The Sovereign’s Ascension - Chapter 436

No one knew if she was doing it on purpose, but when she announced the Sword Firmament Pavilion, her gaze stopped at Lin Yun briefly. But a second later, she continued her announcement, “...Lin Yun VS the Sword Cloud Pavilion’s Twilight!”

Her announcement instantly caused a sensation.

“Lin Yun is going up against Twilight?”

“Isn’t his luck a little too bad? His first opponent is already one of the eight titles, Twilight.”

“If I remember correctly, Twilight’s junior brother died in Lin Yun’s hands, right?”

“Hehe, this is getting interesting. A battle between the new generation elites, and also a battle between elites. Lin Yun is really unlucky to run into Twilight.”

“I wonder who will receive a title.”

The spectators were all excited by the announcement. They could already imagine the intensity of the battle in their heads, and they have to admit that the competition this time was more exciting.

“Hehe, interesting. You didn’t run into Flying Feather but Twilight instead. In the end, you’ll still die,” snickered Ye Feng after a brief shock.

“Senior Brother Ye, we’re fellow disciples. Can’t you watch your mouth?” Xin Yan frowned.

“I’m just speaking the truth. Do you think Lin Yun can defeat Twilight?” smiled Ye Feng.

“You!” Xin Yan’s face turned dark, and she was stopped by Lin Yun just when she was about to flare up.

“Senior Brother Ye, you should be concerned about yourself instead. The Hundred Beast Gate’s Feng Ye isn’t that simple,” said Lin Yun.

“Is that so? He’s just a barbarian, and I have experienced more things than you in my journey,” sneered Ye Feng.

Lin Yun didn’t say anything else and sneered inwardly. If Ye Feng really thinks that way, then it would surely suffer greatly three days from now. He was warning Ye Feng out of goodwill, but it was fine if Ye Feng didn’t appreciate it.

“Elder Luo.” Ye Feng recollected himself seeing Luo Feng coming back up.

“You guys already know your opponents, right?”


Luo Feng first looked at Bai Lixuan, and he said, “Bai Lixuan, your opponent is the Primal Origin Sect’s Zuo Yun. I’ve seen this person back in the Princess’ Banquet, and he’s definitely not simple.”

“Maybe.” Bai Lixuan smiled, and he didn’t place Zuo Yun in his eyes.

“Ye Feng, your opponent is Feng Ye. This person has a fortuitous encounter in the Demonlotus Realm, and you can’t underestimate him.”

Luo Feng wasn’t too worried about Bai Lixuan. After all, Luo Feng could tell that Bai Lixuan was hiding something, and the Saint Physique was definitely not as simple as it looks. On the other hand, Ye Feng might be in the quasi-Violet Palace Realm, but his opponent was a monstrous genius of the Barbarian Tribe. He was worried that Ye Feng would look down on his opponent.

“I won’t look down on him, but I’m pretty confident about winning,” Ye Feng was more tamed in front of Luo Feng, but anyone could hear the arrogance in his tone.

“That’s the best.” Luo Feng nodded, and his gaze fell onto Lin Yun. “Lin Yun, your opponent is…”

“I know, Twilight of the eight titles. There are also rumors that he could kill cultivators in the Violet Palace Realm,” smiled Lin Yun.

“You’re still in the mood to smile? Can it be that you’re confident about winning him?” Luo Feng smiled.

“50%. At least 50%,” replied Lin Yun with a serious tone. This made everyone else dazed briefly. Luo Feng was only saying that casually, but he never expected that Lin Yun would give a serious reply.

“How could someone who could even kill a Violet Palace Realm demonic beast not even have 50% chances of defeating a titled figure? Elder Luo Feng, don’t underestimate our Junior Brother Lin here,” smiled Bai Lixuan mysteriously.

His words made Lin Yun’s face change as he replied, “I knew it. You’re the one who peeped on my training.”

He could sense that someone was watching him in his fight with the demonic beast back then, but that person was well hidden, and Lin Yun thought that it was a misconception.

“I’ll take my leave first, Elder Luo.” said Bai Lixuan.

“I’m also leaving.” Ye Feng looked at Lin Yun before he left. He was rather surprised by Bai Lixuan’s words. But did Lin Yun think that he had 50% chances of defeating Twilight just because he could kill Violet Palace Realm demonic beasts? Twilight was someone who could slay a genuine Violet Palace Realm cultivator. In his view, Lin Yun didn’t even have 20% chances of winning. Then again, he didn’t say it out with Luo Feng here.

