Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 31

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At 10pm at the Night Club,a man sitting alone with his face looked very sad holding back tears . He looked so drunk because he had already spent a bottle full of wine .
Trrt! Trrrt ! Trrrt ! The cellphone that had been placed on the table shaking, he picked it up without seeing who the caller was .
Hallo, where are you ? Why did you suddenly send a message to me not to wait for you ? the voice of a woman from the other end of the telephone sounded annoyed .
Liza , Im not your happiness! Yu Jin answered calmly . Dont waste your time on someone like me,
You have no right to say Im happy or not!! the woman snapped on Yu Jin .
. . . . .
Yu Jin, does she say she loves you? She said she wanted to be with you? If she wants to marry you then I will be happy not to wait for you! said the woman then cut of her phone .
Yu Jin grimaced a little then moved from his seat .
. . . . . . . . . . . . …
Shiren stood at the door of Yu Jins room, she wanted to come in but was afraid that she would further make him hurt .
Yu Jin, can . . can i come in ? she said softly .
Yu Jin didnt respond, which was heard only the sound of all the tools slamming onto the floor . Shiren was astonished, she bit her lips while her tears continued to flow . Yu Jin, I know Im so cruel to you! But Yu Jin, I am not the person who deserves you . If time can be played back, if I know I will be someone like this, I prefer not to be Shiren . I choose to be someone else . Yu Jin, I . . . I . . . Shirens cry broke, she leaned against the door of her room . She didnt want to hurt her but fate between them couldnt be forced . Even though both of them had the same feeling if they forced there would be no happiness between them because the feelings that grew between them were not love but love between siblings . Forever Yu Jin will always be a big brother for her . Yu Jin , i love you but this feeling mean not that . This felt of love for my big brother ! she said clamly .
. . .
Knowing that Yu Jin didnt want to listen to her, she then gave up and said Im leaving, if I continue to be beside you then Ill give you a deep wound, Yu Jin forgive me, Im not your happiness!

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