Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 3

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CRASHHH! Qin Yu Ran body lying on the floor after received a hard punch from his elder brother . His mouth is bleeding but Qin Yu Jin still throw a view punch on him as his litle brother became alan enemy in the ring .
Bro . . calm . . calm down . I know im wrong ,i already as our man to find Ren-Ren , Qin Yu Ran trembling from his brother action . The person who love her more then anyting is his brother Qin Yu Jin . Since childhood she became a princess in the eyes his big bro and she is more importand then his own life . For Shiren ,Qin Yu Jin will do anyting to make her not to get here . He became CEO of Qin Grouo because Shiren want to see him in the magazine as the number one prince of Qin group . Because of her on deep love with Qin Yu Ran , Yu Jin keep the feeling of him to support the two became couple . But what happen after that . . the stupit brother of his having affair and made her run away from home with heart broken . He sure will punish Qin Yu Ran and turtore him so badly .
Yu Ran , you knew clearly already if i love her so much . You knew if ahe lobe you so much . . What are you doing to replay her feeling . . you betrayed her !! Yu Ran you bastrad !! still make a way to hit Qin Yu Ran .
Bro . . im heart broken too . She said we nobody from now on . .
Yu Ran, if i find her, you dont have the chance to go near her . The time she cameback to me , dont you dare to regret your descision to leave her ! Qin Yu Jin leave the study room with Qin Yu Ran on the other side stay still in his daze whitout ekspresion . His not care about his injured ,he still remain sentence of Qin Yu Jin . Dont you dare to regret !!
One year later, Shiren feel her life as a florist its sure amazing and she having fun . Su Jun and Kira almost every month come to visit her and check her condition after all she always being taken care by others she not a type for being independent so easely . First time she live alone she almost burn her mother house with the fire went she bowl a chicken soup . Second time she broke her window because she forget to take the key when she out . third time the neighbour of her complaint because she stole her water . the water of her house is broken and cannot use ,so she stole with the reason the neigtbour always not home do she cant ask their permision . what a troblemaker lady . This morning Shiren open her florists a bit erlier than usual because today is valentine day the people in this town better choose to buy a flowers than buy a cocholate for theur beloved . Well its because the people in this town like flowers very much .
Preety sister, you have a boyfriend ? the litle guy of her customer try to tempt her with his cute voice she tried to not laugh .
I dont have one , with gentle smile she pat his had .
Then will you be my girl ?
Hmmm . . . its good idea . Well i have to inform your mom if i will became your girlfriend ! Looked the litle guy feeling shy she cant hold her laughter anymore . Must be nice to have a baby . . . . they will always obey no matter what we say . aiya . . i want a baby too . If i and Yu Ran merried back then maybe i already have a baby . . . . . She stood on her own think , her eyes already red ,the betrayal of Qin Yu Ran agd Mu Yuna made her remember the new life on her so empty and lonely . She didnt want to open her heart again . Her heart already became cold when she said she will became independent . View hours later She closed her florists and drove to the Bar in the center deer town . She want send away the sadness of her heart and she planing to have a drink alone since Su Jun and Kira went a trip . She take 3 bottle of wine and drink alone without noticing theres someone sit beside her .

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