The Trembling World - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Adapting to different situations

Originally, the five scumbags were just passing by so they didn’t have any interest in the hardware store . That was until, LuLu knocked into the chair, producing a sound; enough to cause one of the gangster to be aware .

That gangster lifted his head and saw that hiding behind the balcony railings was LuLu . He called for the other gangsters . The gangster lifted his head and shortly after his eyes met with LuLu hiding behind the balcony railing, proceeded to call for the other gangsters .

“This house has someone living in it? No wonder the minimart has no food or water left . It must have been them who took all the supplies!” Several of the gangsters were done releasing their anger, thus, they now had no interest in the women and only wanted to take away the food and water .

To survive in this world, food and drinkable water was the most important resource .

LuLu, seeing that she has been discovered, couldn’t hide anymore . Frightened, she rushed into the room where she was blocked by Liu Gan, who had already woken up with a hand covering her mouth so she won’t scream .

LuLu wanted to say something, but Liu Gan pushed her into the room after releasing her . Then walked over towards the balcony to look down below . One of the gangster tied down both hands of the female, who was covered in blood . From the looks it, the girl was not allowed to escape .

“Young man, if you can send the female down to us together with the food, we will let you go!” Of the five gangsters, a tall and sturdy yellow checkered-shirted male shouted up towards the balcony where Liu Gan was, displaying his might .

LuLu in the room heard the shout from below, with her whole body trembling . She knew that if she took the goods downstairs, the scumbags would do the exact same thing they did to the other girl, to her; they will treat them as sex slaves .

“What if I don’t agree?” Liu Gan replied to the yellow checkered-shirted male .

Hearing Liu Gan’s reply, LuLu was able to release her breath . Luckily, Liu Gan didn’t agree to those people . Otherwise, she would have had no escape .

“Don’t agree?” Hahahaha… Do you know what is in my hands?” Yellow checkered-shirted male displayed two of his hand grenades to Liu Gan as a show of his prowess .

“Hand grenade?” Liu Gan raised his eyebrow, that is good stuff…

“I’ll count to three . If you don’t agree with my suggestion, I will send the hand grenade flying into your house . I’m sure you will know the consequences of that,” Yellow checkered-shirted male threatened, blatantly allowing an expression of amusement be present on his face .

LuLu hearing that, once again felt her heart sink . If she were Liu Gan, she would probably have had to make the exchange this time . The difference in power between both sides was too huge, neither she nor Pan Hua had any battle capability . No matter how strong Liu Gan was, he couldn’t fight against all five by himself .

Another thing, if the three of them decide to remain in the hardware store, and the enemy tosses the hand grenade in, all three of them would undoubtedly die .

“Fine, you win . I will accept your terms of agreement! The goods and the female are yours!” Liu Gan at the top of the balcony replied to yellow checkered-shirted male .

“Young man you know how to adapt to the circumstances,” Yellow-checkered shirt male praised . Hand grenades were very valuable assets . Unless he had no choice, he wouldn’t choose to rashly use them . These were the beginner weapons of starting players, and the use count would decrease by one after every use .

“I beg you, don’t give me to them… Fatty, we agreed…” LuLu trembled with fear as she begged Liu Gan and at the same time looked toward Pan Hua .

“What did I tell you before? What did I tell you to do when you were supposed to be on guard? Now that people want to come kill us, you want to blame me?” Liu Gan angrily replied to LuLu .

“I… I was scared…” LuLu’s body shook with fear before turning her gaze towards Pan Hua .

“You committed your own mistakes, now own up to it! Follow me down!” Liu Gan shouted to LuLu, while moving over to his backpack to pick it up .
“I’m not going down! I’d rather they blow me up!” LuLu bit her lip as she replied to Liu Gan . She’d rather get blown up than be down with the people below . They were truly brutal, worst than scums .

“I don’t want to be weighed down by you! Stupid woman!” Liu Gan walked over and gave her a slap that made her drop to the floor . LuLu tried to resist, but Liu Gan produced a rope and proceeded to tie her arms and legs while a piece of white cloth covered her mouth .

Then Liu Gan lifted LuLu onto his shoulder, with the other hand holding the backpack .

“Boss, you don’t need to be like this…” Pan Hua blocking his path down the stairs .

“Move! Otherwise, I will hack you to death with my axe” Liu Gan bellowed .

“Boss, don’t be like that… LuLu was too scared that’s why she forgot what you ordered her . She didn’t do it on purpose…” Pan Hua shook with fear, but didn’t move away from the stairs .

Liu Gan advanced a few steps forward and rammed into Pan Hua, making the man fall to the floor in a daze . . By the time he got back up, Liu Gan had already carried LuLu to the floor below .

Pan Hua searched everywhere and finally found a knife . With that in hand, he rushed downstairs .

By the time Pan Hua reached the first floor, Liu Gan had already lugged LuLu down the stairs and produced the key to open the first floor metal grating gate . Carrying the backpack and LuLu, he made his way to the back alley .

“This woman here doesn’t obey, so I could only tie her up . Here’s the food and water, you can take it . Also, I was wondering… if you bosses are accepting applications for new members? I have some brute strength, so I can help carry stuff . All I want to do is survive under you bosses,” Liu Gan said as he dropped LuLu and the backpack on the ground . At the same time he threw the axe onto the floor, displaying both hands in a show of non-aggression to the gangsters .

“Seeing that you are a person who can adapt to circumstances, moreover, you have some skills and you show us respect . You can follow us!” Yellow checkered-shirted agreed to Liu Gan’s request . To survive in this world, one additional able body was hard to find, and recruiting a few more people wasn’t a bad idea anyhow .
When Liu Gan went downstairs, he was very obedient in trading the female and the goods, with his axe thrown onto the floor . Yellow checkered-shirted male thought Liu Gan was truly going to pledge his allegiance .

“Good! I will call you Boss from now on, and Boss you have to take care of me . ” Liu Gan joyfully walked closer with his smiling face and attitude displaying respect .

“Hahahaha…” Yellow checkered-shirted male couldn’t help but smile, but his smile only last a few seconds before it came to an abrupt end…

Liu Gan swiftly attacked him with one of his alloyed metal hands, and within a short moment, grabbed his neck and broke it .

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