The Vicious Supporting Female Character And The White Lotus Female Lead - Chapter 61

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When Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er returned to the dormitory, Luo Zi Lin was currently sleeping on the bed, whereas Jiang Yue Bai had slept enough last night and wasn’t too tired, so she got up and planned to stroll around the base.
    Yesterday Da Hu Zi didn't have time to introduce them around A Base while his underling only brought them straight to the dormitory. Therefore Jiang Yue Bai decided to explore A Base by himself.
    She opened the door just in time to face Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er who had returned from the outside. Jiang Yue Bai greeted them, "Good morning Lieutenant, Zhen'er."
    Luan Qing Xiao nodded and asked, "Is Luo Zi Lin in the dorm?"
    Jiang Yue Bai replied, "Yes, Zi Lin is currently sleeping."
    Luan Qing Xiao glanced at the door she hadn’t closed before walking over and widened the door crack to catch Luo Zi Lin sleeping. Her eyes narrowed as she said indifferently, "Yue Bai, I have some business with Luo Zi Lin. You should go first, I’ll leave once I finish talking with her."
    "OK, Lieutenant." Jiang Yue Bai left without any suspicion.
    In Jiang Yue Bai’s impression, Luan Qing Xiao, although aloof, treats all their team members extremely well. Even though Luo Zi Lin was at odds with Lieutenant, Lieutenant was open-minded and didn’t make a fuss about Luo Zi Lin. Therefore, Jiang Yue Bai wasn’t worried about anything happening to Luo Zi Lin.
    "Zhen’er, go back to your room and rest first." Luan Qing Xiao suggested.
    Nie Zhen'er looked inside the room, puzzled, "Did Luo Zi Lin really cause our teleportation incident?"
    "It is definitely her. Don't worry, I’m not going to be mistaken. Go to bed and I will present you with the evidence when you wake up."
    Nie Zhen'er nodded,"Okay."
    After Nie Zhen'er left, Luan Qing Xiao pushed the door into Luo Zi Lin's room open and then closed the door tightly.
    She walked up to Luo Zi Lin's bed. Then she fixedly looked at Luo Zi Lin before asking 520, Where did she hide Zhen'er's pocket watch?
    【Ding! The female lead's pocket watch is inside Luo Zi Lin's underwear. 】
    Luan Qing Xiao furrowed her brows and thought Luo Zi Lin was really psycho.
    Who would put a pocket watch in her underwear like her? Wasn’t she afraid of it poking her?
    The important thing now is how she can take out the pocket watch without touching Luo Zi Lin.
    Luo Zi Lin was sleeping comfortably when she suddenly felt the pocket watch on her slowly shifting away. She lifted her hand and patted where she stored it, but in mid-air, a warm hand tightly grasped her wrist.
    Luo Zi Lin's danger radar was very strong, therefore her body trembled and she immediately woke up.
    "Ah!!! Luan Qing Xiao, how could you be here!!!" Luo Zi Lin pale with fright, clutching the blanket and shrunk back to the head of the bed. Having her back pressed against the wall made her feel a little safer.
    Luan Qing Xiao said quietly, "What do you mean? You wanted to kill me, of course I will come to retaliate against you."
    "Since you’re already dead, just scram to reincarnation as soon as possible. It's impossible for you to stay in this world." Luo Zi Lin hugged her head and didn’t dare to look at Luan Qing Xiao, since she was incredibly afraid of ghosts.
    "If I can’t get revenge, I can’t reincarnate, so King Yama allowed me to come find you. Luo Zi Lin, unless you die, otherwise I will follow you for the rest of your life, sitting on your bedside and watching you every day when you sleep."
    "You, you, you." Luo Zi Lin was frightened into speechlessness.
    "You were clearly killed by a zombie, go follow the zombie who killed you. Why are you here with me for? Your death has nothing to do with me."
    "Really, then you can go to Hell and ask King Yama to see if my death has anything to do with you." Luan Qing Xiao snorted coldly before raising her hand to urge a vine seedling to mature, causing the vine to quickly pop out branches to trap Luo Zi Lin. .
    "I also heard there was a punishment called [Death by a Thousand Cuts] in ancient times. Since you aren’t afraid of me sitting on your bed every night, why not try this?"
    Luo Zi Lin widened her eyes in horror and all her face lost color. "No, no, Luan Qing Xiao, you can't do this to me!"
    Luan Qing Xiao pulled out a small knife and approached Luo Zi Lin.
    Luo Zi Lin shouted loudly, "Luan Qing Xiao, you want my pocket watch, right? Release me and I’ll give you the pocket watch!"
    "Oh?" Luan Qing Xiao withdrew half of the vines, only binding Luo Zi Lin's legs. Now, her hands were free to move around.
    Luo Zi Lin appeared really scared as she tremblingly took out her pocket watch. Then, Luan Qing Xiao walked over to take it. Suddenly Luo Zi Lin revealed a smile before chanting something in her mouth, causing the pocket watch to open as the Hand of Time rewinded halfway. Afterwards, Luan Qing Xiao's body became hot and her head turned hot while she returned back to last night.

