Triplets: Lucky Mommy is a Beautiful Badass - Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Enter the Mountain in Search of Treasure 3

After Qi Qingyao was done picking the Red Face flowers, she took a few steps away, Si Jin once again pulling her in another direction.

He shouted, “Look, there’s still a few more of the flowers over here.”

“You’re right.” Qi Qingyao walked over, her entire body quivering from shock. She said as she picked the herb, “We’ve got a great haul, though I don’t know how much these herbs will sell for. Still, it should be worth quite a bit.”

Si Jin crouched down at the side as he helped her pick the herbs.

Jiang Yeqian stood behind the two, rolling his eyes as he kept watch of their surroundings to make sure they were not attacked out of the blue by wild animals.

Jiang Yeqian found the surrounding atmosphere somewhat strange, but he could not exactly pinpoint what gave him this feeling.

He felt as if there was something constantly staring at the three of them from the darkness.

Was it a person?

He did not detect any killing intent, though.

It was as if…

He casually looked toward the trees beside him, then looked toward the bushes on the ground.

It was some kind of inexplicable strangeness.

Qi Qingyao, on the other hand, paid no attention to her surroundings as she was focused on picking the herbs and running around with Si Jin.

“Sister, there’s more ginseng here!”

“Oh lord, we’re rich, we’re rich.”

“Sister, over here, over here.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.”


“I’m coming!”

Qi Qingyao smiled as she dug for Bailing Fruit, “There’s a lot of treasures in this mountain, huh.”

After digging them up, she passed the basket behind her to Jiang Yeqian. “Help me hold this while I handle them.”

Jiang Yeqian looked at her and Si Jin, who were on the ground digging till their faces were beaded with sweat, their clothes stained by rotting twigs and leaves. He carried the two baskets on his back and took the initiative to say, “I’ll help you with the harvesting.”

“No no no, I’ll do it!”

Qi Qingyao firmly stopped Jiang Yeqian. She took the shovel and began digging. “Big men like you are not as careful as me. We won’t be able to sell them for a good price if you accidentally break them.”

Jiang Yeqian, “…” ‘Si Jin is also a man. So why is he picking herbs with you? And you aren’t nagging him for not being careful!’

Qi Qingyao continued crouching down and picking Bailing fruit with Si Jin. Qi Qingyao looked at Si Jin’s fair egg-shaped face. Thinking about how everything they achieved today was thanks to his hard work, she could not stop the adoration that filled her face. “Oh, Si Jin, stay with me forever. I’ll guarantee you a lifetime of delicious food and drink. And when you want to get married, I’ll look for a pretty bride for you!”

“There’s no need for that, I want to spend my entire life with you. I’m not going to look for a bride.” Si Jin continued digging for Bailing fruit.

“Haha, you’re talking nonsense again.” Qi Qingyao stretched out her hand and pinched his cheeks.

“I’m not. You’re not looking for a man either, right? There’s nothing about me not wanting to look for a woman either. Is there a law that one has to get married?” Si Jin grumbled with a pout.

“How thoughtful and insightful! You’re such a beautiful boy with a good heart! Alright then, if you don’t want a bride, then so be it. I’ll take care of you! And you’ll spend the rest of your life with me,” Qi Qingyao said with a laugh.

Jiang Yeqian heard the two of them as they chattered on and found it to be somewhat ear-grating. Pretending as if he had not heard them, he asked coldly, “What nonsense are the two of you spewing?”

“What’s up with you? Are you hungry?”

Qi Qingyao got up, fumbled around for the steamed bun in the pouch around her waist, and pressed it into Jiang Yeqian’s hands. “There! For you.”

“I’m not hungry.” Jiang Yeqian refused flatly.

Qi Qingyao slipped the ration back into her pouch and crouched down again. “Then, what’s wrong with you?”

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