiao.

Su Mo had no idea if Zi Xiao had found out that he had helped Ling Chang merge the Primordial Spirit. However, from the look of it, he had not discovered it.

There was a protective array on the Spacial Device and although it was not powerful, once it had been attacked or somebody or someone’s thoughts tried to force their way through, he would be alerted instantly.

Earlier on, nothing had happened on the Spacial Device and there was no reaction at all. Apparently, Zi Xiao did not see whatever that had taken place in the Spacial Device.

Zi Xiao might have just arrived or he wanted to watch and wait.

“Nothing? Why did you hide in the Spacial Device? Have you done something shameful?” Zi Xiao asked as he looked sharply at Su Mo.

He was not the least bit worried that Su Mo and Ling Chang were sharing any secrets. He was more concerned about whether Su Mo had taken away Ling Chang’s Origin Yin.

However, before Ling Chang left, Zi Xiao noticed that she was still a virgin and the Origin Yin was still in her.

“I am only asking Ling Chang Palace Master for guidance!” Su Mo said flatly.

“Oh?” Zi Xiao squinted his eyes and sized Su Mo up. He lifted his head and said, “If this is the case, then it’s fine!”

He was not interested in what Su Mo and Ling Chang were doing in the Spacial Device. As long as Ling Chang still possessed her Origin Yin, he was not concerned about whatever that had taken place.

After a while, Zi Xiao’s face looked stern and he said, “Qin Yun, you have killed four of my disciples. Do you know that you have committed a grave sin?”

“I was forced to kill them because they were out to harm me!” Su Mo’s heart sank when he heard what Zi Xiao had said and he explained immediately.

“Whatever your reason, you have killed four disciples and that is a death sentence. I can punish you on the spot!” Zi Xiao said and shook his head.

“What do you want?” Su Mo’s face darkened as he looked at Zi Xiao. Zi Xiao would not deal with Su Mo although he had mentioned that Su Mo had committed a grave sin. Instead, he was talking to him patiently. Apparently, he had a motive.

“How about this? Hand the lady’s coffin over to me and I will forget about the matter!” Zi Xiao lifted his hand and said, looking magnanimous.

He had kept the death of the four disciples a secret. As for Su Mo, it was up to him how he intended to deal with him.


When Su Mo heard what Zi Xiao had said, his expression changed and he replied without a second thought, “No way!”

He would never hand Qian Xunyue over to Zi Xiao!

“Do you think you have the ability to defy me?”

Zi Xiao’s face turned cold and he said flatly, “I am helping you. I pardoned you from your death penalty but you seem more eager to die!”

Su Mo became silent and he looked gloomy. He suddenly realized what Zi Xiao was up to.

Zi Xiao wanted to use Qian Xunyue to control him and Ling Chang, and Ling Chang was his main target.

Zi Xiao knew that Qian Xunyue was important to Su Mo and Ling Chang.

“I believe you know your own capability!” Zi Xiao said. He believed that Su Mo should be able to weigh the pros and cons.

“I will never do it. You can deal with me as you wish!”

Su Mo immediately turned Zi Xiao down. He would not hand his woman over to Zi Xiao to save his own life.

Most importantly, he knew that Zi Xiao would not kill him as his main target was Ling Chang.

If he was dead, Zi Xiao would not be able to threaten Ling Chang.

“You are stubborn!”

Zi Xiao snorted when he saw that Su Mo had refused to budge. He stretched out his hand and a great might came over Su Mo and bound him up.

Given Su Mo’s cultivation level, he was unable to resist the mighty power.

“Crap! What are you trying to do?” Su Mo shouted angrily.

Zi Xiao smiled coldly and used his Spiritual consciousness to search Su Mo’s body.

His Spiritual consciousness was so powerful that it broke through the protective arrays in Su Mo’s storage rings and Spacial Device effortlessly, and he started to look into them.

Soon, Zi Xiao found Qian Xunyue’s coffin in Su Mo’s Spacial Ring.

He triggered his thoughts and took out the coffin and landed it on the ground.

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“I shall keep the coffin for you!”

Zi Xiao waved his sleeve and put away the coffin. At the same time, he released Su Mo.

“Return the coffin back to me!”

Su Mo was fuming with anger. He lifted his sword and slashed down hard on Zi Xiao’s head.

However, although Su Mo was powerful, he was nothing in Zi Xiao’s eyes.

“Get lost! Who do you think you are!?”

Zi Xiao waved his sleeve and a terrifying power swirled out. It smashed Su Mo’s Sword Qi and hit Su Mo on his body.


There was an explosion and Su Mo was thrown out. He flew up to the firmament and in the blink of an eye, he was out of sight.

“You have overestimated yourself!”

Zi Xiao sneered and turned around. He traversed 3,300 meters in one step and returned to Holy Sword Mountain.

Since he had gotten ahold of the woman in the coffin, Ling Chang would not be able to run away from him. He would then be able to carry out his plan smoothly.

As for Qin Yun, it would not do Zi Xiao any good by killing him. He would let Qin Yun off for the time being.


Su Mo flew up to the sky like a bullet. He only managed to come to a halt after flying about 16,000 kilometers away.


Su Mo looked pale and he was fuming with anger.

However, there was nothing he could do. Zi Xiao was a Supreme Being and Su Mo did not have the strength to resist him.

That is the consequence of being weak!

Zi Xiao, I swear that I will make you die a more terrible death than Di Yihun!

Su Mo took a deep breath and thought to himself angrily. He was not unscathed as Zi Xiao had not intended to injure him and he had merely caused Su Mo’s Qi and blood to be in turmoil.

Su Mo looked in the direction of Holy Sword Mountain for a while and left. He did not have the capability to get Qian Xunyue back at the moment and could only leave it to a later time.

On a positive note, Qian Xunyue would not come to any harm since she was with Zi Xiao.

In a flash, Su Mo flew toward the direction of the Great Sword Sepulcher. The task that he had on hand was to do his best to enhance his strength.

With Zi Xiao oppressing him and Di Yihun and Tian Chenyu pursuing him, Su Mo found that he had less chance of survival.

Thus, he had to change his strategy. He no longer wanted to go into hiding.

He wanted to retaliate.. He wanted to even the odds.

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