Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 20

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While Zhang Ruan was enthusiastically preparing a strategy to make her would marry him, Qin Yu Jin was still in his daze without realizing if Shiren had woken up .
Ugh . . . Yu Jin, where are we? Shiren asked, still looking weak .
hospital, yesterday you fainted because I was worried I would take you to the hospital! he answered flatly than usual . Shiren observed Qin Yu Jins attitude other than usual . There was no warm smile from his face and its look weirds .
Ren-Ren , do you want to traveling? Qin Yu asked Jin cautiously, afraid to slip .
Hmmm . . . looked thinking while drinking a glass of milk that Yu Jin gave . Good idea, why did you suddenly ask? Shiren answered with knit her eyebrows .
I have business to do in Tokyo . Do you want to come with me? Trying to observe Shirens reaction .
Tokyo, Japan . I like the hot springs in Dougo . A very natural sight makes me calm! she began to be enthusiastic .
Dougo is located in Aichi Prefecture, Shikoku, a 40-minute drive from Matsuyama Airport . You can use a bus that is available every hour .
Hot water here is believed to be used for body care and beauty . The Japanese cultural nuances are very much felt here . Many old buildings are still awake .
But , how about my shop if i go with you ?
she back on her daydream .
You can asked Su Jun and Old Kira to look of your Shop ! Yu Jin replied relieved that Shiren was interested in traveling with him . She nodded to agree . I dont want to lose you ! I will do anything to stay with you! For babies in your belly, no matter who the father is . I will take care of you two ! He cares her cheeks softly .
After completing the meeting with shareholders , Zhang Rong Huan asked Ah Zen to revise his schedule for the next week . He must spend time with his wife after she was discharged from the hospital . just one step out of his office, his cellphone rang written the name Old-Leo .
Hello, whats wrong?
Young master please came back soon to old mansion . Your father and Old Madam are arguing and she is unconscious because of high blood relapse! He said from the other end of the line panicking . Hearing this, Huan hurried to immediately go to his grandmothers house . Damn Old Man, it must have something to do with Old Vixen . Cursed Rong Huan in his heart .
So far, the relationship between the child and father is indeed fairly bad especially since the father chose to divorce his mother and marry his mistress . It increasingly made him not want to talk to his father or meet him .
If something happens to my grandmother, you will suffer the consequences! He muttered swearing .

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