The Trembling World - Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Humiliation and Anger

This was probably one of the preset background stories that would lead to an important clue for uncovering the truth . It was just that there were very few clues to begin with, and Liu Gan still wasn’t able to find convincing evidence that this clue had meaning . It was possible this was a strategy regarding the truth behind this game . At least for Liu Gan, he merely uncovered the tip of the iceberg .

Even though DuDu’s corpse hadn’t been dissected yet, Liu Gan could determine that within this young boy was a parasitic-type variant zombie . With a metallic reflective glow, this parasite resided within DuDu’s skull . It could control the movement of this young boy, and imitate a human .

A variant zombie that possessed intelligence was very frightening . Luckily, DuDu was only an incomplete product . It was defective, so it wasn’t able to bring out its truth strength . This parasite was unable to leave the body of the host, so once its host died, it followed suit .

Since Liu Gan drowned the boy, he had no knowledge of this Parasite Variant Zombie’s attacking and combat strength . So if he was to encounter another species of Parasite Variant Zombie, he wouldn’t know how to handle the situation or how to fight them .

Since this parasite could take control of a young boy’s body, later on it could take control of an adult and be free to travel . It seemed like the future of this game just became more difficult . So later on, even if he met regular people, he would have to be on high alert to not be misled by this facade .

As for the next step, Liu Gan really wanted to dissect the boy to investigate, but he couldn’t break open the alloy metal cage .

Zhang ShengLi caught up to Hu Rong and Zhang ShengNan . ShengLi pulled ShengNan over to a room by the stairs, and both males started to apologize and placate her . Zhang ShengLi even slapped himself in the face twice, in hopes of appeasing Zhang ShengNan .

“Your classmate’s brain is not thinking straight . He would even kill such a small boy! Are we really going to follow him?” Zhang ShengNan hatefully asked her brother .

“He reconsidered and won’t lead us anymore . ” Zhang ShengLi replied to Zhang ShengNan . Deep down Zhang ShengLi knew that Liu Gan had nothing to lose if the three of them left, but it was a great loss for them without Liu Gan . Since this was their situation right now, he couldn’t help it .

“What are your plans? Do we continue going down?” Hu Rong asked the Zhang siblings with his face downcast .

“The 90th floor is up above . I suggest that we go up and take a look around . What danger can this building possibly have? Right now, even if several zombies appear, we can still handle it . ” Zhang ShengNan said after pondering for a while .

“It’s close to midnight, so let’s not take the risk . The floors below us are all cleared out, and we can find a safe place below to rest up . As for our plans, let’s decide tomorrow when the sun is up . ” Zhang ShengLi suggested since he didn’t agree with Zhang ShengNan’s decision .

“Brother, are you a man? Why do you have no guts after leaving your classmate? I don’t want to rest yet; I want to kill more zombies!” Zhang ShengNan angrily replied to Zhang ShengLi . Ever since Liu Gan called her dumb, she didn’t have anyone to vent her frustrations on, so it remained in her heart . She was in a bad mood .

“ShengNan, just listen to your brother . ” Hu Rong said to Zhang ShengNan .

“It’s up to you guys . If you want to sleep, then go downstairs . I will go upstairs alone and kill zombies!” Zhang ShengNan said as she suddenly ran up the stairs . Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong had no choice but to pursue her .

After the two of them caught up to Zhang ShengNan, they were able to convince her that once the 90th floor was cleared, they would find a place to rest up . So, the three of them were together in the dark, investigating the floor .

A zombie in the dark suddenly charged over . Since Zhang ShengNan was in the front, she had a fire axe in one hand and slashed at the zombie’s neck . She felt rejuvenated within her heart as she killed . She was imagining the zombies were Liu Gan .

There were several zombies that charged over in the dark, but they were all chopped down by Zhang ShengNan’s fire axe . This female’s combat power was definitely strong, and these normal zombies were no longer a match for her . As long as they didn’t surround her, she wouldn’t be in too much danger .

“ShengNan, you better be careful! Don’t charge too fiercely . Maintain our formation . ” Zhang ShengLi reminded his sister throughout .

“Coward!” Zhang ShengNan made a hand sign with her thumb pointing downward .

The 90th floor design was similar to the 89th floor . There weren’t too many zombies, but it was definitely dark . With the aid of the flashlight, the three of them were able to clear out the floor with ease . Especially Zhang ShengNan, when she felt humiliated and angry internally, she was able to bring out extraordinary combat strength . She killed a majority of the zombies .

After ten minutes, the three players cleared out the 90th floor, but Zhang ShengNan still refused to go down to rest . She started heading towards the 91st floor, and Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong were unable to block her path . If they forcefully obstructed her, she would shout and attract more attention, so they ended up just following her up to the 91st floor .

After half an hour, Zhang ShengNan was able to kill her way up to the 93rd floor . She was satisfied with this type of venting to release her anger, and her body was becoming exhausted . At the same time, there was suddenly a faint sobbing noise on the 93rd floor in the darkness . It seemed like a young girl was producing this sound . It was full of despair and helplessness .

Thinking about DuDu on the previous floor, Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong suddenly were on high alert . However, Zhang ShengNan had already started walking quickly towards the source of the sound . After chopping down two more zombies blocking her way, Zhang ShengNan pushed open the room’s door . Using her flashlight, she shined her light over at the source .

Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong quickly followed, and they looked into the laboratory .

They couldn’t believe it . This laboratory had the exact same setting as the 89th floor with the exact same alloy metal cage . A similar-aged girl as DuDu from before was within the cage! The sobbing noise that they heard was produced by the young girl .

“Please save me…” The young girl said as she saw the three of them coming in . She started begging the three of them for help .

Just like the cute young boy before, this girl was also very cute . With her large eyes and lovely face, Zhang ShengNan’s heart melted . Quickly, Zhang ShengNan walked over to the metal cage .

“ShengNan, this is very strange, don’t go too close . ” Zhang ShengLi reached his hand out to hold onto Zhang ShengNan’s shoulder .

“Save it!” Zhang ShengNan brushed her brother’s hand off and kneeled beside the metal cage .

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