The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as You - Chapter 1546

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Chapter 1546: You Are My Little Love Song (113)

Shi Niange knew that Qin Siting disapproved of her coming to look for him. He did not wish to pay attention to her now. If it were in the past, Shi Niange would not dare to be so unreasonable. After all, everyone had their own story. There was no need to participate. She was not someone who would take a yard after taking an inch.

However, it was different now. After all, their relationship was no longer unclear. However, now that they had lost contact for several days, it was impossible for her not to worry. Since she knew where the Qin family was, she would definitely come over to take a look.

It was just that when she met the chauffeur uncle outside, she suddenly found out about these things. She did not expect it herself.

The room was very quiet. The computer was also quietly placed on the table.

Shi Niange pointed at the computer and said, “When did you start doing this?”

Qin Siting did not speak, nor did he look at her.

She had already entered. She knew what she should know and what she shouldn’t know. She found that after completely understanding Qin Siting, there was nothing to be afraid of. Right now, he was indeed angry, but he was definitely not completely angry at her.

The computer did not move for a long time. It had already turned into a protective screen, and it was pitch-black.

The two of them fell into a long silence.

Shi Niange knew that Qin Siting would not respond to what she was saying now, so she decided not to say anything. She was still digesting the fact that she suddenly knew about the Qin family. Anyway, she could see that he was here safely and was not affected. He just needed to be quiet at home for the time being. She was relieved.

After all, it was only his mother who was in trouble. Regardless of whether his mother went to Japan or stayed in Hai City in the future, she believed that he definitely wouldn’t go. They had already grown up. The emotional breakdown between their parents only affected their mood and their surroundings, but it wouldn’t affect them. Shi Niange also believed that Qin Siting would still be the same Qin Siting from back then after this storm passed.

She could still see hope between them as long as he didn’t push her away.

The fact that he let her in meant that he had no intention of pushing her away.

What she wanted to do now was to step in and pull him away.

However, just as Shi Niange prepared some words in her heart, she was forced to stop.

At this moment, the sound of a car suddenly came from outside. Someone seemed to have run up to knock on the door downstairs. There was more than one car driving in. It didn’t sound like the sound of someone from her family driving home.

Shi Niange was still looking at the computer on the table. Her body instantly tensed up as she turned to look at Qin Siting.

Qin Siting’s face was expressionless. He glanced at her. “Sit here. You’re not allowed to go out.”

Shi Niange nodded.

It was obvious that the Japanese man and his mother had returned.

Qin Siting turned to leave. Before closing the door, he repeated heavily, “Lock the door from the inside. You’re not allowed to leave.”

Shi Niange was very obedient and agreed softly. “Okay.”

Then she quickly got up and walked to the door, making the gesture of obediently locking the door after he left.

Qin Siting raised his hand to rub her head, then closed the door and left.

Shi Niange’s life environment since she was young was not stressful. Perhaps her parents had encountered many difficulties when they were in business, but she had never come into contact with it. Since she was young, aside from secretly liking Qin Siting, she had never been so nervous and afraid. When she closed the door, she hesitated for a moment before locking it. Then, she felt her entire body tense up.

Although she knew that nothing major would happen, and although the Qin family had been affected recently, Qin Siting had been fine these days…

However, she suddenly recalled the last time she saw him with injuries.

How did those injuries come about? Did those people who were tailing him fight him? But that time, when he saw Qin Siting’s appearance at the police station, if he really wanted to fight, those people might not be able to beat him. It was impossible for him to be injured to such an extent. Unless the enemy had a weapon on hand, or there were too many people…

These were all guesses. Earlier, she had thought that he would be fine. But, now that she recalled the injuries he had suffered, Shi Niange’s heart was in a mess.

At first, there was no sound outside. Then, after a while, Shi Niange seemed to hear someone going upstairs. Then, a woman’s voice was heard. “Your father went out?”

Qin Siting did not answer her.

“Siting, it’s not that I’m forcing you, but you have to go to Japan with me. Even if the Qin family’s position in the country is not bad, Yamamoto will give you a better future. As long as you’re willing to go to Tokyo with me, we can build a very stable foundation there. I can’t do it alone. Si Ting, Mom needs you. Since young, you’ve been Mom’s good son. Now I know that you can’t forgive me for what I’ve done, but Mom still hopes that you can consider it carefully.”

Afterward, Shi Niange did not hear Qin Siting’s answer. She only heard the sound of someone coming down the stairs. He must have gone upstairs when his mother came up. Now that he turned to go down, Mrs. Qin must have followed him down quickly.

