Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 5

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In the moddle morning, she woken up from her weird dream . In the dream she having xxx with a strangers . and she even begging him to give her a baby . She shook her head , she felt being shameless woman now . But to think of having a baby maybe its a good idea she persuade herself . If she has a baby she didnt need to get meriied in the future and be tied to someone else in the name of love . Her eyes blinked and the bright smile can see on her cute face .
What are you thinking ? suddenly the voice male made her came back on hef daydream .
I was thinking how wonderfull my life if i have a baby , she start mumbling and didnt noticed the existence of him . Hmmm . . . The damn woman actually she forgot my existence . How dare you . . . . . the man felt he has eat the jar of vinegar in the morning . Shiren rube her eyes and jump on the bad and walk toward a window to take a fresh air , she didnt realize if she was naked . The man behind her start to gulp for seeing her beautiful curve body of her . What a nice body .
Why are you in hurry to have a baby ? the man ask again sit on the bad .
because of . . . . . . …
ugh . . . its ao cold ! she shivering .
The man come near her and handed a blanked to her .
thank you !
your welcome ! he was smirked .
She wrap her body with blanked then ahe realize if she was naked . Thats way she felt cold . Wait . . . . . she stood around the window then how come she can take a blanked for her self without walking to the bad . She think hard . . unless someone else give it to her . UNLESS SOMEONE GIVE IT TO HER . UNLESS SOMEONE GIVE IT TO HER!!! She took a deep breath and turn her back . A pair of jet black eyes staring at her carefully with challenging smile make her dumbfounded .
ahhhhhhhhh!!!! she shout immedietaly and run toward the bathroom to hide herself for embrassing . Her face became red and her heart was tump . Oh my god . . . that night im not dreaming . . . its real . More surprisingly its was me the one took invitation first . Shiren you dead meat Now . . . what are you gonna do ? She claps both of her cheeks to stop felt nervous . The man other side grinned at her behavior when she was looked at him with a shock and felt embrassed . So cuteeeee . . .
That woman now tried to look innocent in front of him after she eat him dry . The man chuckle happily and sit on the chair with his glance never left the bathroom door .

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