Warlock of the Magus World - Chapter 71

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Preparing To Breakthrough

The heat wave caressed the earth . In the blink of an eye, a few months passed, and it was autumn .

In the small villa, Leylin swirled a tastefully refreshing iced grape juice in a wine glass .

He was attired in a leisurely frivolous apparel favoured by nobles and looked quite lackadaisical .

“A . I . Chip! Bring up my current stats!”

[Beep! Leylin Farlier, Level 2 Acolyte, Knight . Strength: 3 . 1, Agility: 3 . 3, Vitality: 3 . 2, Spiritual Force: 7 . 1, Magical Power: 7 – (Magical Power is in synchronisation with Spiritual Force) . Status: Healthy]

“I have finally reached the 7 Spiritual Force bottleneck!” Leylin sighed as he looked at the data .

After getting back from his solo exploration several months ago, Leylin got busy brewing potions to breakthrough the Spiritual Force bottleneck .

Viscount Jackson had expeditiously sent over a warehouse full of Hove Violet Leaves . At the same time, Fraser and the others continued to purchase ingredients found elsewhere as per Leylin’s standing orders .

Sadly, the modified Azure Potion’s brewing success rate was on the low side while consumption of Hove Violet Leaves was outrageously high . On top of that, Leylin could only take in the potion during the most optimal times recommended by the A . I . Chip for maximum medicinal effect . It was only now that he reached a Spiritual Force of 7 .

“Young Master! Fraser’s back!”

On the other side of the door Anna wore a black gauze ensemble that showed off her alluring curves beneath the fine muslin, especially her snow white thighs which was seductively enclosed in black fishnet stockings .

Right now she acted as Leylin’s chief aide, at the same time she had control over the finances, which could be considered as having high authority . However, in the presence of Leylin she was as gentle and as obedient as a little pussycat .

“Let’s go! I’ll go meet him!”

Leylin got up and left the room, his leather shoes gave off a thudding noise on the floorboard with each step .

“Young Master!’ Upon seeing Leylin’s arrival, two maids hurriedly curtsied .

“En?” Leylin suddenly walked in front of a maid . She had snow white thighs and perky breasts, but right now her head was lowered and she dared not move .

“You’re new here?” Leylin caressed her smooth chin . Her face still had some residual baby fat on it making her look extremely adorable .

“Yes… Yes, I am Trixy, the daughter of Luke who works in your farm ranch milord!” The maid replied softly did not dare reject Leylin’s teasing .

“Work hard!” Leylin waved his hands as he left .

“That maid earlier should now be very agitated huh?” Leylin slowly rubbed his fingers against each other as he revealed a mischievous smirk .

Ever since he had been transported to this world, because he occupied the body of a youth, he realised that his attitude was reverting more and more towards one befitting the host’s age . During emergencies or crises, it was not obvious . But now that he was in safe haven, he could not help but have some notions of tomfoolery .

He expunged the expression on his face as he strolled to the warehouse . He was once again the great and stern magician lord .

“Young Master!” Fraser stated as he half knelt on the ground . “Your subordinate, I have collected another 20 pounds of Hove Violet Leaves from Austere Winter City . They have all been stored inside the warehouse!”

“Very good!” Leylin walked to the warehouse, and took a look at the amount and quality of the Hove Violet Leaves .

Amongst the whole pile, the only ones that could be used for potion brewing were those whose central stems were thinner than the stalk of an oat . The amount of Spiritual Force an Azure Potion provided remained considerable enough to justify Leylin’s continued use, despite the increasingly high resistance towards the potion he was developing .

The bizarre purple leaves filled half of the warehouse . There was a strange scent permeating the air, a rather stinging sulfuric pungence .

Leylin casually picked up a purple leave, “A . I . Chip, detect properties!”

[Beep! Gathering data!]

After a brief pause, the various properties of the Hove Violet Leaves were projected onto Leylin’s visual field . The chemistry, the medicinal properties— even the smidgen of various residue from other items on the surface of the leaf— all projected by the A . I . Chip .

“Based on this inspection, this batch of Hove Violet Leaves will still do!” Leylin nodded his head .

“Young Master!” Fraser lips moved, yet he did not speak .

“Say what you want to say!” Leylin’s brows furrowed .

“All the Hove Violet Leaves in Extreme Night City have now been purchased by us . What remains are those of poor quality . In fact, Greem and I have already seen a number of counterfeit batches from traders who wished to hoodwink us .

“Indeed, Hove Violet Leaves are a special product only found in Eastwood Province . They take at least a year to grow!”

Leylin stroked his chin, and estimated the amount of Hove Violet Leaves in the warehouse .

“Put our purchasing drive on hold until next year’s Hove Violet Leaves hit the markets . We can then resume buying them again!”

From this recent batch of Hove Violet Leaves, Leylin discovered that the quality was getting poorer and poorer . Some could not even be used for potion brewing .

Indeed, it seems like he purchased quite a huge chunk of the total Hove Violet Leaf production in this area .

The ingredients in the warehouse should be enough to meet my requirements for manufacturing enough potions to get to Level 3 Acolyte . As for official Magus, it is not something that I can consider right now .