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    Once done making the wish, she opened her eyes and saw Nie Zhen'er's clear eyes, "Qing Xiao, what wish did you make?"
    Luan Qing Xiao responded, "I can't say it out loud, or else it won't work."
    "Ah? But I just told you my wish. We won't meet Captain tomorrow, right?" Nie Zhen'er stomped her feet anxiously.
    "It's okay, then we won't leave the room tomorrow." Luan Qing Xiao patted Nie Zhen'er's hair. "We can check out the pregnant fathers the day after tomorrow. It’s not like they run away."
    Nie Zhen'er nodded, "Fine."
    The two walked towards the direction of the dorm.
    Inside the bathroom.
    Luo Zi Lin was holding the pocket watch with an uncertain expression. She had only just obtained the pocket watch, yet she already used two out of the three limited chances in such a short while. Right now, she was feeling distressed because of that and didn’t dare to use the last chance to deal with Luan Qing Xiao.
    "Hmph! I’ll just let you get killed by the male lead. Killing you myself will only get my hands dirty!" Luo Zi Lin perfectly illustrated what acting fierce when you’re cowardly inside was.
    Obviously she was terrified at heart, but she still wanted to talk tough. In the end she would only say them behind people’s backs and didn’t even dare to say it in front of the person.
    Luo Zi Lin carefully re-hid the pocket watch and returned to the bed before closing her eyes and preparing to head to bed.
    In reality, she wasn’t sleepy at all nor did she want to be bored in the dormitory room, however she was afraid of meeting Luan Qing Xiao. Therefore she can only stay inside her room.
    With her eyes closed, her sense of hearing became much sharper. Even though the night was silent, Luo Zi Lin felt the sound of water constantly ringing in her ears, splish-splashing, as if water would pour down her head in the next second.
    Luo Zi Lin's body tensed up as she suddenly found her nose and mouth blocked by the cold liquid, causing her to be unable to breathe. Her face was flushed, her limbs stretched straight, and her whole body was shaking.
    The pocket watch on her was flushed out by the water and moved along the window to another room following the water.
    When the pocket watch fell onto Nie Zhen'er's bed, the water film on Luo Zi Lin's face also directly burst, drenching Luo Zi Lin's entire head with water.
    Luo Zi Lin didn't dare to yell either, since she was afraid that the water would gather again to cover her face and smother her to death.
    Instead, she just lay wet on the bed all night.
    On the other side, Nie Zhen'er had just come out of the bathroom after finishing her shower. Once she sat down on the bed, she felt a hard object underneath her. She took it out to discover that it was her pocket watch.
    "Strange, didn't I put my pocket watch in my bag? Why is it here on my bed? Did I take it out and forget to put it back?"
    Nie Zhen'er opened the pocket watch and stared at the photos of her parents while listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom and whispered softly, "Mom, Dad, I met a very good person. Her name is Luan Qing Xiao, maybe I can try to like and trust in her."

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