Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 34

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Qin Yu Ran initially did not believe what Rong Huan said, but after receiving a message in the form of a hospital address he decided to go straight to Tokyo . He told his mother to go with him without telling the actual situation, using their Zhang familys private plane to arrive earlier than the usual flight schedule, which took almost 8 hours . When they arrived at the hospital, heard that Yu Jin was still not out of the operating room Mother Qin immediately fainted .
Rong Huan , What really happened ? Where is Ren-ren? Yu Ran said tried to calm himself .
She in rest, she cry to much until she fainted ! Rong Huan answer him with a worroid tone . Yu Ran clenches his fist and turned away , he seem very confused and worried .
Let me see her , Yu Ran said calmly .
From the opposite direction there were shouts and footsteps running towards them .
Yu Jin . . . . !!! Shiren shouted without caring around her looking at her with a strange look . When she realized from her fainting she immediately jumped out of bed and forcibly removed the IV needle in her right hand . She rushed to the operating room door intending to enter, she seemed not to see if Rong Huan and Yu Ran were there . Let me in !!! Let me in !! Please . . . . let me in . . . . . !! She brokes her tears again and again , Yu Ran run toward her .
Ren-Ren , doctor will save him !! Dont do this, let they . . .
No . . . . Yu Jin need me . . . he said he need meeeee !!!! She refused to understand the situation . Her tears flowed, her tiny face looked very pale making Yu Ran feel the pain .
. . . No . . . Yu Ran . . . . please . . . let me in . . . let me in . . . she cried in his embrace . Rong Huan felt like he was being ignored, his heart ached to see his wife very hysterical . Then he roughly pulled Shirens body into his arms, shocking Yu Ran .
Rong Huan , let go of Ren-Ren ! Dont touch her !
You have no the right to stop me ! he strengthened his grip .
Please . . . . . Let me in . . . let me in . . Shiren seemed unaffected by the two, her gaze seem blank .
Ren-Ren , dont, not againnn . . . ! Doctor !!!! Yu Ran who realizes that Shiren starts to lose her control immediately yells calling for the docter . He pushed Rong Huans body then pulled Shireens body in his arms, he ran while continuing to call on the doctor .

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