Leylin entered into deep thought . Right now his Spiritual Force has already reached 7 . He has long since brewed the Reactive Elixirs . Advancing to Level 3 Acolyte no longer posed any problem for him at all .

However, Leylin still knew nothing about how to advance to official Magus from Level 3 Acolyte . Even though Leylin was authorized to access the academy’s library, he had not found any hint of the process .

It seemed like the academy had forbidden all information pertaining to this topic .

“Whether the academy or the market, I have always paid special attention to information related to official Magus . Until now, I could not even unearth a single clue .

This was also why Leylin was hesitant about leaving Abyssal Bone Forest Academy .

The higher ups in the Magus World kept a tight lid on all information regarding how to advance to official Magus . More so for Leylin, who became an acolyte from afar . He had to fulfil certain requirements and run errands before he would be granted a peek at the advancement methods to study them .

“This is something out of my control . Maybe the Magus experiment lab has something that I can profit from?”

Leylin thought again of the Magus experiment lab concealed near the withering woods .

After his previous stint there, he could already confirm that the person who left the experiment lab was an official Magus . Moreover, it had been forsaken for a long time already .

This was a piece of good news .

He only needed to be rid of all the spell formations laid on the experiment lab . Then, everything in it would be his, including the unlucky magician’s items lying just outside the door .

“Level 3! I only need to advance to Level 3 Acolyte, and imbue another set of Rank 0 spells so I can depart!”

Leylin made up his mind .


In a small secret lab with an extremely simple layout, there weren’t many household items, only a wooden bed in the middle .

Leylin sat cross-legged atop the bed . Before his impassive face was a tangerine-yellow potion .

He was prepared and determined to breakthrough to Level 3 Acolyte .

He did not breathe a word of this to anyone . Like before, he informed Anna that he was just going to carry out an experiment . No matter what happened, he didn’t want any interruptions .

It was not that he couldn’t trust his subordinates but they had neither the strength nor the ability to render aid if anything untoward happened . They wouldn’t be of much use so he might as well hide the fact that he was attempting to breakthrough .

After all, he ‘disappeared’ from the villa from time to time . His manor staff had gotten inured to it by now .

Once he had accomplished what he set out to do, when he next appeared before his people, everything would have been fait accompli .

Although there might not be any prying eyes or ears, especially any spies sent by his adversaries, he was conscientious of the possibility .

“Level 3 Acolyte, the final step before official Magus . For first grade and second grade acolytes, Level 3 has always been hailed the peak of cultivation .

A Level 1 Acolyte could merely use energy particles, but could not cast any spells yet . Their fighting strength was roughly equivalent to a Knight’s . As for Level 2 Acolytes, they were able to cast some Rank 0 spells . Though these were simple ones, it bolstered their battle abilities to such an extent that they surpassed the Knights .

Level 3 Acolytes, on the other hand, had exponentially greater Spiritual Force than regular humans . They had a more profound understanding of spell theory and its uses in combat . They were masters of techniques like instantaneous casting, which enabled extremely rapid casting of prepared spells . Even Grand Knights were not their opponents .

Moreover, Level 3 Acolyte had always been considered the preparatory stage to becoming an official Magus . The faster one advances as a Level 3 Acolyte, the higher chances of eventually becoming an official Magus .

Among Magus academies and factions, the number of official Magi was extremely small . Level 3 Acolytes were universally considered the backbone of any academy’s or faction’s battle strength!

Any young Level 3 Acolyte was counted as a valuable asset of the academy . These institutions were inclined towards dedicating resources to nurture them, hoping that these seeds would advance beyond Level 3 Acolyte in the future .

“Breaking through Level 3 Acolyte requires mastery of two spell models, a Spiritual Force of 7, and the aid of Reactive Elixirs!”

Leylin picked up the tangerine-yellow potion before him .

“I have long since gotten both the elixir and the requisite spell mastery . Now, with the help of the Azure Potion, I have also met the Spiritual Force requirements, all within a few months . This speed has long since surpassed Jayden’s aptitude . A fifth grade acolyte!”

Even if they were genius acolytes of the fifth grade, before the huge gulf between Level 2 Acolyte and Level 3 Acolyte, 3 years would be the minimum they would spend getting there .

However, after obtaining the potion, Leylin’s speed had long since surpassed that of Jayden and the rest . In no time at all, he had reached the standard required to advance to be a Level 3 Acolyte .

“As long as my Spiritual Force gets enhanced, even if the breakthrough fails, I can always make another attempt . My body would suffer some major damage though, so being successful in one go is for the best!”

For the final time, Leylin mentally reviewed all information regarding advancement to a Level 3 Acolyte . After confirming that he had not left anything out, he popped the cork keeping the tangerine-yellow potion securely plugged .

“This Reactive Elixir is not meant to be drunk!”

Leylin undressed and smeared the Reactive Elixir over his face, limbs and chest .

The potion felt rather cool wherever he smeared it . However, after a few moments, a wave of heat gradually coursed through his skin . In an instant, his skin started to shudder and turn beet red .

[The Reactive Elixir is taking effect, medicinal properties under surveillance!] The A . I . Chip’s voice intoned .

As the potion continued to take effect, Leylin felt as if the potion coating his skin had come alive and was worming its way through his pores and into his body .

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