Trapped with the CEO - Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 Trash whichever Room Yolanda Stays In

"Mrs. Du, don't stop me. I'm going to kick this woman out of my home!" Lola shook Mrs. Du off, and took hold of Yolanda.

"Why should I follow what you said? Who do you think you are? Call Harry! I will leave only if he says so." Yolanda freed herself again and straightened her clothes, thinking "what a mad woman".

Lola laughed, "This is my home. I exactly have rights to kick you out without Harry's permission!" Lola would not be that silly! Harry brought Yolanda back as his mother required. Even if she called him, he also would say nothing.

"Your home? I will live in your home. So what?" Yolanda looked at Lola aggressively, as she knew that Lola didn't have the final say here.

Lola almost exploded with anger. At the moment, she heard the phone rang in her purse, which had been thrown aside. She had to pick up the phone first. But when she saw the incoming call was from that man who was taken in by Yolanda's tricks, she would rather reject it.

With her lips curled, she answered it. "Lola, can you stop venting your rage on someone irrelevant?"

He started with a reproachful tone. With tears in her eyes, Lola said wilfully, "It's none of your business. I must kick her out today."

He paused a moment and said softly, "Yolanda's feet has not recovered yet. When she gets well, I will ask someone to drive her home." Harry tried to comfort her while driving home in a hurry.

When Yolanda got well, she would be kicked out then. "I can't wait any more. She's so sinister. When she gets well, I will be dead!" She didn't understand why a smart guy like Harry couldn't see Yolanda's true colours. Was there something wrong with his brain?

He frowned slightly. "It was you that made mistakes. You should not blame anyone else." He didn't hold antipathy towards her. Instead, he would help her to recognize her mistakes, and correct her shortcomings.

"I made mistakes? I was set up!" She sparred with him stubbornly.

"Lola, you are out of your mind. Behave yourself. Wait for me!" After passing a crossroad, he stepped on the gas, heading home as quickly as possible.

Lola hung up the phone. Upon seeing Yolanda's complacent look, Lola angrily pulled Yolanda's case to the stairs, and kicked it down. "Get out now!" She turned back and shouted at Yolanda. Then, she went downstairs, opened the door of the villa, and threw the luggage out.

Yolanda watched all this calmly. She didn't get angry, because she would take revenge on Lola for all insults she experienced sooner or later.

When Harry parked the car at the gate, he just saw a leather case was kicked out. He unbuckled the safety belt quickly and got out of the car.

"Lola, can we settle it in a reasonable way?" Harry dragged the angry lady into the villa. Upon hearing him, Yolanda immediately put on a piteous expression.

Settle it in a reasonable way? Lola looked at his angry face, sneering, "When I said that I was wronged, did you treat me in a reasonable way?" A strong grief was eating her away.

"You are an adult. Why can't you acknowledge your mistake?" Harry fretfully sat on the sofa of the living room.

She was a bit sad over his fretful look. "Get this Yolanda out of here!" The woman upstairs was a good actress. In a fraction of second, her aloofness and disdain on her face were wiped clean and replaced by an innocent look What a calculating bitch!

Harry looked at her and repeated with patience, "Calm down, I said I will send her away when she gets well."

"She's a calculating bitch. Ever second of her presence here was a risk that I would be set up by her!" Lola pointed at the Yolanda upstairs and exclaimed resentfully.

"Lola, be careful what you say!" Harry's tone became cold. He really got angry this time.

Disappointed at his look, Lola dashed upstairs. Seeing that, Harry hurriedly stood up and followed her up the stairs.

Lola rushed to Yolanda's room, yanked down the quilt and the sheet and threw them out of the room. Then, she picked up the decorations placed on the table, and flung them at the ceiling lamp. After several flings, a few parts of the expensive ceiling lamp were smashed.

And the bedside lamp also was fiercely thrown onto the wall.

The whole room was in a mess. She shouted to the tunned crowd gathering at the door, "She can have this! I would trash whichever room Yolanda stays in!"


Harry looked at his wife in frustration - Goodness! Her destructive power was really impressive!

"Harry, I'll move out!" Yolanda murmured in tears, and her voice sounded feeble and grieved.

"Hurry up!" Upon hearing her words, Lola shouted out, regardless of whether she meant it or not.

"Yolanda, you don't do that. Lola, come with me!" Harry grasped her arm, and dragged her back to their room and then the room was slammed shut.

The whole world became silent.

In the room, Lola sat on the edge of the bed with her lips curled, refusing to talk to Harry who was looking very displeased.

"Do you feel satisfied now?" He asked drily.

"No, I don't. So long as Yolanda is here, I'll never be satisfied!" Lola snapped.

Her stubbornness prompted Harry to double lock the door. Then, he sauntered to the closet to take a necktie out, and went to her with a deadpan expression.

The necktie in his hand reminded Lola of what he had done to her. He had used a necktie to bind her wrists in the car…Therefore, she jumped off quickly, and made a run for the door.

But, she didn't run faster than him. Harry caught her and threw her onto the bed.

"Harry, if you dare to bind me, I'll not forgive you!" Lola rolled over to the other edge of the bed.

Harry pinned her down and tied her wrists to the head of the bed, which made her fail to move.

"I'll have an important meeting later. You can't go anywhere. I'll fix you later tonight!"

"Harry, you are a beast, son of a bitch! Let me go!" Ignoring her loud shouting, Harry opened the door and walked out.

"Mrs. Du, please prepare another room. And also, don't untie her. If she wants to eat something, please feed her. Remember, you must not untie her!" Harry instructed Mrs. Du. out of caution.

"Yes, sir!" Hearing Lola's shouting from the room, Mrs. Du did nothing but shake her head, and silently cleaned the mess on the floor.

Lola didn't know how long she had shouted. When she was tired, she leant on the head of the bed, thinking how to get free.

It was time for supper, and Mrs. Du started feeding her as instructed. "Mrs. Du, I have to go to the washroom. I can't hold it back anymore." After having some porridge obediently, Lola looked at Mrs. Du pitifully.

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