Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 14

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You two have no right to touch her! Yu Jin scolded angrily . He then pulled Shiren to hide behind his body . Qin Yu Ran faintly heard that , he knew that he had no right to meet her again . Whereas Zhang Rong Huan began to overflow his anger to hear Yu Jins words .
Yu Ran, do you still remember my promise and my words? You have no chance! If you dare to, be prepared for the consequences! I make sure youre feel sorry! His warning pointed towards Qin Yu Ran who was just silent . And you, Shiren doesnt know you . So as a gentleman dont touch women who you dont know very casually ! He pointed at Zhang Rong Huan .
Zhang Rong Huan grinned and said Dear, have you forgotten if we had spent the night together? Did you forget if you asked me to give you a baby? Dear, dont say if we dont know each other? With a challenging smile and very calm . Woman . . . Heh . . . you wont be able to run again this time . Shireens face turned red as soon as, she didnt expect that Rong Huan would say that in front of everyone . All attention was drawn to her making her nervous and embarrassed .
Su . . . Su Jun, I need a quiet place?! She whined with a pitying face . Su Jun took a deep breath and then waved his hand to give directions to them to follow him . Su Jun took the four of them to the roof . Ren - Ren, whatever you do, make sure its the best! Advised Su Jun before leaving them . Shiren nodded slowly .
After sighing repeatedly she finally began to speak and glanced at Qin Yu Ran Yu Ran, I forgave you, so you dont have to regret what happened ! Shiren immediately spoke at the core because she was not the type of person who was brave . I dont blame you, I even want to thank you! Because of you, i can be an independent person! Thank you and the matter of choosing to leave home , because I really dont feel at home if i staying there! So its not your fault! sighed while the three men stared at her with different views .
Ren - Ren do you regret having been with me? Is it too late for me to ask you to come back with me? Qin Yu Ran with trembling lips . Shiren shook her head with a smile not separated from her sweet face .
At first I felt regret, but gradually I realized that later we would end up alone!
and Im not the one who will let you alone! Said Zhang Rong Huan interrupting Shirens conversation . Shireen glared at Rong Huan as if she said I didnt tell you to talk !
Zhang Rong Huan smiled amused oh . my bad lady, . How shameless .
Yu Ran, we cant go back to the way we are . But im still hopes we can be friends again ! She said with gentle voice . Qin Yu Jin looks satisfied with Shirens explanation as well as Rong Huan . Thats good if she starts thinking more mature . The inner Yu Jin was happy .
Qin Yu Ran tried to hold back his tears of regret, remembering that he was so hurtful to the heart of the woman he once loved . Walking closer to Shiren he stretched his hands with a forced smile he said Can I hug you as a friends ? Only onces ?!
No! You cant hug her . Shes mine! Rong Huan interrupted again with a flat face . Shiren doesnt take too much
 she welcomed Qin Yu Rans embrace . This was the last time he could hug her .
Sorry! Im sorry! Finally Qin Yu Ran couldnt hold back his tears anymore .

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