The Trembling World - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Can’t sing

“Brother, are you sent by the monkey to make us laugh? Didn’t you hear they previously let her out before? In addition, we have this thing . ” Zhang ShengNan waved around the tranquilizer gun .

“I feel that this whole situation is very odd . I still recommend that we go back downstairs to ask Brother Liu what he thinks . After he sees the young girl, maybe he will have a new perspective on this situation . ” Zhang ShengLi tried his best to persuade Zhang ShengNan .

“Then, hurry and call him upstairs . ” Zhang ShengNan surprisingly agreed to her brother’s suggestion .

“So before I bring him up here, don’t act recklessly and definitely don’t release her . ” Zhang ShengLi ordered his sister and Hu Rong .

“Got it!” Zhang ShengNan said in an impatient tone .

Zhang ShengLi pulled Hu Rong aside to give him clear instructions, and then he turned around to leave the laboratory . Zhang ShengLi headed downstairs, but he didn’t know which floor Liu Gan was on presently . If he continued downwards, then he was bound to find him, hopefully?

“Go bring me the backup electrical source,” Zhang ShengNan said to Hu Rong right after her brother left .

“Didn’t we agree to wait for them to come upstairs before releasing her?” Hu Rong asked Zhang ShengNan .
“You won’t be pathetic like my brother, right? This game has events that aren’t too far off from the standard quests, so once you finish the quest, there will be a reward . This type of quest is extremely simple! Liu Gan only wanted to hog all the rewards, so he purposefully ushered us away . Luckily, there’s another similar quest with a girl trapped here this time, so we can’t miss this opportunity to complete the quest!” Zhang ShengNan glanced at Hu Rong .

“ShengNan, you should just listen to your brother . ” Hu Rong was in a difficult position .

“My brother is confused, so don’t you follow in his footsteps! Quickly, before they come upstairs, we should rescue this young girl to see if there’s any extra reward! If we wait for them to come upstairs, then it will be too late!” Zhang ShengNan urged Hu Rong .

“This situation isn’t so good . ” Hu Rong was still hesitant . While stuck in between sibling rivalry, he had to make a difficult decision .

“Both of you are useless!” Zhang ShengNan was in a huff as she yelled at Hu Rong . She dropped the tranquilizer gun in her hands . Then, she walked over to the nearby room and started carrying the backup battery by herself . Despite Hu Rong obstructing her, she placed the backup battery into the empty groove .

The laboratory’s light started to brighten the room . The nearby workstations echoed with noise as they were powered by electricity . The workstation right next to the alloy metal cage also lit up . The startup procedure began and lights flickered on the screen . An interface appeared where codes could be entered onto the screen, and an on-screen keyboard also appeared .

Hu Rong didn’t do anything to stop Zhang ShengNan, and he only picked up the tranquilizer gun . Then, he checked the drug within the gun, so he could prepare for any unexpected situation . Just in case, he would shoot the young girl and put her to sleep .

“What do I need to enter here?” Zhang ShengNan absentmindedly looked at the monitor with the code input box .

“I know . ” said LingLing and repeated the code to Zhang ShengNan .

That caused Hu Rong to be suspicious as he nervously looked at LingLing within the cage .

After Zhang ShengNan entered the code, a notification popped up on the monitor that indicated it was unable to connect to the system . When Hu Rong saw that there was an error connecting to the system, he was able to relax . After a little while, LingLing gave Zhang ShengNan another code that was different from before . Zhang ShengNan entered the new code, and it still indicated an error .

“She has been trapped within the cage, so how would she know the code? Even if she knew the code, then that only showed that there was something suspicious going on . ” Hu Rong opened his mouth to remind Zhang ShengNan because he felt uneasy .

Zhang ShengNan was in a bad mood and glared at Hu Rong . It was impossible to get through to her now, even if it was a friendly warning . Zhang ShengNan asked LingLing for a new code, and LingLing thought about it for awhile before modifying one letter within the code . Zhang ShengNan re-entered the modified code, and this time the system accepted the code and entered into operation mode .

Within the operation mode, there was an option to release the lock . Zhang ShengNan immediately pressed the unlock button . She didn’t even care about the red words of warning right next to the button ‘Your actions could possibly trigger severe consequences . Do you want to continue?’

At this moment, Zhang ShengNan only wanted to quickly release the young girl . All this was to prove to her brother and boyfriend that she was correct and that Liu Gan was wrong and inhumane .

The moment Zhang ShengNan pressed the button, the alloy metal cage made a noise like a lock retracting, and LingLing exited the cage .

“Thank you Auntie for saving me,” LingLing said after escaping the cage, but she didn’t attack Zhang ShengNan and Hu Rong . LingLing only graciously looked at Zhang ShengNan . Hu Rong had been watching LingLing’s actions closely, so he was very nervous . Now he could relax a little; however, he didn’t let go of the tranquilizer gun in his hand .

“This is what we are supposed to do . ” Zhang ShengNan said as she walked up to LingLing to hold her in her arms . On LingLing’s soft cheeks, ShengNan gave a quick kiss .

“ShengNan…” Hu Rong looked nervously at his girlfriend and the young girl . However, LingLing didn’t do anything abnormal . She only snuggled closely within Zhang ShengNan’s arms, and it doesn’t seem like LingLing would attack .

“This is such an adorable child, so why would there be any danger? It must be because Liu Gan is perverted!” Zhang ShengNan said to Hu Rong . After a while, Hu Rong felt LingLing wasn’t going to be dangerous, so he was able to exhale all his nervousness .

“Yes, you are right . ” Hu Rong replied to Zhang ShengNan . It seemed like Liu Gan’s worries were unnecessary .

“Auntie, do you know how to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’?” LingLing suddenly asked Zhang ShengNan .

“What?” Zhang ShengNan was at a loss for words .

“Can you sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?” asked LingLing unhappily .

“No, I can’t sing…” Zhang ShengNan was a physical education student, and she was tone deaf . In addition, she normally didn’t sing regularly .

“Why don’t you know how to sing?” asked LingLing as she became even unhappier .

“Auntie can’t sing . ” Zhang ShengNan tried her best to explain .

LingLing’s facial expression became more and more sinister . Suddenly, she reached out and clawed at Zhang ShengNan’s cheek . Zhang ShengNan wasn’t able to defend in time, and an eyeball was ripped forcibly from its socket by the young girl’s steel-like fingers . A large portion of Zhang Shengnan’s face was torn off, causing Zhang ShengNan to scream at the top of her lungs .

Everything happened too suddenly, so Hu Rong had no time to react in that moment . He was simply dumbfounded . Just when he came to his senses, he raised the tranquilizer gun and pointed it at LingLing . He fired . The drug’s needle struck LingLing’s back, but it didn’t seem to have any effect as LingLing continued to claw at Zhang ShengNan .

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