Trafford's Trading Club - Chapter 966

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Chapter 966 Volume 10 – Chapter 2: Temporary Close (Part 2)

“Hmph! Even if Master Long is here, she dares not drive me away like this! Who are you!? I take care of the hospital too!”


Long Xiruo roared suddenly. Her true dragon’s power erupted. It was unstoppable, giving off heavy pressure on the demon beasts. Their faces turned pale, full of horror, and they fled from the hospital one after another.

Long Xiruo directly closed the gate leading to the hospital and kicked it again, as if she hadn’t calmed down yet.

“Sister Long…” Luo Pianju greeted weakly at this time.

Looking at Luo Pianju’s innocent expression, Long Xiruo became softhearted and sighed, “Let’s close this place down temporarily. My current state is poor. Right now. Let’s wait until I get a perfect solution.”

“Oh! Okay!”

Long Xiruo glanced at Luo Pianju again, frowned, and said nonchalantly, “Girl, can’t you change your clothes!?”

“Why?” Luo Pianju asked puzzledly.

Long Xiruo raised her head, staring weakly at the seemingly stalwart pair on the chest of this little demon butterfly. How come it suddenly grew to such a degree?

This dress was made initially according to Luo Pianju’s previous size became too explicit.

Innocent and tender, coupled with this fatal exposure, it was no wonder that the demon beast scoundrels were rowdy!

What a foul play!

“Nothing, really.” Long Xiruo sighed, “Anyway, you just have to remember not to reveal my identity. Remember, don’t tell anyone!”

Luo Pianju quickly covered her mouth with both hands and nodded seriously.

“I’ll go back to the office. You should clean up here.” Long Xiruo waved her hand at this time, “Let’s go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities later. It has been inconvenient for me to go out recently.”

Luo Pianju happily picked up the broom.

Long Xiruo shook her head. After taking a look at Luo Pianju, she returned to her office. How did this little girl come back suddenly last night?

At that time, looking at Luo Pianju, who suddenly appeared in front of her, Long Xiruo was shocked. Not only because of some changes in Luo Pianju’s body, but also a certain peculiarity with her.

Long Xiruo didn’t know what Su Zijun did to Luo Pianju before leaving, but the demon beast power within Luo Pianju improved by several ranks in this return. Moreover, by looking at Luo Pianju’s eyes, she could tell that such an improvement wasn’t a detrimental short-term growth.

But this silly girl didn’t realize her changes at the moment. She might not even recognize her hibernation had spanned for several months.

It took Long Xiruo most of the night to let this silly girl know what happened during this while. Long Xiruo’s body became smaller and seemed to be like a human child. Then, she became so sleepy that she fell asleep. She forgot to say that there was no need to operate this place. Only then did it lead to the horrible incident that happened early in the morning.

She just returned to the office door, and she saw Zixing waiting here.

“Dragon Saintess.”

The Greedy Wolf Clan Young Master was as polite as ever. At this time, she greeted politely before moving on to the main business.

“Are you leaving now?” Long Xiruo asked in surprise, “How about your injury?”

Zixing nodded and said, “Zixing was leading her clan to Mountain Tai back then. Due to many things that happened, the Mountain Tai meeting has become imminent. Zixing has to go. I can’t stay anymore. Forgive me, True Dragon Saintess.”

The Greedy Wolf Clan lived on the plateau. Although it was a secluded world, it was far away from the Central Plains. There were many shortages in resources. It was inevitable that they needed resources from the Central Plains to be transported there. Judging from the trade relation, the Greedy Wolf Clan should have formed a cooperative goal with other clans for the Mountain Tai meeting this time.

“It’s fine.” Long Xiruo nodded and said, “I will dispense some medicine for you. You can take it during your journey. They are good for you.”

“With the medicine prescribed by the Dragon Saintess, I will be able to recover soon.” Zixing said with joy, “Thanks for the trouble, Dragon Saintess.”

“It’s a small matter.” A smile appeared on Long Xiruo’s face.

Zixing was quite decisive. After explaining her intentions, she left immediately. Long Xiruo appreciated that this generation of Young Master Zixing did not have the arrogant attitude of previous generations.

Being too firm is prone to be easy to break. Hopefully, this generation of Young Master Zixing can bring Greedy Wolf Clan out of the predicament. According to the agreement, the demon beast had to participate in the service of the special agency of the country. But, the Greedy Wolf Clan had always refused this agreement. Hence, there were many contradictions between the clan and the nation.

“I hope this generation of Zixing can ease the relationship…”

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Long Xiruo shook her head and sat down. Then, a phone call came to her.

It was a call from Gui Qianyi.

“Gui Qianyi? What’s the deal? Aren’t you already in Mountain Tai?”

Long Xiruo answered with some surprise, listening to Gui Qianyi’s slightly eager voice. His brows gradually frowned.

There was a small note in her hand. It mentioned all the things that need to be purchased.

Luo Pianju held two large bags in both hands, but it didn’t seem to be strenuous, “Well… it seems that I have already bought all of them!”

She was thinking about what to do next with a smile on her face, but she didn’t even notice that many male gazes were on her.

Luo Pianju quickly walked into a bakery. She bought some milk and bread. Then, she hurriedly walked towards the old town.

She often visited the old town. There were a lot of stray cats and dogs there. Luo Pianju thought that since she slept for a few months for hibernation, these poor animals should be hungry when she was away.

But when this little demon butterfly came to the clearing in the old city, she saw that someone had come one step ahead of her. At this time, he was sprinkling pet foods to the cats and dogs on the ground.

“Ah…” Luo Pianju called out softly.

Hearing this sound, the figure who was feeding these stray cats and dogs turned around and smiled at Luo Pianju, “It’s been a long time.”

“You, you…Hello!” Luo Pianju’s heart jumped slightly, then she lowered her head and walked quickly in front of him: Boss Luo of the club.

“You… What are you doing here?” Luo Pianju didn’t know what to say, so she asked subconsciously.

“Feed them.” Luo Qiu said amusedly, “Didn’t you see it?”

“Ah… That’s right!” Luo Pianju was a little upset at her asking this question knowingly. She quickly said again, “But, boss, shouldn’t you be busy? How come you have time…”

Luo Qiu smiled and said, “From today, this city will be temporarily closed.”

Luo Pianju was taken aback. When she was about to ask something out of curiosity, a few stray cats and dogs gathered at Luo Pianju’s feet and rubbed them.

Luo Pianju was overjoyed in her heart. She squatted down and wanted to hug one of the kittens. But what she didn’t expect was that her habit led to something else happening today.

The moment she squatted down, she saw the button on her chest couldn’t bear the pressure of this action. It popped out. ‘Pop.’

The button that popped out came to Luo Qiu’s face.

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