Unable to Touch , the Cold hearted Wife Always Run Away - Chapter 11

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After they were satisfied to spend their longing for each other Shireen invited Yu Jin to pick up Su Jun and Kira because he had promised and it was impossible for him to deny . Qin Yu Jin never once took his eyes off Shiren as if he was afraid that he would take his eyes off her, she would disappear in an instant . He has been under more than one years pressure because he cant find Shiren and its time to hold it tight so he wont leave .
Yu Jin why did you look at me with an expression like that ?
I feel if you have started to improve . . . he replied with a warm smile distracting Shirens question . She murmured and nodded as a symbol if she had managed to forget her heartache . Arriving at the airport, she pulled out Qin Yu Jin and rushed to the lobby where Su Jun and Kira were waiting .
Litle brat, your late ! Su Jun warned that he saw the figure of Shireen who came with Qin Yu Jin .
I know , im sorry ! said Shireen and Qin Yu Jin together . Shireen glanced at Qin Yu Jin as if asking why are you apologizing?
Qin Yu Jin glanced back at Shireen and replied with a blink of an eye because I was late to find you, . She hit his arm hard so he pretended to grimace in pain then gave instructions to leave immediately because it was almost dinner . Kira who had just returned from the bathroom saw Qin Yu Jin with his lover and his niece immediately jumped towards him as if giving protection .
Why are you here, did your sister send you here? He has no relationship with my little girl! Kira scolded squeezing Qin Yu Jins shirt collar . Su Jun and Shireen took a deep breath, both of them were accustomed to Kiras attitude towards Qin Yu Jin . No or any relationship he would still feel annoyed if he met him .
Yo Old Man, long time no see ! Im here to pick up the two of you ! Qin Yu Jin called him an old man deliberately to tease him .
How dare you call me . . . He prepared to cast his punch but was confronted by Su Jun
You two stop being childish ! Su Jun began to grow angry with their behavior .
------------------------- … ----------------------
Zhang Rong Huans deep breath finally finished this tiring work and he could immediately go home continuing his unfinished mission . Chasing the Wife . Seen a smile spread on his tired face until the sound of the sound from his cellphone dissolved his thoughts .
Hallo, grandma ?!
Xiao Huan if you dont come back soon Im worried that my daughter-in-law will be someone elses daughter-in-law! Grandma immediately rebuked him without giving an explanation first .
Wait . . . Rong Huan made sure that if the person who called was his grandmother, Whats wrong? Why should you make a loud noise? He raised his eyebrows .
Xiao Huan, I saw that my daugther-in-law was hugged by someone this afternoon! Grandma said with an up and down breath like she was furious . Rong Huan paused for a moment trying to digest deeper than her grandmothers words without caring if Grandma Zhangs had called her name .
Huan . . Xiao Huan . . .
tuut ! tuut !
Ah Zen , Book a ticket to City Z Now . We back today ! His order to Ah Zen he immediately hung up without telling his grandmother . I will meet a bastard who wants to manipulate what belongs to him . He swore in his heart while clenching his fists .

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