The Sovereign’s Ascension - Chapter 434

A crimson radiance bloomed from Wu Mohan’s palm before it condensed into a crimson spear. When The spear appeared, it brought Wu Mohan’s aura to a whole new level. At the same time, the ferocity in his eyes made him look like a demonic beast.

“Profound grade martial soul!” The spectators exclaimed out when they saw the spear. Martial souls were separated into Sky, Earthen, Profound, and Amber Grades. Each grade were further divided into nine stages. The symbol of an amber grade martial soul was the yellow brilliance when it was summoned. Although the spear in Wu Mohan didn’t show any signs, anyone could tell that it wasn’t an amber grade martial soul.

“Generally speaking, it’s hard even for cultivators in the Violet Palace Realm to promote their martial soul to the profound grade.”

“Just how did he manage to do it?”

“Could it be that he was born with a profound grade martial soul? If that’s the case, then isn’t he a little too strong?” The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party frowned their eyebrows. Clearly, no one had expected that someone so insignificant would be so powerful.

Not only was his cultivation in the quasi-Violet Palace Realm, but he even had a profound grade martial soul. This meant that his strength was comparable to the Violet Palace Realm, and Lin Yun would be in danger.

The crimson spear emitted a bloodlust that enveloped the entire stage. Wu Mohan narrowed his eyes into slits, and he looked at Lin Yun coldly, “This is my martial soul, the Purgatory Spear!”

Lin Yun’s face also turned grave when Wu Mohan brought out his marital soul. Guardian Plum had told him that he needed to protect his martial soul from being damaged if he wanted to reach the Heavenly Soul Realm. So other sect’s elites should understand it as well.

After all, it was fine if you lost the competition since you could come back three years later. But if your martial soul was damaged, then you would lose the chance to reach the Heavenly Soul Realm in your lifetime. So this meant that Wu Mohan must be confident about killing him since he brought out his martial soul, and there must be a secret to this spear.

“I was planning to use this when fighting the titles. But you can be proud to force me to bring it out!” Wu Mohan’s words reeked of bloodlust that instilled fear in the hearts of those who heard it. He didn’t give Lin Yun any time to think and the spear in his hand began to emit a buzzing noise.

Under the buzzing noise, Lin Yun felt as though his soul was about to leap out of his body. There was something peculiar about the buzzing noise.

In the next moment, Wu Mohan’s dracophant energy turned into a crimson streak as he stabbed his spear at Lin Yun’s heart, mouth, eyes, forehead, and many other vital spots.

“Heavenly Seal!” Lin Yun snorted and thirty-three swords opened in a fan-like formation behind him to resist the peculiar buzzing noise. Then, Lin Yun threw out his punch like a sword at the spear.

The clash between his fist and the spear produced a metallic collision as each clash would leave behind a bizarre ripple in the air. When the two leaped into the sky and clashed once more, one figure was sent flying out from the clash.

When that figure fell onto the ground, he streaked out on the ground for over a hundred meters with his face paled. He was Lin Yun. This outcome made everyone from the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s faces to become grave. No one had expected Wu Mohan to be so powerful after summoning his martial soul.

“Purgatory Cage!” Wu Mohan didn’t let Lin Yun off so easily and formed a complicated seal with his hand. At the same time, the bewitching radiance on the spear began to revolve and formed into a cage. When the cage appeared, Wu Mohan infused all his dracophant energy into it and threw it down at Lin Yun.

When the cage fell down, the entire stage’s gravity increased, and it was hard to even use any movement technique. When the cage slowly expanded in Lin Yun’s eyes, he could smell a dangerous scent off it. He knew that his movement technique was being restricted by this cage.

“Die!” Looking at Lin Yun struggling, a brutal smile appeared on Wu Mohan’s lips.

Lin Yun no longer dared to hold anything back and activated the painting within his body. In the next second, a gigantic tiger palm descended down on the stage.

“This is?!” Mo Wuhan was shocked. He recognized this because Lin Yun had used it when it disrupted Qin Yu’s wedding. When the palm descended down, the cage instantly shattered. When the palm fully landed on the ground, the ancient stage began to shake violently as cracks started to spread out. It felt that the entire sky was trembling under this attack.

“Damn it! Isn’t that created by an artifact?!” Wu Mohan’s body trembled with deep shock in his eyes.

“That’s none of your concern.” Lin Yun soared into the sky, appearing before Mo Wuhan in a split second. Overlapping the three seals together, Lin Yun emitted a terrifying aura. He could use the four combined seals to withstand Tong Yuan’s three combined seals, but that didn’t mean that anyone else could take his three combined seals unshattered.

The radiance emitted from Lin Yun reached over three hundred meters, but it didn’t stop there because the seals were still absorbing his origin energy. This made everyone shocked, especially the Heavenly Profound Sect’s party because they could tell that these three combined seals were clearly stronger than the one used by Tong Yuan.

Furthermore, Lin Yun had complete control over it. One must know that a three combined seal of this power was hard to control even for a cultivator in the Violet Palace Realm. As the three combined seals roared in the air, Lin Yun slammed it towards Wu Mohan, “Take an attack from me too!”

“You’re courting death!” Wu Mohan’s eyes turned cold, and the dracophant energy he poured into his spear began to ignite. At the same time, his face turned pale as if he had paid some price for this action.

“Purgatory Soul!” When the crimson flames blazed on the spear, a seal seemed to have broken as a gigantic crimson image enveloped Wu Mohan. When Wu Mohan was enveloped by the image, Lin Yun’s three combined seals had also descended down.

“Break!” Along with torrential bloodlust, Wu Mohan stabbed his spear forth. The image that enveloped him also unleashed a roar and stabbed out with another imagery spear.

When the two figures overlapped together, they faced the three combined seals with their spears. In the next second, an earth-shattering collision took place as the entire ground trembled from their clash. This made everyone shocked because no one had expected such a ferocious clash in the first round.

Once again, Lin Yun was sent flying out. His face was pale with blood dripping out of his lips. The Dracophant War Armor on his body had also shattered, and he was covered in wounds. But his gaze was staring at the figure within the cloud of dust.

He had to admit that Wu Mohan was strong. He thought that he could defeat Wu Mohan with the painting within his body and the three combined seals, but he had still underestimated his opponent. 

But it was lucky that he didn’t put all his origin energy into this attack or he would lose with his origin energy exhausted.

“You’re really a tough nut. I’ve already unsealed by spear, but I still can’t kill you.” Wu Mohan slowly emerged from the cloud of dust.

“This demonic soul is your true martial soul!” Lin Yun looked at the colossal image that enveloped Wu Mohan.

“Hehe, you’re right. But the victor has emerged, and you can die now!” The demonic soul that enveloped Wu Mohan revealed a sinister smile and pounced towards Lin Yun. The demonic soul was colossal, and it had practically enveloped the entire stage. So there was no way Lin Yun could avoid this attack, and the scene was terrifying. It looked as though Lin Yun was going to be devoured by that demonic soul.

“Indeed, the victor has emerged. But you’re the one going down!” A yellow brilliance exploded from Lin Yun’s body, accompanied by a ferocious roar in the next second that even caused the entire sky to turn dark. It seemed as though something ominous was going to make its appearance.