Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 21

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Rong Huan ran towards old Madam Zhangs room to see her condition . Next to her bed stood a middle-aged man whose face was similar to Rong Huans staring at him coldly .
Are you back ? the middle aged man said while her eyes turned to the Old Madam Zhang .
What do you want ? Rong Huan asked without turned his glanced .
if a father wants to meet his son why should there be a reason?! interrupted pouring calmly Zhang .
It suits you very well, Mr . Zhang! He walked over to his grandmother . He caress her cheeks softly , although there were many wrinkles on her face and forehead . Old Madam Zhang remained beautiful in his eyes .
how is her condition? he asked Old Leo .
The doctor said if she was too enthusiastic about her emotions! Get enough rest and dont let her think about things that will make her emotions overflow! explained Old Man Leo . Rong Huan turned towards his father who had been silent for a while without giving any response .
Tomorrow, Ms . Xie will work in the secretariat department replacing assistant Dean who resigned . Take good care of her ! Mr . Zhang finally told the reason for coming here because it seemed that his stubborn son didnt want him to stay too long . Without waiting for a response from his son Mr . Zhang walked out of Old Madam Zhangs room .
Rong Huan signaled Old Man Leo to leave his grandmothers room .
Grandma, I have good news for you? I make sure you will be happy to hear it later! Rong Huan whispered calmly and kissed Old Madam Zhangs forehead .
The next morning after confirming his grandmothers condition had improved, Rong Huan rushed to immediately pick up Ren-Ren, who according to Ah Zen,she had discharged today . Hmmmm . . . what will she say if I will marry her with or without his consent? Rong Huan spoke to himself . He curled his head while smiling to expand on his handsome face . He was able to imagine how his wife would react if he had registered their marriage without her permission . Her upset face is very cute according to Rong Huan and she is very adorable if she is holding back her anger toward him . Oh . . . Man . . . you will be a slave to love if everything you see is beautiful . Hihihihi . . . .
Arriving at the hospital his happy face turned dark to find if Ren-Ren had come home since this morning . Can I know which room number is the patient named Shireen Lancy? Rong Huan asked politely .
Wait a minutev . sir ! the nurse said and check on her computer . Sorry sir, Miss Lancy was discharged from the hospital this morning! explained the nurse politely .
What ?? Rong Huan Face turned dark . How can it be? Tell me her room . Ill confirm it myself! Rong Huan said disbelief . Finding the room was empty, Rong Huan ran out of the hospital to his car in the parking area . He took a cellphone in his left pocket to contact someone .
Hello , boss !!
Ah Zen, my wife is gone . Track where she went and with whom? Rong Huan ordered in a high tone without waiting for an answer from his assistant . He hung up and threw his cellphone into the car . Ah Zen, who was in the office to take care of all the affairs of his boss, was felt weak in his chair .
Boss, cant you have a litle mercy on me . How can I find out where your wife is if I dont have a telephone number of Lady boss ! Ah zen looks tired it feels like his spirit has begun to leave his body . Cling ! Message from the boss .
If you cant find my wife, be prepared to pack your things and go to military training today ! Im sure you are perfect for the new profession that I recommend for you! Reading a message from the boss, he felt his whole body shiver and cold sweat trickling down his forehead .
God, did I do bad things in the past so I had to be in this terrible situation! Ah Zen began to complain about his fate . Poor Ah Zen .

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