Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 37

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His heart ached to see his wife repeatedly calling the name of another man in front of him . The feeling he felt at this time was when he wanted to pick up the rose and the rose hurt his hands with his thorough thin . And the thorn was denied very deeply so he felt an unbearable illness . Shiren, who are Qin Yu Jin to you ? You wont be with him but you cant let go of him ? Then . . . Rong Huan stay still in his thought .
When the nurses want to move Qin Yu Jin to the morgue suddenly Shiren confronts them Dont disturb his sleep,you guys can leave ! She spoke in a whisper make sure to not wake up Yu Jin . The nurses looked at each other then looked at Yu Ran and Ms . Qin .
Ms . Qin was increasingly crying, she knew that Shiren denied reality more than herself . Then she wanted to pull Shiren into her arms but it had been overtaken by Rong Huan who couldnt stand it . You guys can take him, she will be with me ! Rong Huan said with cold voice, then he take Shiren in his embrace not giving her a chance to dodge it .
No . . . . let me go !!!! You cant take him away . . . Yu Jin . . . . No . . . . . Yu Jinnnnnn!!!! Shiren shouted as hard as she could until she fainted . Rong Huan felt helpless, seeing his wife who was so weak, crying endlessly blaming herself .
Dear . . Cant you rely on me, i will always beside you . No matter what happen in the future . . even i dont know how i felt right now . . . i still want to be with you ! You are mine . . . mine alone ! he whisper in her ears .
Liza lost her balance when she heard what was said by Old Man Ming . He was struck by lightning during the day and suddenly sat down on his knees, his body trembling with tears dripping slowly . The look on his face looked shocked and did not believe but his mind was starting to get frantic .
How can it be . . . this is impossible . . . this must be just a joke . . . he wants to avoid me . . . definitely . . . Liza said while her already [email protected]@

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