Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 12

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Ah Zen feels that there will be lightning today even though the weather is so bright . He looked at his boss and almost made him experience a heart attack . How could the boss put on a scary face until Ah Zen could see the gates of hell behind his boss . Sweat flickered out of his forehead, he felt a tense cold aura .
God spare my life, no more . He just woke up from his nightmare he didnt want to experience anything worse .
Ah Zen,if you want to say something its better to say now before I change my mind and it will be fatal once when you open your mouth! Rong Huan said with a warning tone .
Ah Zen shook his head fearfully if he spoke wrongly then the person who would receive the result was him . 3 hours later after the plane he was in had landed at City Z airport . Zhang Rong Huan, who had been filled with the aura of darkness, rushed to immediately meet his future wife who according to the news was with someone . More precisely love rivals . Not yet lost his resentment he was surprised by seeing Shiren with three men going together . Two men were the last he saw with Shiren at the airport and the other, he glared at them . Swept in his mind, hmm . . . it seemed like he was my rival . He walked towards the four of them leaving Ah Zen who seemed confused by his bosss attitude .
Honey, how come when I meet you I always see you with other men . and thats not just once but this is the second time Ive seen it . Dont you think if it breaks my heart ! Rong Huan held Shireens hand and made her fall in his arms . He said with a pitying face and look innocent . Shireen is shocked suddenly someone pulls her hand and hugs her and says that doesnt make sense . he looked up to see the persons face because his voice sounded so familiar .
What are you doing ? Let me go ? dont behave like you know me ! With a sharp gaze she tried to escape from Rong huans arms .
Ah Zen , You can go home first, it seems like I have to accompany my woman, remembering that I left her without telling her first . Look, she looks very angry, He gave instructions to Ah Zen who could not understand the behavior of his superior who changed 180 degrees when he met his future wife . Shiren glares at her then struggles to free herself .
Who are You ? stay away from Ren-Ren ? Qin Yu Jin spoke in a very cold tone, he glared at Zhang Rong Huan .
Ah . . . Ren-Ren , who he is ? Rong huan replied with a mocking smile . He then took off his arms from her and walked closer to Qin Yu Jin . Oh . . . oh . . the heir of Qin Groups . . . do you know my woman?
Yu Jin, you dont have to listen to him, lets go home . I am hungry ! Shiren said trying to make Rong Huan not say anything shameful . Rong Huan held him back from going Dear, you dare to ignore me?
Whos your dear . Mr . Zhang you mistaken me for someone else !
Shireen pulled his hand from Rong Huans grasp and then pulled Qin Yu Jins hand and immediately left Rong Huan who was standing stunned . He just felt a bucket of cold water spilled over his head . His cellphone rang, there was an incoming message from his friend . Guys, come to MX Club . My treat

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