Very quickly, everyone began to take their leave waiting for the battle three days later. Luo Feng wasn’t too bothered by Bai Lixuan’s words, and he advised, “Lin Yun, it’s best if you stay in the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s branch in the next three days.”

“Understood.” Although no one would try to assassinate him publicly in the capital, it still wasn’t safe here.

“Hehe, Big Brother, let’s go to the Myriad Treasure Pavilion first.” Li Wuyou looked at Lin Yun, and he continued, “The bet was 1:2 on you not appearing in the competition. I placed my bet on you, and I’ve earned quite a bit.”

“Then what’s the rate of my becoming the champion?” asked Lin Yun casually.

“If I remember correctly, it’s nearly 1:10. Qin Yu has the lowest rate, and it pisses me off. As if he’ll become the champion for certain.”

“That high?” Lin Yun was shocked. He never imagined that his rate would be so high. Then again, it made sense if he thought about it. The seven titled figures were the popular participants, and among them, Qin Yu naturally had the highest popularity.

The Myriad Treasure Pavilion wasn’t optimistic that he would show up in the competition, not to mention him grabbing the champion. Then again, no one would also believe that he could become the champion.

Although the rates were high, not many people have placed a bet on it. After Lin Yun recollected his thoughts, he replied, “I won’t be going. I want to pay the Sword Burial Woods a visit. Senior Sister, Wuyou, are you two coming with me?”

“Nah, I’m tired. Just don’t forget to be late,” said Xin Yan as she narrowed her eyes into slits.

“The Sword Burial Woods? Count me out…” Li Wuyou was clearly afraid of Lord Thirteen.

When darkness enveloped the sky, the Sword Burial Woods was located on the cold lake in the capital.

Riding the Dragon Blooded Horse, Lin Yun was filled with emotions with a grave expression. Xin Yan must know that Xin Jue was buried in the Sword Burial Woods, and she still couldn’t come to face it yet. She might be smiling, but Lin Yun knew that her scar had yet to heal. Even he didn’t have any courage to face Xin Jue, facing someone who died to protect him. But he knew that he had to come to face it ultimately. After all, running away was for cowards.

A cold light flashed in his eyes, and Lin Yun spoke out, “Let’s go!”

The Dragon Blooded Horse turned into a bolt of light and ran on the surface of the water. Along the way as the mist slowly dissipates, Lin Yun could see an old man donned in a hood fishing in the water.

“You’re here?” The old man’s voice sounded out. He didn’t need to look to know who came.

“I just finished the first round of the competition, and there’s three days before the next battle. So I’m here to pay you a visit,” said Lin Yun as he guided the Dragon Blooded Horse to Lord Thirteen’s direction. It had been some time since they met, and Lord Thirteen looks even older than before.

“Lord Thirteen, your hair became white,” said Lin Yun with his face changed.

“You’re rather considerate.” A smile rose up on Lord Thirteen’s lips as he continued, “The Dragon Gate Competition is held once every three years, and no one is optimistic that you can reach the end with your cultivation in the ninth stage. I believe many people have advised you to wait for the next, so what are you so anxious about?”

“I’m keeping a promise I made,” said Lin Yun in a calm tone. “I don’t want to leave behind any regrets, and let those I care about to suffer for another three years.”

He had to obtain the champion to save Xin Yan’s relatives and allow her regain her surname. This was a thorn stuck in Xin Yan’s heart all these years, and Lin Yun knew that she was in pain about it. Furthermore, three years was too long.

“Not leaving behind any regrets?”

“Yeah. I want to fight for the present.” The starlight fell onto Lin Yun’s face. Looking at the cold lake, a reminiscing smile rose on his lips, and he said, “No regrets left behind!”

Lord Thirteen turned his head around, and he looked at the purple mark on Lin Yun’s forehead. This was a slavery brand that would follow Lin Yun for his entire life. But under the sunlight, Lin Yun’s mark dazzled like a bright star in the sky.

Those words were arrogant, and Lin Yun was still young. But so what? It was precisely because he was young that he was doing this.

“Lord Thirteen, there’s a bite!” Lin Yun looked at the fishing rod in excitement.

“Yeah. I’ve been fishing this kind for a decade, and it ran off two times. This is already the third time, and if I can’t get it this time, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get it anymore in my lifetime. Brat, do you dare to take this rod on my behalf?” Lord Thirteen revealed a youth smile.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up as he stepped forth and took the rod over.