Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 28

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That day he felt very upset because he had to accompany one of the daughters of his business partner to see the place which would later be the place to build a new branch . The woman made him a headache and annoyedbecause she tried to steal his attention . Thats why he doesnt like working with women who just want to attract his attention . He may often play with women out there but if its about business he will be someone else . After the annoyed day, he suddenly went to bar to changed his mood . Thats where he first saw a woman sitting alone with a sad face and looking lonely , attract his attention . The woman looked petite with her small face, her brownish black hair fell to cover her back, regardless of how many men wanted to take her . She continued to drink her wine calmly and elegantly .
She looks drunk, Rong Huan decides to sit next to her and instructs his guards not to allow anyone to approach him . He was not interested in playing today . Suddenly Shiren pulled the collar of his shirt . With a seductive smile she dared to invite him first . More surprisingly she told him to give her a baby .
Rong Huan felt disgusted and assumed that if Shireen was the same as the another woman, they wanted to climb up to his bed . He pushed her away, thinking that she would beg him to take her, but Romg Huan was wrong . Shiren instead chose to look for other men rather than to begging him . His jaw almost drop, how could this woman not be interested in him and choose someone else .
Rong Huan shook his head while smiling amused if he recalled back the first timehis meeting with Shiren . Back in his conversation with Yu Jin, he did not want to make Yu Jin too hopeful for his wife .
Young master Zhang, what is your motive? You dont want others to misunderstand you, dont you? Yu Jin tried to dismiss him .
CEO Qin, I never thought my personal life is a joke ! in a serious tone he looked at Yu Jin . His sharp eyes were able to make someone who saw it immediately tremble .
No, i dont beleive you ! I wont buy your words . Stop to cling to her , Yu Jin started trembling . Cold sweat starts to wet his temples .

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