Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 16

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After the day when she decided to be reborn, Shiren felt her life was calm . Nearly a full month she always felt her head dizzy because of Zhang Rong Huans actions which kept her upset . But somehow there seems to be something missing in her heart . Aisshhhh . . . . Why does it feel like Im missing someone lately! Shiren muttered while watering the ornamental plants .
Ren-Ren, what are you thinking about? Qin Yu Jin had just arrived carrying a food box for breakfast .
Nothing . Its just that Im like . . . errr . . . Im expecting someone to come . Ahh, its weird right? Shiren answered by shaking her head .
Qin Yu Jin paused for a moment trying to digest her words . Doesnt that mean she was waiting for someone? Qin Yu Jin said in her heart . His heart ached when he saw the look on hee face that was very enthusiastic . He knows if the woman he loves cannot repay his feelings . Its just that it feels heavy if he has to seen her with other man for the second time .
Ren - Ren , sweatheart . This old woman really wants to see you . Come here, let grandma hug you! Grandma Zhang came in with her arms wide open ready to rush towards Shiren . He glanced at Qin Yu Jin who was standing beside him . Hehh . . . Iwant to take my daughter-in-law from my good grandson, as long as Im still breathing I wont let you have a chance . Grandmother Zhang sneered inside took off her arms from Shiren .
Mmm . . . Grandma are you came alone ?
Shiren asked while looking around . It seems that she is still not aware of what she is saying .
Zhang Rong Huan who was watching in the car, smiled amused . Even though he saw from a distance he could still read Shirens lips . He had refrained from seeing his wife for almost two weeks . The reason is that he wants to teach a lesson to his wife not to think about telling him to stay away from her . At first he just wanted to play with Shiren rather than intending to keep chasing her . But somehow, every time he met Shiren, something made him think if he had to possess her .
Ah Zen , Isnt a good idea disappearing temporarily and makes her miss her husband! Rong Huan said with full confidence .
Right Boss, you are the best! Give Ah Zen and continue the sentence in his heart at least thats what makes you happy, even though its obvious that your wife doesnt care about you! with a forced smile .
Ah Zen , Do you believe in first love? ah . . . more precisely love one night stand ? he asked without feeling embarrassed by his words . Ah Zen gawking cant believe what his boss said . Boss, are you talking about Love to me? He did not hear Rong Huans last sentence . Boss, if you say about love then I can only answer, dont just impose your feelings on her but you also have to understand her feelings too . That way he will be willing to choose you without you having to chase him! replied Ah Zen wisely .
SMACKKK !! Rong Huan hit Ah Zens head with an irritated face . Dont you know if there are so many wolves hanging around her to be ready to eat her ?! If I dont go after her, then it will open the way for them to near my wife ! Rong Huan seemed to be provoked by his anger .

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