Trapped with the CEO - Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 I Found You Filthy

"Get off me!" Lola glared at him, with tears shedding from her eyes.

Harry ignored her resistance and continued what he intended to do. Lola closed her eyes and calmly said, "Harry, get off me. I found you filthy!" What happened between Yolanda and him made Lola sick.

"I am filthy? You are in no position to say so!" Harry clutched Lola's neck with his big palms. The thought that Lola had murdered their kid was driving him insane.

Lola bit her lower lip, forced to swallow all the hatred from Harry, who was behaving like an angry beast now.

In Li Family Manor, A Country.

A bodyguard entered a white villa at the north-western corner.

"My Lady." He respectfully greeted the women sitting in front of the dresser.

The middle-aged woman with heavy makeup turned around, and looked at him expressionlessly.

"We've got some clues." The bodyguard said loyally, with head lowered out of fear. The villa gave him a spooky feeling whenever he was here.

Hearing his words, the woman smiled with her red lips curving. She had been looking for that child for over 20 years, now she finally got some clues. But she must find her before her sister-in-law.

"Over 20 years ago, that human trafficker was arrested in D City. Since then, that child had been missing. Not long ago, Young Master Jordan went to D City as well, but he didn't find her." So the kid was now in D City, with the invaluable treasure.

"Send more people to D City. Find her before my brother. Remember not to alert anybody." The woman touched her newly styled hair, and continued to put on her emerald earrings in the mirror.

"No problem, My Lady!"

In D City.

Since the mental and physical suffering that night, Lola hadn't seen Harry for days.

One day, she received an unknown number.

"Lola!" It sounded familiar. "How are you doing?" Oh! It's the president of A Country, Thomas Herren.

"I'm good. How can I help you, Mr. Herren?" She responded without too much emotion, wondering why he made this call.

Thomas Herren chuckled. "There is a charity gala tomorrow, held by the government of D City and A Country. Why don't you come and be my date?"

From Lola's Weibo, he sensed that there must be something wrong between Harry and her. It seemed to be true.

"I don't quite believe that you can't find a date, Mr. President." She was implying that she wanted to know why he picked her.

Thomas Herren was almost speechless. Was there even a slightest possibility that he couldn't find a date?

"Yolanda will be Harry's date."

Lola hesitated as expected. "To defeat a woman, you need to steal her spotlight first."

"She is an international superstar, the muse for men, while I am nobody." It was a rare moment of her self-mockery.

"You graduated from School of Film and Television as well, didn't you? If you want, you can be internationally famous with no difficulty." Thomas Herren put on a big smile, and continued to say, "Shall we talk about the details tomorrow night?"

How did Harry came to rescue her in time in A Country that night? Maybe it was Mr. Herren who helped inform Harry.

Besides, Yolanda was everything for Harry right now. If Lola didn't prepare a plan B, Yolanda might steal the last chance of survival from her.

"What time?" She agreed resolutely.

"I have a property in Pearl Spring. It's Villa No. 6. You can come around 5 pm for make-up and dress." Thomas Herren got on his private jet to A Country, and hung up the phone once he got the promise from Lola.

Yolanda Mo? Pah! Harry, if you don't cherish Lola, I would love to do it for you.

After dinner that night, Lola was left alone. Somehow she felt thirsty, so she went downstairs for water.

While she was drinking the water, the door was opened. Yolanda and Harry walked in.

They stopped, as they didn't expect to see Lola drinking water in pajamas in the kitchen.

Yolanda talked first. "Harry, I'll go and have a rest. We'll need to get up earlier tomorrow to get prepared for the charity gala." She was loud enough to make it possible for Lola to hear in the kitchen.

Lola didn't turn off the lights in the kichen or go back to bedroom, until Harry went upstars.

Lola was startled to find Harry in the room when she opened the door. She calmed down a bit and

Guessed that Harry might just be here to pick up some clothes and would leave soon. To her surprise, Harry picked up his pajamas and went into the bathroom, which left Lola in a trance. Maybe he would leave after taking a shower, thought she.

Lola took her phone and walked to the balcony, with the lights off. She put herself in a comfortable positon and started to read the messages on Weibo.

The comment Thomas Herren left under her post had been pinned to the top, but she just saw it. He said, "You guys have an enviable friendship."

It was followed by other netizens' comments. "Mr. President, are you also a fan of Lola?"

"President Herren, you are the youngest and most handsome president ever in A Country! If you and Lola are in a relationship, please let us know ASAP!"


What were these people talking about? But to be honest, she was also very curious why Thomas Herren, as a president, would approach her again and again, and offer her help all the time? Was it simply because he liked her? No way. She had a clear estimation of her attraction...

"Ah!" A shadow suddenly showed up and startled Lola. Looking at the frightened Lola, Harry didn't show much feeling.

"Can't you at least make any sound and warn me?" Lola rolled her eyes at Harry and walked back into the room with a rather sour face.

Harry pulled her to himself and pinned her against the wall with both arms.

His sudden move almost made her out of breath.

His eyes were fixed on Lola, who was stuck in his arms. "Who were you thinking about?" He was questioning her.

"King of Hell." She just made it up.

"Listen to me, Lola. You are not allowed to think about any other man except me. Not even the King of Hell!" Harry warned her harshly, and got closer to her until there was no distance between them.

The familiar scent was near. Lola smiled ironically, "Boss Si, are you trying to enjoy the pleasure with two women?"

Harry replied with an evil smile. "You are the only pleasure I want now." Then he kissed her sweet red lips, and carried her in.

Perhaps Rose was right. Maybe Lola was indeed a tramp. Even if he hated her so much now that he wanted to kill her, he still couldn't control his desire for this seductive woman.

At 5 pm next day, Lola showed up at Villa No.6 on time. It took her half an hour to walk here. So exhausting!

She rang the doorbell and Thomas Herren's chauffeur answered the door.

Lola greeted him nicely and the chauffeur showed her into the villa respectfully.

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