The Trembling World - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Gifts

“Boss, what do you plan to do next?” Pan Hua was testing Liu Gan with this question . No matter what, all he hoped for was that Liu Gan wouldn’t abandon him and LuLu . However, he knew that was impossible .

“Continue exploring this world, finding food, and looking for a safe place to sleep while trying my best to survive,” Liu Gan indifferently replied Pan Hua .

Pan Hua had something he wanted to ask, but he didn’t . He wanted to know what was his plan within this zombie world?

Liu Gan had a plan, but he never told Pan Hua and LuLu . Previously, when he discovered the footsteps of the colossal zombie in front of the institution, he wanted to continue tracking the colossal zombie to assassinate it .

Every time he killed the normal zombies, he would obtain very faint, hazy orbs . The amount of experience he obtained felt nonexistent to Liu Gan . So if he could kill one or several colossal zombies, he might be able to absorb more black orbs to improve his skills . He could also use the opportunity to test the durability of his alloy metal limbs .

In the real world, Liu Gan was a quadruple amputee and useless in his opinion, but in The Trembling World, he found his new life’s purpose–to massacre zombies and become stronger . Just like this morning with the five scumbags, if it were in the real world before Liu Gan had his limbs amputated, he still couldn’t do what he had done .

But that simply just wasn’t enough for him . He wasn’t satisfied…

After eating breakfast, Liu Gan tidied up his gear . He tried to bring as much food and drinkable water as he could, but he also had to consider an amount that wouldn’t impact his mobility . Finally, he was able to fit all the things he wanted into one backpack; the rest was left for Pan Hua and LuLu .
“Boss, would you really not give us another chance?” Pan Hua asked Liu Gan . LuLu also looked over in the direction of Liu Gan .

“Outside of this door, the zombies are in charge, and in addition to that, there are other players and local survivors; you guys should be safe here,” Liu Gan replied to Pan Hua .

“Boss, without you protecting us, no matter where we go, it won’t be safe . We won’t last very long,” Pan Hua expressed his concerns to Liu Gan .

As LuLu looked up at Liu Gan, she knew it was hopeless, and her face showed that . It was her poor performance during the night shift that put them in danger, and due to this, Pan Hua and her had lost their worth and weren’t needed beside Liu Gan .

“If you guys have time, find wooden planks of some sort and reinforce this area to create a stronghold that can’t be breached easily . An escape rope can be nailed onto the balcony wall, so if you are within the house and in danger, use that as an escape route onto the next household rooftop .

“I left you these supplies, so you must find a hidden location to hide them all . Use only what you need . Even though this district doesn’t have many people, there is a huge chance that players and local survivors will wander into this location . Once they discover that you have so many resources, they will find ways to rob you of it . ”

“Don’t forget that this is a game, so killing zombies would level you up . After leveling up, your strength and bodily capabilities would significantly increase . So killing more would increase your chance of survival . ”

“Lastly, in this apocalyptic world, you have to use your brain more often . Sincerity and honesty won’t earn you praise . Being weak and cowardly will ultimately harm yourself and your teammates . If you want to gain power, you must earn it yourself, not only physical gain, but the mentality and willpower too . ” Liu Gan gave this last advice to Pan Hua, and looked to LuLu, before heading towards the door .

That speech was the last gift he could give them; the meaning of it surpassed the food and water necessities in importance . If they could understand what he imparted, it would be their fortune; if they couldn’t, then that was also their fate .

“Thank you, Boss, I will be forever grateful to you . ” Pan Hua ran up to Liu Gan, who had already descended down the stairs and disappeared around the corner .
“What do we do? Should we follow him?” LuLu walked over to the doorway . She was panicking as she asked Pan Hua what to do next .

“He won’t let us follow . If we tried to follow him, he wouldn’t be too happy . It is very easy for him to lose us,” Pan Hua said after thinking for a little while .

“Without his protection, we will die . ” LuLu felt a chill in her heart .

“I… I will think of ways to protect you . ” Pan Hua tried to reassure LuLu . Finally, he was alone with his idol, but he didn’t have the ability to protect her . So deep down, he was ashamed of himself .

“Thank you…” LuLu whispered to Pan Hua, but from the expression on her face, it was evident that she knew he didn’t have that capability .

“LuLu, we must strengthen ourselves . If we want to survive, we can’t be such cowards,” Pan Hua motivated LuLu and himself .

“Yes,” LuLu responded gloomily .

“All this food can last us up to a week, so we must do as he said and guard this area . We should reinforce the windows and make other preparations against raids,” Pan Hua told LuLu his plans .

“Good idea . ” LuLu didn’t have any opinions, so she just agreed to what Pan Hua suggested .

“I will go down to the district to investigate and see if there are any usable materials . LuLu, you have to stay here and be careful; try not to create any noise . I will be back soon . ” Pan Hua walked over to the window to scout out their surroundings .

“No way! What will happen if you encounter a zombie?” LuLu asked Pan Hua .

“This small residential district doesn’t seem to have any more zombies . If there was one, it would be even better because I have to learn how to engage in combat with a zombie . Otherwise, if we do get surrounded, we will both die . ” Pan Hua held up his iron rod, but both his hands were shaking .

“These zombies are too powerful; don’t you dare try to engage them . You will die,” LuLu replied out of fear to Pan Hua .
“I have to take that risk; it is better than waiting to die . Liu Gan Boss was right . As you can see, I’m only level 1, but by killing a few zombies, I could level up to level 2 or even higher . I will definitely be combat ready, so no matter where we go, we won’t have to be afraid,” Pan Hua replied to LuLu after pondering for a little bit .

“Then count me in; two people will be stronger than just one . If we do find a zombie, you can distract the zombie from the front, and I will engage it from the back…” LuLu hesitated before giving her answer .

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