Trapped with the CEO - Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 Please Don't Get Us Wrong

Hearing Li Qianluo's voice, they separated immediately.

"Miss Li, please don't get us wrong. My foot was injured, so Heng carried me in." Mo Yawei seemed to be really sorry.

"No wonder Miss Mo can be an international superstar. Look how good your acting is. You must be rejoiced secretly while asking me not to get you wrong and making that sorry face, right?

Li Qianluo leaned against the door casually. Brought your ex-girlfriend home? Well done, Si Jinheng.

"Miss Li. You do misunderstand."

Li Qianluo walked past her towards Si Jinheng, put her arms around Si Jinheng's neck, and smiled coquettishly, "Honey, it's so late at night. Let's not bother Miss Mo anymore."

Si Jinheng naturally placed his arm around her waist, nodded and then left with her.

When the door was closed, resentment was back on Mo Yawei's face again.

Li Qianluo shook Jinheng off at once when they were back to their room, which made him chuckle. He had foreseen that she would not be easy to deal with.

Li Qianluo held a quilt in her left hand and a pillow in right hand, in unbridled anger. "Couch or balcony? Choose one and sleep there tonight!"

Si Jinheng reached out and cuddled her. "My sweetie, cool down. How about I be your servant tonight? I'll bathe you, get you changed and put you to sleep."

... Li Qianluo rolled her eyes speechlessly, "Who need your service? You want to sleep in bed? No way!" She struggled recklessly to free herself.

Si Jinheng leaned down to kiss her and threw pillow and quilt back to bed.

For people like his wife, who was immune to both cajolery and coercion, coercion worked better!

As mouth was blocked, Li Qianluo couldn't complain anymore, so she punched him randomly. But to Si Jinheng, her punching were just like massaging.

At the last moment, she gave up all the resistance.

Why? Why it ended like this again? She was not persuaded!

Early in the next morning when Li Qianluo tried to get up, Si Jinheng pulled her onto the bed and covered her with a summer quilt. "Take a rest at home today. You can go to work when you get well."

Li Qianluo considered for a while, and decided to go to work anyway. It was just some small wounds caused by the glass shards after all.

"No. I'm going to work!" Li Qianluo refreshed herself from drowsiness, and sat up promptly. She had to be quick or she would be late!

Si Jinheng slightly raised his thick eyebrows, "Are you disobeying your beloved husband?" Threatening tone from behind sobered Li Qianluo.

"It's no like that, hon. Now that my reputation in the company is not very good, I can't skip work just because of some minor wounds. It will waste all the efforts I made." Li Qianluo lay on Si Jinheng's broad chest tenderly, and suddenly pinched his chest.

"Ouch..." She definitely wished to be punished! He would catch her and teach her a good lesson!

Li Qianluo, who finally got to take advantage of him, jumped off the bed as fast as possible, laughing out loudly.

Just when she was about make it to the bathroom, she was pulled back into his arms.

Shoot! She put on a smile promptly, "Ah! Please forgive me, your Majesty." Those who suit their actions to the times are wise. Surrender was her best choice now.

Si Jinheng turned her around, embraced and kissed her.

Li Qianluo bit him hard on his shoulder, and escaped to the bathroom.

Li Qianluo patted some cold water on her rosy cheeks, mummbling he was so good at flirting.

When they went downstairs, Mo Yawei was already sitting upright at the dining table.

Ignorance or sneer was the best way to deal with this shameless woman!

"Miss Mo. You are quite a early riser." Li Qianluo greeted her delightedly. When she saw the dark circles under Mo Yawei's eyes, she was even more delighted.

"It's actually getting late. Miss Mo, Heng, let's have breakfast!" Mo Yawei suppressed her displeasure. That bitch moaned all night long. How could she go to sleep?

Heng never had sex with her during their years of relationship, but now that woman took away what should have belonged to her. Li Qianluo must be very slutty and skillful at sex.

Si Jinheng nodded to her and sat down with Li Qianluo, opposite Mo Yawei. Mo Yawei ate the congee served leisurely. At least, she was closer to Heng, wasn't she?

Li Qianluo looked at Mo Yawei, who seemed to be enjoying her breakfast, and asked, "When are you going back to C Country, Miss Mo?" She picked up a steamed bun for Si Jinheng with a big smile.

Mo Yawei was no way a weak opponent, "My assistant has made an announcement for me. I'll take a break until I recover, and I'll be able to spend some time with Heng." She looked at Si Jinheng with tenderness and love, caring least about Li Qianluo.

"Ah, you want to spend time with my husband? But my husband has to accompany me. So does it mean that you want to accompany me as well?" Though she sounded calm, deep inside, Li Qianluo hoped intensely to throw this shameless woman back to her country.

Her life was so tragic. Her husband's ex-girlfriend was now having breakfast comfortably at her home, but she could do nothing else but bicker with her.

It sounded somewhat nasty. "You want me to accompany you? Who do you think you are?" Mo Yawei glanced at Li Qianluo and smiled, still elegant and noble. But Li Qianluo was so angry at what she said that she so wanted to wring her neck.

"Enough. It's time to go." Si Jinheng put down his bowl and went upstairs for his briefcase. "Honey, don't forget my bag!" Li Qianluo said in a sweet voice and ate her congee in a hurry in hurry. She was going to be late!

A thought occured to her. "Mrs. Du, please do take care of Miss Mo when we are not home. She's our guest." Li Qianluo finished up the congee and smiled to Mrs. Du.

Mrs. Du answered in embarrassment, as she actually knew about the relationship between Young Master and Mo Yawei.

Well, better not to comment. Relationship was complicated...

"Li Qianluo, you are a woman with nothing to be proud of. I wonder why you are so confident." Mo Yawei wiped her lips gracefully, and said contemptuously, without even looking at Li Qianluo.

"I don't need to have anything. My husband is my everything. Speaking of confidence, I also wonder what makes you so shameless to stay at others' home." Mo Yawei wanted to pick a fight? Okay, well, she was happy to fight till the end.

Mo Yawei was facing the stairs. So when she saw Si Jinheng going down, she changed into a sincere tone. "Heng is not just other people. He is the man that I love with my life. No one can change this fact."

Hearing this, Si Jinheng hesitated. Without saying a word, he went out with Li Qianluo.

Li Qianluo, it is not a time to celebrate. Guess who will be the winner in the end. Get prepared for the first part of my plan, which will be followed by the second and the third!

Took away what should have been mine? You have overreached yourself way too much. I'll get my beauty sleep first, and then win my Heng's heart back step by step.

Mrs. Du helped Mo Yawei upstairs. This was someone who should be taken really seriously, Mrs. Du thought.

In the Tear Room of Research and Development Department of SL Group.

"Hey, do you read the breaking news on Weibo today?"

"Yes! Sure! Our CEO and Mo Yawei!"

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