Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 30

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As if he didnt hear Shireen, Yu Jin increasingly tightened his arms . Then he cried in his shoulder made Shireen confused, she could feel Yu Jins body trembling as he cried .
Yu Jin, whats the matter ? she said softly pat his back .
Ren-Ren, should I give in to someone you just met? Should I surrender or should I be a cruel person to be able to make you mine? Tell me, what should I do? his tone was very weak and his whole body trembled because he was crying .
Yu Jin , have you drink so much ? Are you drunk , take a rest ! she afraid to answer his
question .
No, Im not drunk . Stop to argue, dont you know if I always love you, I love you more than myself! Why dont you ever want to understand ? he said with a sobbing .
Shiren fell silent, she gritted her teeth knowing that the man who was holding her cried because of her selfishness . She knew that she had given him an false hope, but he still wanted to wait for her . Regardless of himself , he was willing to throw away his own happiness in order to wait for her to open herheart to him . How cruel she is , the man in front of her looked strong for outside but looked weak for inside .
Cant you open your heart to me, I wont leave you! I will not let you alone! I am always by your side! Please, Im begging you! Shiren burst into tears seeing her begging, she hugged Yu Jin tightly . She hurt him very deeply, herselfishness made her blind so she could not see how cruel she is to him .
Yu Jin, i . . . im . . . im sorry . . . im sorry . . . . , she cant say anything except sorry . Im cruel person, I dont deserve your love ! I . . . i . . . .
No !!! You deserve it, yousay that because you dont want me and you never choose me! Why are you so cruel to me , Ren-Ren ? Yu Jin lost his control . Do you know, when you choose to be with Yu Ran . I almost lost control but for the sake of seeing you happy, I was willing to feel pain . But why Ren-Ren, why? Why is there nothing in me in your heart even if you and Yu Ran are not together . Why ? Yu Jin get up , pushed Shiren from his hug and run to his room . Left Shiren in ferling guilty .

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