Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 18

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It didnt feel like it was nearing dusk, Zhang Rong Huan began to not be able to refrain from meeting his wife . Oh . . . man, dont you want to give her a lesson and now you take back your words . . . ckckckkc . He hurriedly tidied up his working documents quickly .
Oh . . . dear, for some reason I want to see you now . Wait for me . . . ! He said softly with a smile on his lips . Ah Zen rolled his eyes when he saw the smile on his bosss face . Boss, you look like a teenager in love . In the ramen shop, Qin Yu Jin was dumbfound because Shiren today was a little different . She had already spent two bowls full of Ramen and now he was preparing to eat one more bowl . Isnt this too much .
Ren - Ren, dont you feel full? Asked Yu Jin in an attentive tone .
Im not full yet! Shiren answered while shaking her head . Qin Yu Jin choked at her response . For gods sake, didnt she almost eat three bowls of Ramen . what a big appetite .
Lately you like to eat! Youre not afraid of being fat? Teased Qin Yu Jin .
No, actually I feel too thin . So I have to add to my portion of food! Shiren answered comfortably . Qin Yu Jin nodded, unable to say a word, Lets go home ! he left his seat after paying the bill . Shireen turned towards Qin Yu Jin who was focused on driving like there was something she wanted to say .
Whats up ?
How are you and Lisa ? When the two of you . . .
Didnt i tell you if i will wait !! Qin Yu Jin cut of Shirens sentence and looked deeply at her . Shiren swallowed her sentence again when she heard Qin Yu Jins answer . Then she looked away trying not to continue their conversation . Likewise with Yu Jin who chose silence instead of continuing their topic .
CRASHHH !!! The car that was driven by Qin Yu Jin almost hit someone who was about to cross and hit a road pole . Ughh . . . Ren - Ren , im sorry im not focus . . . Yu Jin found Shiren fainted probably because of shock . People crowded around to helped, but Qin Yu Jin didnt care about it ,his surroundings and asked someone to call an ambulance .
Meanwhile, Rong Huan who was stuck in traffic on the road swore at himself . Damn, how can I call my wife if I dont have her number! After he swore he suddenly held his chest as if he were short of breath . Ugh, did I eat it wrong today . My chest feels tight! He muttered in surprise .
Central City Z Hospital at 9pm, some people ran in the corridor to bring patients to the emergency room . One of them leaned against the door of the emergency room wait for result . A few minutes later the doctor came out of the room Where is the patients family? Asked calmly .

I m her family, how is her ,doctor? Whatever happens, please save her! Qin Yu Jin worriedly .
Haissshh . . . the doctor sighed and tapped Qin Yu Jins shoulder Sir, dont you know if your wife is pregnant . Her pregnancy has been running for almost 8 weeks . You should be more carefull, thanks God the fetus in her stomach is fine just the shock that made her faint! . Qin Yu Jin was dumbfound hear the results of a doctors examination . Shiren is pregnant, since when, with whom? impossible, this is impossible Qin Yu Jins mind was chaotic mixed in confusion . He immediately knelt when the doctor smiled at him while saying Congratulations, you will become a father! . Not because he prostrated with gratitude for the news but he was surprised by the results that he did not want to believe at all .

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