Trapped with the CEO - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 Mo Yawei

Before Li Qianluo could say anything, Si Jinheng said, "Mother, your company in C Country just phoned and informed me that your new launched Pearl Facial Mask has caused some allergy to some customers. The private jet is ready for you now, and you might want to go back and deal with it right now.

"What? Allergy?" Mu Ruoyan was undoubtedly quite surprised at this news, as the new developed facial mask had been her favorite. As such, Mu Ruoyan rushed upstairs, packed some basic stuff, and left the villa in hurry.

Li Qianluo was a bit astonished to see Mu Ruoyan leaving as if she had just dropped by. Si Jinheng was really a capable man.

"If you find it uncomfortable at work, you don't really have to be there. Just stay at home." Though he was not in the office, he still knew everything going on in the company.

"It's okay. Now that mom has gone, there won't be any trouble in the future." Staying at home all day long would drive her crazy. She would rather go to work.

"Okay. We will move to Pearl Spring tomorrow." Stepping into their bedroom, Li Qianluo looked around and was clearly very content with it. But, if that was what he wanted, they would move!

A question had been lingering in her mind these days, but she was afraid that Si Jinheng's answer might disappoint her. Li Qianluo was struggling to make up her mind.

Si Jinheng noticed that she would have something to say, so he just stared at her.

"Have you got any clue about my father?" Li Qianluo asked him softly.

"He was seen around the coast. But when my folks got there, he had gone." Though still disappointed, Li Qianluo was reassured to know that her father was still alive, at least.

The next day, Li Qianluo didn't pack up anything at all, as Mrs. Du and other servants took care of all her clothes, as well as Si Jinheng's. Well prepared, Li Qianluo was still stunned by the Pearl Spring Villa after arriving.

It had three floors. Their bedroom was at second floor, which was overwhelmingly big. She actually owned a cloakroom of dozens of square meters. A batch of newly haute douture handmade dress from France, along with an assortment of shoes and bags, were well arranged in it.

Outside the villa were a vast garden, private pool, gym, artificial lake and so on.

She felt as if she owned a private estate. In the evening, Si Jinheng gave Li Qianluo a portfolio.

The Property Ownership Certificate of this villa, with her name on it as the owner, shocked her so much that she covered her mouth in disbelief.

And another certifica also had her name on it as the legal representative of the Blue Island Mall.

Li Qianluo found Si Jinheng exceedingly sweet and kind to her. She started to feel a bit unreal, as if she was dreaming.

When she told Si Jinheng about her feelings, Si Jinheng threw her on their new queen-size bed without hesitation and made love with her all night long, to show her that this was absolutely real.

Lovely days passed by. With no need to worry about clash with Mu Ruoyan, the couple were more and more attached to each other.

Li Qianluo enjoyed spending personal time with Si Jinheng, always being at his side no matter where he went.

And Si Jinheng was also keen on fondling Li Qianluo, no matter where she was.

Until one day, a woman came into their life and Li Qianluo's story again was rewritten abruptly.

It was a normal sweltering day.

A red Lamborghini sports car stopped outside SL Group. It was about the closing time, so a crowd of employees were walking out of the company.

An assistant in suits got out of the car from driver's seat, trotted backwards and opened the back door.

One foot in a black high-heeled sandal stepped out. The assistant bowed and offered his left hand. A right hand was gently laid on it, nails decorated with crystal tips.

With a lilac waisted top and a white pencil skirt, a woman walked out of the car.

Her eye-catching lilac hair hung loose about her shoulders, and half of her face was hidden behind the sunglasses. Only a Roman nose and rosy lips could be seen.

The latest cellphone and the branded handbag in her hands indicated that she must be very rich or powerful.

She had attracted all the attention and apparently she was quite used to others's astonished, admiring or jealous look. She walked straight into the company and aroused more interests and discussion.

"Oh my God! She is so pretty! Who is she looking for?"

"Holy crap, she looks so much like that international superstar Mo Yawei.

"You are right! Oh no, I think she is no other than Mo Yawei!"

"Mo Yawe!" Someone in the crowd called out her name, and everyone stopped for her response.

"Sorry, Miss Mo is here for the CEO of SL today. No autograph or photo taking." Shu Nan, Mo Yawei's assistant, stepped forwad, and made his voice clear and loud enough to travel far.

The crowd was overjoyed. People who had left all came back, wishing to have a glance at the beautiful Mo Yawei in person.

But when they heard that she was here to meet the CEO, they flinched. Si Jinheng, CEO of SL Group, was known for his detached and arrogant personality. Normal people would be too scared to approach him. Better forget it.

"Does our CEO know Mo Yawei?"

"What an ideal couple. Do you think they are dating?"

"How can I know? I dare not go back and check anyway."

"Pity! That is Mo Yawei!"

They took pictures of her from behind with their phones and some lucky guys even got photos of her profile. These photos, though not very clear, were posted like treasure in their WeChat Moments and Weibo to show off.

Knowing the location of Jinheng's office in advance, Mo Yawei entered the elevator and pressed the button for CEO's office.

In the CEO office, Li Qianluo was begging Si Jinheng to have hot pot with her, while Si Jinheng hadn't promised her yet.

Li Qianluo had no choice but sit on Si Jinheng's thighs, intending to seduce him first.

"Honey! Just one time. Okay?" Li Qianluo had her arms around Si Jinheng's neck and her face rub against his chest.

Si Jinheng almost burst out laughing when he saw his wife acting like a spoiled kid. Actually he was just pretending to be unconcerned, in order to know how much effort she would make for hot pot.

Li Qianluo didn't get his response as expected, so she held his face and gave him a big kiss.

Si Jinheng would certainly not waste this perfect chance, so he kissed back straightforwardly. Just when they were lost in their affectionate kiss, the door was opened.

They looked towards the door at the same time. Li Qianluo saw a woman with sunglasses, wondering how could she push the door of the CEO office open while no one stopped her.

She was just about to ask Si Jinheng who this woman was, when she realized she was still sitting on Si Jinheng's thighs. After all, they were in the company. She stood up immediately.

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