Triplets: Lucky Mommy is a Beautiful Badass - Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Enter the Mountain in Search of Treasure 2

After Qi Qingyao ran over happily…

“There’s nothing,” she shrugged.

She was just about to say that Si Jin had lied to her when she found a tree that she could not identify. It bore a flower that was the color of blood. The flower looked strange; its leaves were big and purple and there were extremely sharp teeth on the edges. It was small and shaped like a woman’s lips. Qi Qingyao knelt down. She did not touch the plant, but scrutinized it intensely, muttering, “This flower…”

It was the Red Face Flower.

This flower did not exist on Earth. She knew about this flower solely because she had read about it in a book her grandfather had used to prop up the leg of his table. It was called The Book of Spiritual Herbs, or something like that. Her grandfather had told her that the book was b*llshit; that there were no herbs like those listed in the book.

She had often muddled around on the floor while being bored as a kid, and ended up leafing through The Book of Spiritual Herbs a few times. If a child liked to read a book, it had to be because of the pretty pictures! By the time she had grown up to be an adult, she had almost finished the book, though it probably ended up in a box at some corner of her house like all the other books she owned.

According to the book, the full name of the Red Face Flower was the Purple Blood Red Face Flower. It was a special herb that grew in places that had strong spiritual energy. It was a herb rarer than thousand-year-old ginseng roots! It was a herb specifically used to make Youth-returning Pills that could preserve a woman’s looks for three years. This of course meant that the noblewomen in the capital would love these pills.

Qi Qingyao had no time to think about why a herb from a book she had read on Earth would appear here.

The only thought in her mind was about how rare the herb was.

Jiang Yeqian followed them to the spot. He looked at how she was picking the flower up with careful hands and asked, “What’s that flower?”

Qi Qingyao answered casually, “It’s a herb used to make Youth-returning Pills.”

“Youth-returning Pills?” Jiang Yeqian muttered.

Hearing this, Qi Qingyao figured out that he knew nothing about the herb. She explained its special effects and its degree of rareness to him. After hearing her words, Jiang Yeqian asked seriously, “Does this mean that someone can keep their appearance from when they’re twenty if they take this pill once every three years, starting from when they’re that age? That they would never outwardly age?”

Qi Qingyao had already picked the flower up and placed it into her basket before turning to look at him incredulously. “What are you thinking? The effect is strongest the first time someone takes it. The second time, they would have to double the dose, and double that for the third time that they take it. No one would eat those pills when they’re twenty. Plus there aren’t many of these pills around. This flower isn’t some dandelion that you can find by the roadside. It’s not like you can pick up a bundle of them wherever you go.”

Jiang Yeqian: “…”

Was it that valuable?

Still in thought, he turned to look at Si Jin, who had a stupid grin plastered on his face.

Qi Qingyao asked Si Jin, “How did you know that there were rare herbs here?”

She had voiced out Jiang Yeqian’s doubts.

Si Jin said, “I saw it! A beautiful small flower was blooming all on its own in the middle of all the snow, so I thought that it would definitely be rare! I’m clever, aren’t I?”

He said all that wearing a cute and innocent expression.

Qi Qingyao did not doubt his answer at all. “Yes, you’re clever! Si Jin, you’re the best!”

Jiang Yeqian: “…” The best, his *ss!

‘This woman is quite intelligent normally, so why does she act all stupid at this moment? There’s obviously something not right with this young boy that you named!’

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