Shi Niange stood in the door, her hand gripping the door handle tightly.

Qin Siting would disagree.

She knew that he would definitely not agree.

But she was still afraid.

It turned out that the person was from the Yamamoto family. Even though she didn’t know much about Japanese culture, she had heard of the largest force in Tokyo in the past ten years. She had once heard from a relative who often had business dealings with them. Furthermore, they hated the hands of others. If something didn’t go their way, they could use various methods to take revenge.

If Qin Siting refused to go to Japan, causing his mother not obediently to follow Yamamoto to live in Japan, that meant that in the end, they would still have a conflict with Qin Siting.

Just as Shi Niange was thinking about this, suddenly, a loud noise came from downstairs. It sounded like something had hit the coffee table or shattered some glass. Following that, several people screamed. It sounded like a woman’s voice. It should be the servants downstairs.

Shi Niange did not know what had happened. She quickly tried to open the locked door, but the image of Qin Siting asking her to stay here obediently appeared in her mind. He had said twice not to go out and asked her to lock the door.

She paused and listened to the faint sound from downstairs. Her eyes reddened, but she did not know what to do.

Then, there was another noise. There was a clicking sound. Shi Niange stood by the door and was quick-witted.


She couldn’t take it anymore!

She suddenly turned around and looked around the room, looking for something to beat someone up. She was afraid that when she went out, she would find that the Yamamoto people were besieging Qin Siting. She could help him. After all, she was young. Even if she was a girl, she was not weak. She could beat up whoever she could.

In the end, she turned around and could only pick up a thick glass bottle from the windowsill. She weighed it in her hand. If she hit the head, she should be able to knock down one or two of them.

Shi Niange took a deep breath, opened the door, and rushed out.

She ran downstairs in one go. As she ran, she thought about picking two shorter ones to beat up. But, if there were too many people, she would choose to protect herself first. In short, she had to help him when she was sure that she was not in danger and not a burden.

In the end, she carried a heavy glass bottle downstairs. With a face full of anger, when she ran downstairs, she saw a completely different scene.

Earlier, something had happened. However, it was a protective layer in the villa’s door that had been broken. Everything in the house was as good as new. Those servants were probably frightened by something and stood by the side with red eyes. Mrs. Qin sat on the sofa in the middle of the living room and said something. Qin Siting stood by the sofa and did not sit down. He was expressionless, and his eyes were cold.

Everything was peaceful. There was no Yamamoto, nor was there a large group of people fighting as she had imagined. There was only Qin Siting and Mrs. Qin chatting.

In the end, Shi Niange rushed down with a glass bottle in her hand. She suddenly stopped in her tracks. When Mrs. Qin and Qin Siting suddenly turned to look at her after hearing the noise, Shi Niange could not hold on to her expression. She quickly hid the glass bottle behind her back and returned upstairs with an embarrassed look. It was not right to stand there.

“This is?” Mrs. Qin’s eyes were slightly red. However, when she saw Shi Niange suddenly appear and that she had run down from above, her gaze was clearly surprised.

Qin Siting did not answer his mother. He only looked at Shi Niange and stared at her without moving for a long time. “What are you doing?”

“Ah… I…”

What the heck, I came down to fight…

But she didn’t need to fight at all.

Shi Niange was a little speechless. She stood awkwardly on the spot and looked at him. She blinked. “I, I…”

A beautiful and cute little girl suddenly appeared at home, and she was clearly very close to Qin Siting. At this moment, Mrs. Qin raised her brows. “Girlfriend? I seem to have some impression of her. I met her at your school last year.”

Qin Siting still acted as though he did not hear his mother’s words. He turned around. As he approached, Shi Niange felt the oppressive aura around him. She felt as though she had bumped into a gun when he was unhappy. She quickly grinned at him as though begging for mercy. “Hehe… I thought…”

“Why?” Qin Siting lowered his eyes to look at her. “Did you think I was fighting at home?”


“Why did you bring the bottle down?”

“To help you beat someone up…,” When Shi Niange said this, her tone was a little weak. She did not have any confidence. After all, she had misunderstood.

She seemed to hear Qin Siting sigh softly and say two words: “Idiot.”

Shi Niange, who had risked her life to come down to help him beat someone up: “?????”

Without waiting for her to speak, Qin Siting held her wrist and brought her upstairs. He ignored his mother the entire time and did not even turn his head.

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