Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 33

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In the ambulance that brought Yu Jin to the hospital, Shiren endlessly called his name, she tightly held his hand regardless of the blood sticking to her body . Yu Jin, Yu Jin . . . hold on . . . , Yu Jin you hear me . . . Yu Jin . . . .
Feeling Yu Jins hand began to cold, she began to panic and she could not hold back his tears . She rubbed his cheeks calmly, put his hand on her cheek to feel his body temperature . Shiren looked down, sobbing she could not say anything .
There was the sound of a nurse running around in the corridor hurrying to bring Yu Jin to a surgery, Shiren wanted to accompany him but was prevented by one of the nurses .
Please . . . . save him !
we will ! . Shiren leaned her body against the wall, she face was pale as if she had lost his energy . She buried her face on her knee, she cried until she was unconscious . Rong Huan who had been watching from a distance ran towards him as soon as he found out Shiren fainted . Dear, You cry too much! Rong Huan said then he carried her to get a check too . However, her condition was unstable considering she was pregnant . Rong Huan stared intently at Shirens face Hereyes were swollen from crying too long . He stroked his face slowly, rubbing the rest of his tears . What makes you so attractive? Until I have to waste a lot of time just chasing you? Yu Jin sighed and then continued the words What makes you think Yu Jin is better than me? Then he take out his cellphone intending to contact Qin Yu Ran . Yu Ran, come to the Tokyo Center hospital as fast as you can . Your brother had an accident and is now in the operating room in handling! Said Rong Huan with a calm face . Maybe if someone else said for sure he would not be as calm as him .
Hissss . . . . . . I cant imagine it would be like this, but at least I have done what I have to do! he said to himself then left the [email protected]@

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