The Trembling World - Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Renewing Authorization

If Liu Gan could properly acquire the PDA’s authorization, this would significantly improve his survival rate .


However, he was stuck on this small problem . He couldn’t answer the two remaining security questions .

Then, one can only foolishly guess .

Jiang JinYuan seemed to have mentioned his daughter’s birthday before . Those few days were exactly like these few days, and was it constantly raining?

Then, would that be a hint? Did he name his daughter after the rain?

Liu Gan tried the name “Jiang Yu” .

[TL: ‘Yu’ is the chinese pronunciation for rain]



The system notification indicated that Liu Gan had two remaining attempts . After the two attempts, it would remain permanently locked . Any further attempts would require contacting the manufacturer’s technical staff .

Manufacturer’s technical staff, what nonsense is this?

The moment it locked permanently, it would really become trash .

It looked like blindly guessing the answer definitely wasn’t viable .

“Buddy Jiang, why did you have to die so fast!” Liu Gan lamented . Jiang JinYuan was now dead, so how else could he find the two correct answers?

He was playing this game and teaming up with an NPC for a long time . Just when the NPC’s legendary weapon landed into his hands, it became a waste because of his own personal negligence!

[TL: Author is comparing Jiang JinYuan to the NPC, but he isn’t a NPC]

If only Liu Gan had paid a little more attention when Jiang JinYuan was chatting with him about his family background . Then, it might be possible to answer these two security questions easily, but it was all too late now .

Honestly, it was hard to swallow!

Liu Gan searched Jiang JinYuan’s body one more time . He even went so far as stripping him down, just to ensure that he didn’t tattoo his daughter’s name and birthday onto his body . Eventually, all was for naught .

Liu Gan got so angry he thought of smashing the PDA into bits and pieces, but just when he glanced at the PDA’s screen, he suddenly had a flash of insight…

“Why isn’t his daughter’s name Jiang Yu?”

“Could it be…”

“DARN! I know the answer!”

“It should be Jiang Xiao Yu, Jiang Xing Yu, or something like Jiang Xia Yu… The possibilities are endless…”

[TL: ‘xiao’ means little/small . ‘xing’ means star . ‘xia’ means dawn, and ‘yu’ means rain . ]

“Which one could it be?”

“With only two guesses left…”

“Let’s gamble!”

Liu Gan entered in the three letters ‘Jiang Xiao Yu’ into the second question box .

A green check mark light lit up right by the answer box, indicating that Liu Gan answered it correctly .

“I am honestly, too smart!” Liu Gan felt his heart beating from outside of his chest . If his assumption was correct, he already had the answer to the third question . This time, he was more certain than he was for the second question .

Without any hesitation, Liu Gan entered the answer into the third question box . He entered 2009-04-06 into the digit slots . Then, he pressed the enter button .

A green check mark light up next to the answer box . Evidently, Liu Gan also cleared this security question flawlessly .

“Equipment initializing…”

Initialization successful…”

“Restarting new authorization…”

“Please put your fingers on the monitor located within the green box, so that we can recognize your fingerprints by scanning it and recording it…”

“Please place the camera equipment and aim it as close to your eye as possible . Hold for 3 seconds . We will proceed to iris scan for recording…”

“Place the finger alongside the electric battery power next to a small indent . We will extract your DNA for screening and recording . You will experience a slight pinprick of pain…”

“Please set your new security questions…”


After a complicated process, Liu Gan was able to successfully obtain ownership of the PDA . Officially, he owned [The Trembling World]’s bugged out legendary item . Now, no matter how he operated the PDA, it would function properly .

As for how Liu Gan thought of the two correct answers and how he knew Jiang JinYuan’s daughter was called Jiang Xiao Yu with her birthday on April 6, 2009… It could only be said that Jiang JinYuan really loved his daughter . He set the PDA password to J9X4Y6, which was the biggest clue to solving the two questions . It was a combination of his daughter’s name and birthday conjoined together .

The password had the letters JXY spelled out combined with the fact that he said it was raining on the day his daughter was born . So his daughter’s name was Jiang X Rain was a reasonable guess . Even if X could be ‘xiao’‘xing’, or some other designated character that phonetically sounds with X, Liu Gan could only gamble on it .

His luck wasn’t all that bad . It only took him one try . As for the numbers 946, Liu Gan knew the year was 2009, so the remaining 4 and 6 would have to be the month and the date .

When parents set up passcodes, they love using their children’s names and birthdays since it was the moment in their life that was hardest to forget . Jiang JinYuan loved his wife and daughter, so it wasn’t strange at all to have this sort of password .

Acquiring full access to the PDA, Liu Gan first attached the probing device to the PDA . Then, he immediately scanned his surroundings . His main priority was to track down the tentacle monster from earlier . It was unavoidable that his previous experience was quite sudden . If Liu Gan didn’t kill two colossal zombies to achieve level 5 along with his passive ability ‘Mist Armor’, he would’ve been dead like Jiang JinYuan under the attack of the tentacles .

A tentacle monster was clearly a type of mutated zombie . The moment Liu Gan chopped off the two tentacles, he realized that these tentacles weren’t tank-like the colossal zombie . Even though it’s offensive capabilities were very strong, it’s defense was just average at best .

However, since it was hidden and didn’t make much noise, it’s sudden ambush could catch people off guard .

Since Jiang JinYuan was so focused on the PDA’s communications, he didn’t proceed to scan the area for safety measures . Unsure of how and where it came down from to kill Jiang JinYuan, Liu Gan was absolutely certain that he couldn’t let the same thing happen twice .

Liu Gan opened up the PDA’s scanning procedure and aimed the probing device toward the four corners of his surroundings . It was able to register a radius of 800 meters around him . The PDA showed a large amount of red dots that represented infected zombies . One ‘+’ symbol indicated that it exceeded 3 meters above Liu Gan . Two ‘+’ symbols indicated that it was at a height of at least 6 meters above Liu Gan .

With this reasoning, the red dots next to Liu Gan represented they were on the same level . There was an eye catching dark red dot with 8 ‘+’ symbols, which mean it was hidden at a distance at least 20 meters above Liu Gan . Judging from its distance, this dark red dot could represent the mutated zombie with tentacles or a colossal zombie . Since it was injured, Liu Gan suspected that it retreated back up above the warehouse .

Liu Gan assumed that this building had a ventilation shaft that led directly straight up and down to this large vacant room . That was how the tentacle zombie was able to sneak into their location .

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