War Grounds

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy

Chapters: 90

Last update: a year ago

3.6 /5

[ You're still weak, Al Gentrix So Strong. ]A message popped up in Al Gentrix's gaming interface after he had killed fifty players in one slash."How could that still be considered lame?" The boy replied.[ Your speed is still too slow. Against top players, you'll be dead before you could even move. Again! You're still far from being a man of culture. ] The sentient robot named SARS chided.----Al Gentrix, an eighteen-year-old boy, wanted to spend more time with the memories of his late dad, so he named all of his in-game accounts after his father, Udil.The game that hooked him the most was War Grounds, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game with a harsh system that could be played through consoles called 'Battle Stations.' It was introduced by Yoshimitzu Corporation, the company where his father worked before the accident occurred.Al was one of the pioneer players, but he was far from making it to the top rankings as his record was just average.It seemed that the legacy of being the War God became farther and farther from his grasp until he met SARS, the Master A.I. in the dark web.His existing lame account was deleted after the successful integration of SARS to his device, leaving him with no better choice than to start again.Back at Level 1, but equipped with experience and the aid of SARS, will Al Gentrix be able to blaze his own path towards greatness?----------------

War Grounds