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Spirit Conductor
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Spirit Conductor.He was supreme. An existence who control the law of space and time, living in the shadow, who strives for omnipotent power; a rebel, a revolutionist, a poet, a fisher, masked heroes, and a cold and evil tyrant. The one who controls e

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A no-name Master who had resigned from the world of martial arts was 100 years old. That old master had forgotten enemies whom he had been killed, even now their relatives or disciples were plotting revenge on him. Even some big nations offered a big

Eko The First
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The about mada, a child that all alone in the world. Cause his parent died from the war in massacre of istal. Now he lives in the island of Arta. Where some child that not had parent in.He lives in orphanage from 8 years until 15 years . And know he

Saving Ludo
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Every time you say your prayers, God will always listen. But do you know, it is not only God who listens to you.Sometimes, there is something else listening to your prayers. Even in the middle of your desperate prayers, that something' will also list